New Pulmonary hypertension
Pulmonary hypertension which made my life expectancy five years recovered I threw medicines away, now am devoting to Johrei and spend my life helping others

Owase branch, Keiko SAWAHIRA
Reported in the August 2012 issue of the gShinkyoh newspaper

I got married in February 1999 and allowed to join the faith in summer. My husbandfs family has eight religious people from mother-in-low who is, so I joined, somehow.

Soon after I joined, I suddenly felt a pain in around a stomach after dinner, and it turned into an unbearable and acute pain. My husband and mother-in-low did Johrei, but nausea and a high fever was so severe that I couldnft find where I had the pain. I couldnft stand and desired, gPlease take me to the hospital!h

In the hospital, I was diagnosed the illness as a severe inflammation by gallstones and was soon hospitalized because the inflammation was not found even in X-rays. I started to be put on a drip of antibiotic. However, I had severe diarrhea and stomachache. My mother-in-low came to me to do Johrei every day and told me, gall the waste matter is being ejected thanks to Johrei.h Then, I asked the doctor, gPlease stop the drip.h After that, stomachache was got rid of and an operation several days later was gone through in a short time. I felt divine protection for the first time.

Since then, I had got several purifications. Nine years ago, I came to be said frequently that I was walking slowly. I was short of breath and heard the blood around my heart flow with a bubbling sound. So, I had an examination in the hospital.

I was diagnosed it as a change of a great vessels aorta, hypertrophy of the heart, and electrocardiographic abnormalities, then, I had an ultrasonography. During the examination, the doctor suddenly made a voice like a scream, other doctors got together and they started discussing. I wondered what was happening and got worried about it.

In a consultation room, the doctor told me, gPlease listen to me with presence of mind. The name of the disease is pulmonary hypertension. This is one of the intractable diseases which origin is unknown. The blood pressure in pulmonary artery is usually 10 to 15, while, that of yours is over 60. It will become worse slowly and you will be able to live for three years at the earliest and for five years at the latest if this goes on. There is only a way for complete recovery that both your heart and lungs are transplanted at the same time, so now it is the best way to cut internal carotid artery a little and to give medicine there directly,h with his face pale.

Though he kept telling me, I could not listen to him, felt his voice fading away, and my mind was somewhere else. Even I asked him, gIs there really no way to recover it?h in a forced whisper, He just nodded without looking at me. I wondered why he did not say gHang in there!h or like that, but I said nothing to him.

Many things were come up with and I concluded that I did not need hospitalization and medication if it was not recovered. Since then, however, I was afraid of the death and worried about living. Every time I woke up in the morning, I was relieved to find myself alive. Hard facts of the situation pressed me when I told others it and I did not have enough courage to face it, so I thought gI want to forget. I will forget.h
However, unexpectedly, I came to comply with the advice which the teacher in the branch gave me. Also, I believed to be better and came to go to worship and to do volunteer work every time, and everyday mutual Johrei since then.

At that time, every time I woke up, took a step forward, went upstairs, and say something, my heart began to beat violently. I was out of breath even while sleeping and sometimes woke up. Every time I went to the hospital, doctors recommended hospitalization or examinations, and I often used medicine and neglected Johrei.

I felt very sorry for my husband and my family that I quit the job and did not do housework well. Sometimes I felt miserable that I could not give up medicine even though I was told how terrible the toxic element by medicines is or the meaning of the purifications many times.

I heard, gsome gave up medicines while receiving Johreih by the teacher. I decided to try again and kept receiving Johrei. I found myself not to mind both hospital and medicines.
It will have been nine years soon since I was told that I could live for gfive yearsh. Though my physical condition sometimes changes a little, I spend every day without medicines and going to hospital, and made a comeback to the job.

I really do appreciate it. Through the purification, I could deeply appreciate the value of connecting with Johrei and the God, and find the faith in family wonderful and encouraging. Now, I am really happy only to be alive. I was also noticed that I could live to tell how wonderful the faith of Meishu-sama and the miracles of Johrei which I experienced to others as a mission.

I want to change myself and spend my life and time helping others. Thank you, Meishu-sama.

Recovery from Heavy Anemia and Uterine Fibroids without Medical Operations

Kishu branch, Yukiyo OOE
Reported in the June 2012 issue of the hShinkyoh newsletter

When I was in 5th grade, I was allowed to join the faith. Itfs been 28 years since my husband and I got married in Kumano, Mie, and 2 boys and 2 girls have come to us. As a parent Ifm very glad that each of them is doing well with working for their dream jobs. Now I live with my husband and my first son happily.

Around the time when my children have grown up my health condition was getting bad. I had been diagnosed with anemia for 10 years, and 5 years ago it became clear that uterine fibroids caused that. The doctor said gthere are some large myomas, but they seem they are not going to be larger anymore. Letfs wait and see for a while.h I felt just right to hear that, and I didn't receive any medical treatments at the time.

However, since last year I got tired so easily, and palpitations, a shortness of breath, and dizziness were often caused. Because of that I always felt exhausted and even didn't want to go out. Doing some easy house chores was all what I could. One day my legs were swollen out so bad and even made me difficult to walk, and I went to a hospital to see a doctor. The cause was new18 cm-myoma that had pressed the lymph node of my leg. I was also suffered from extreme anemia at the time. The normal blood pressure is over 12, but mine is only 4.1. The doctor said that I needed an operation immediately to cut the myoma out, but at the same time he was also surprised that I drove by myself with that bad condition. According to him, not only the huge myoma is very rare, but also people usually canft even get up with the very low blood pressure. After I heard that, I realized and was thankful so much that I was protected by Meishusama.

I told the doctor that I didn't want to have an operation, but he assumed it was too risky to leave the myoma without any medical treatments although it wasn't malignant. Therefore, I decided to receive treatments for anemia reluctantly. For 2 weeks until the re-examination I received gJohreih from a teacher of a branch and my family with taking medicines for anemia. The result was 11 which is almost normal, and the doctor was very surprised with how fast I was recovering. After that I didn't have to take medicines. It was very hard to take medicines for me who havenft taken medicines since I was a kid. Fortunately, thanks to Johrei it ended up only in 2 weeks. My health condition was getting better and better, and now Ifm pretty fine and can do house chores and regular things in daily life.

Moreover, there is another miracle that I received. Last year flood hit the Kinan area where I live. I couldn't believe what I saw on the next day. The town didn't look like before the disaster anymore. Electric poles were broken into two pieces, and the electric codes were torn. The road were damaged and caved in terribly, and the river was filled up with driftwoods. The water supply and the electricity were cut off, and calling was unavailable as well. The area became an isolated place within one night.

In Wakayama, one village was gone away, and the disaster took many peoplefs lives away. However, my family received a great miracle that our house wasn't damaged at all. Volunteers were surprised and said that this is very miracle that my house wasn't affected even though other near houses were damaged terribly. They also said that we were protected.

The hardest thing was getting water for toilet use. We used 10 litters at one time, so going to a river to get water was very important routine at the time. We lived non-modern life that using candles instead of electric lights and goingt to the river to wash clothes. I realized how thankful that water comes out by only turning the faucet on and we can get lights by only turning the light on. I couldn't even express how grateful I was at the time when the water supply and the electricity were recovered.

I learned lessons that we think normal are not normal from the disaster. From this experience I decided to thank for even small things in a daily life. Ifm so blessed being able to feel that Ifm protected thanks to this faith. I would like to tell the blessed story and Johrei to others.

Mercury Poisoning
Diagnosed as mercury poisoning by fillings.
Both mentally and physically got healthy by Johrei and living a life without medication.

Meirin branch, Masako INAGAKI
Reported in the May 2012 issue of the gShinkyoh newsletter

I was allowed to join the faith in August two and half years ago. At that time, I got tired easily from even a little work and had been in bed for a few months once I got sick. I was fine when I was young. However, I started to be in bad shape after I moved from Tochigi to Mie 23 years ago at the critical age of 32 years old. I was not able to walk straight and was unsteady on my feet because of dizziness and a shortness of breath. Although I had medical examinations at several hospitals, the cause was still unknown and doctors said, gThere is nothing wrong with you at all.h Since then, I tried whatever I thought good, such as acupuncture and moxibustion, massage, chiropractic treatment, oriental medicine, breathing techniques and a nature cure, but some had no effect at all. Even effective ones worked for only a few days and I had a relapse.

When I was 49, seventeen years after the onset, a dentist in Kobe diagnosed my illness as mercury poisoning. Half of silver amalgams for fillings is an alloy of mercury. Mercury has been used for a filling on the assumption that it does not melt, but in actual fact it melts out. Especially when mercury is exposed to electromagnetic waves, it seems that mercury melts out in large quantities because metal receives waves as an antenna.

After removing all amalgams in teeth, acute pain turned into dull pain and I felt as if a storm raged in my mind calmed down suddenly and I was in a warm, sunny spot of spring. However, I still have a dull pain, and symptoms such as dizziness, shortness of breath, getting tired easily and being laid up in bed remained, too.
The dentist said, gmercury melted from your teeth has been accumulated and is still in your body. It is important to remove it from now on,h and the treatment ended. Although I tried various other treatments, my physical condition didnft improve.
While I was in trouble, Ms. Hioki, who had been a stranger, visited me to preach the teachings of Kyusei Shinkyo. What she told me was the same as what I heard from the person introduced at my friendfs house about ten years ago. At that time, I couldnft ask her (the friendfs acquaintance) to come over to my place every day because it took about 30 minutes by car, and I did not have enough power to go to her place by myself, so I gave up. I was not cautious of her because I found that it was the same as what I was told ten years ago.

After that, I received Johrei from the teacher of the branch and felt a slight pain in my ears. He said, gIfm doing Johrei toward kidneys,h and taught me about the relation between kidneys and ears. I felt that Johrei had a special power. I asked to join the faith easily, given the words from the teacher, gYou should just try it.h

I was easily very tired, and so I felt uneasy about sitting. Then, Ms. Fukanishi visited me and did Johrei to me every day until I joined the faith. Thanks to her, I could attend the initiation ceremony without collapsing.

I heard at the first lecture of religious instructions that it was important for me and my husband to do mutual Johrei and to receive it every day, so I led him to the branch the next month. As he asked to join the faith, Ms. Fukanishi came to pick us up the following morning. We live in Yokkaichi city and she lives in Misato town in Tsu city. He scolded me saying, gItfs not good to ask her who lives in such a distant place from here to pick us up,h but we were impressed by how kind and great she was. Shefd do such a hard thing for others. The delightful surprise and gratitude of that time are parts of our motivations to keep our faith.
Since I joined the faith, I have had various purifications and I got a little better and better each time. I am no longer laid up with sickness and can almost always walk straight without tottering steps now.

My mother was allowed to join the faith in July the following year and so were my husbandfs aunt and her husband in November. I heard that the aunt was suffering from some diseases such as diabetes, dementia, and heart disease and those around her recommended several different religions. Her husband (my uncle) said, gI hate such religious things and so refused all of them. But, I was inclined to try it because Hisayoshi (my husband) recommended.h
While saying, gI donft know well if it is effective even when I receive Johrei,h my husband talks to his colleagues, who he is concerned about, and does Johrei to them.

I am very grateful to God for helping me, who was exhausted physically and mentally, to become healthier and also for allowing me to apply myself to services of God for saving people and follow the path of the Meishu-sama faith with my husband. We enjoy practicing Johrei in harness together and would like to be strong in faith with the whole family.

Ulcerative colitis
Recovered from ulcerative colitis and gangrenous dermatitis by Johrei . Damage from medicines: the harmful effects of medicines and Johrei of salvation that Ifm eager to tell people as soon as possible.

Suzuka branch, Yuko CHIKAZAWA
Reported in the March 2011 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

In the spring of 2009, my third son passed bloody stools badly, lost weight, and lost color in his face after joining the company as a new employee. A doctor in charge in the company informed that he needed to undergo a colon examination, and he took a laxative on May 1 and went through an endoscopy.

The third son has grown up receiving JErei since he was in my womb, and has never had any vaccination in his body. So I thought it was a mild colitis that the bad blood just came out.
However, as a result of the examination, the doctor said, gImmediate hospitalization, an operation, steroid treatment, blood cell component removal treatment, blood transfusion are necessary,h and he and I were surprised. When I heard about the treatment, I even thought that if my son was hospitalized for three months as he was told, he would not die of a disease but might be killed with medicine.

I told the doctor about the faith, but far from being convinced, he/she said, gAre you going to kill your son? I will call the police.h I managed to get through the situation somehow, telling him/her aggressively that I would nurse him at home, and fled back to my home with the third son.

He got a high fever and passed bloody stools the next day because of gangrenous dermatitis on the ankle which was a complication, and he lost his appetite and found difficulty in walking. He often received JErei from the manager of the branch while lying down. The teacher encouraged him by saying, gYou will surely get better. It's a general cleaning of the body.h

While my husband was working in Wakayama prefecture apart from his family, I nursed the sonfs gangrenous ankle bleeding and the skin that sloughed off heavily by myself. While changing the gauze every day, I was sometimes really anxious lest he should die, but I believed strongly and prayed that he would be given great Mihikari form Meishu-sam at the gChijyou-Tengoku-saih (the ceremony of the Heaven on Earth) at the sacred ground (the headquarters of Kyusei Shinkyo) on June 15 and get better.

Then gangrene of the ankle became less severe and smiles began to appear on his and my faces since about 40 days passed. He ate the gPower riceh cooked in an earthen pot, which eKancyo-senseif (the chief administrator of Kyusei Shinkyo) taught us, and could even say words gIt is delicious!h

The son with a thin body, who lost a little less than 20 kg, using a stick, left Chiba for Mie where the sacred ground was on the day before the gChijyou-Tengoku-saih with me. We were going to join my husband at a hotel in Hisai city. It took the son more than twice as much time as usual to get down from his bed at home, go out of the apartment, and get to the Shinkansen (the Bullet Train) platform at Tokyo Station. Staggering to his feet, he could only move at his pace taking ten steps and squatting down for five minutes.

Carried by my husband, he was able to enter and worship at the gGoshindenh (the sanctuary) of the sacred ground (the headquarters of Kyusei Shinkyo) somehow on that day. At that time, I remembered what the doctor said, gYour son will die if not treated.h I felt like screaming with delight that my son was alive with JErei and on the gPower rice.h He wept for gratitude, crouching down on the tatami (straw-mat) floor. I was really glad that he could go and worship. And I reflected seriously on myself and my attitude that I could not appreciate the importance of a meal, the value of rice, and the happiness of being able to be in good health and move if we had not underwent such a severe purification.

After that, his feet were getting cleaner day by day. He regained color and was also putting on weight little by little. The hemoglobin value rose from 2.7 to nearly 9 at the end of the year and became able to walk again even without a cane. He was told that he would not be allowed to return to work unless the hemoglobin value became about 13, but thankfully, after entering the company the year before last, he got his salary every month until now. We were also financially protected by Meishu-sama. We thank God from the bottom of my heart.

Moreover, I did JErei to the woman, who had an operation for breast cancer 10 years ago, but I had not seen her since then. One day, her daughter suddenly informed me that she was terminally ill. When I visited her in hospital the next day, her legs were paralyzed after receiving the treatments with anticancer drugs seven times. She said, gIfve had enough of medicine.h So I recommended her to join eKyusei Shinkyof faith, and then she was allowed to be linked to Meishu-sama. She fervently continued doing JErei to herself (self-JErei) since then, and I also kept doing eremote JEreif to her every morning and evening. Then her hair which gradually fell out began to grow, the fingernails and toenails which were changed color to black and deformed returned to a healthy pink color, and she had a peaches-and-cream complexion so that we could even say, gDoes she really have cancer?h

She was very surprised that my son got better without any medicine and recovered by JErei. gMedicine is not really necessary for a human being. If I had eMihikari-samaf* sooner, ... ... I feel chagrin,h she never failed to say.
*eMihikari-samaf is a kind of amulet that has a piece of paper with gHikarih written by Meishu-sama.
She left hospital last February and recuperated at home. She was given JErei until her last moment and died peacefully in October. She looked so fine that the Buddhist monk and the people surrounding her could even say, gShe has a beautiful sleeping face," and passed away quietly as if she was falling asleep.

Human beings are destined to die sometime, but I am going to transmit JErei with all my might so that as many people as possible are saved in this world.

<Bone fracture>
Marvelous recovery from foot crushed by a heavy machine.
Experienced real miracles of Johrei in hospital and after leaving there.

Higashimaru branch, Motoki GOTO
Reported in the December 2011 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

It was about 3:00 am on April 15 last year when I worked in Shizuoka living apart from my family. When I was in charge of supervision of the construction site on the night shift, a power shovel with a total weight of seven tons was suddenly back into me and the caterpillar tread pressed down on from my toes of the right foot to the knee. The ground was covered by an iron plate called a road decking panel, and I had sensation strongly that my flesh was roughly torn to shreds, rather than felt pain. Although I wore safety boots (shoes), my foot was flattened. It was a wonder I did not faint, and then I was afraid that the boot would not be pulled off when the foot became swollen, so I hastily took off the boot bearing a sharp pain. When I saw my leg crushed flat like a long, narrow shrimp rice cracker, I burst out laughing in spite of myself.

I was taken to Shizuoka Municipal Hospital by ambulance. While waiting for the examination result, my leg was swelling rapidly and my thick leg as it is became thirty centimeters in diameter, and an agonizing pain shot up it. I prayed Meishu-sama, gPlease heal it,h holding Mihikari-sama tight in my hand and breaking out in a greasy sweat.

The doctor's first words were gIs there a hospital in Mie?h like almost refusing to accept me. I was also refused by two hospitals in Mie, but finally accepted by Yokkaichi Medical Center. However, my boss was made to drive me to the hospital in a car, and I endured vibrations and the pain while holding Mihikari-sama tight in my hand.

We finally arrived at Yokkaichi Medical Center at five pm. Although it was a situation that I needed to have an operation immediately, my wife said, gI want to take you to the place of Meishu-sama (the Higashimaru branch) first, and then you have surgery.h We got doctorfs permission and went home dragging the swollen leg.

The next day was the monthly festival of the branch, so we worshiped at the branch. The teacher of the branch said, gI marveled that you came home even though your leg must have hurt awfully,h and gave me J?rei at once. Everyone at the branch also gave me J?rei and encouraged me saying, gYou are badly wounded, but you stood such a severe pain well.h I was able to receive J?rei at the branch the next day too, and really appreciated and was deeply impressed that my wife advised going to Meishu-samafs place first of all.
On the day of the operation, I got a briefing again. The name of the disease was very long, which was gthe first toe (thumb) of the right foot fracture-dislocation, the second- and the third-toe compound fracture and complete dislocation, the fourth toe complete dislocation, the fifth toe complete fracture-dislocation, a comminuted fracture of Lisfrancfs tarsometatarsal joint, a heel fissured fracture, and a crushing injury of right calf lower cell.h The doctor in charge said, gWell, in a word, it was broken into pieces. If you had had the shin bone broken, you would definitely have had to have your leg amputated from below the knee. You were lucky.h

The operation took three hours and twenty minutes that was three times as much as expected, but it was finished without any problems. When I looked at my foot, nine pins of about seven centimeters were fixed the bones between the toes, of the instep, and of the left and right outside. I asked the doctor that I wanted to heal naturally, so they tried not to use medicine as much as possible. He/she gave ready consent to my request that yes, we would try. I was expected to be in the hospital for four weeks. And I was told that if the cell necrosis was terrible, my stay in the hospital would be extended and I would need to have transplant surgery. I had a painkilling injection only that night, but I did J?rei to myself many times a day from the next day, and applied EM-X instead of an antiseptic on the necrosed part.

On April 29 after ten days in hospital, I got permission to leave and went home. The teacher of the branch gave me J?rei, and his/her very encouraging words impressed me greatly. And the next day, when I took the bandage off at the time of shower, the necrosed part, which was black, suddenly changed into pus. I could not believe it, so I showed my doctor it, and then he/she called a chief surgeon in a hurry. The chief surgeon, who rushed, looked at my foot and diagnosed that I needed no transplant surgery. It was definitely a miracle.

I continued doing Johrei to myself every day, and my foot (leg) went numb and was discharging pus fast as I did J?rei to the kidneys. I was convinced of the wonderfulness of J?rei. The miracles Meishu-sama worked (showed) moved me deeply. Then, whether my feelings infected the people around me, the inpatients and bedside attendants for them spoke to me, and it was as if my room in a ward became gthe one where lines form.h

In addition, the parents of my sonfs classmate in the neighborhood confided in me about their problems, and I did Johrei to them. Then the husband joined eKyusei Shinkyof faith in May and so did his wife in June. They were given Godfs great blessing.

On the day of leaving the hospital, the doctor in charge said gItfs wonder you are able to go home so early even though you got such a serious injury.h I was worried about how the life in hospital would turned out, but I was able to be discharged from hospital one week earlier than expected. The fixed pins of the foot bones were removed after four weeks in hospital, rehabilitation started from the fifth week, and I was able to start walking exercises in the eighth week. Three months later, I returned to work and amazingly recovered from the injury requiring nine months to heal. I am working hard using a power shovel, which is my enemy, after that.

This is not the only miracle. I visited the 81-year-old old lady, who I met in hospital, at home with my wife. When I was doing Johrei to her following the wife, my wife was stunned into silence that gHer blood vessel moved and the lump disappeared.h

Moreover, a man in his 50s spoke to me in Hamanako Service Area, gWhat happened to your foot?h He told me that the cancer spread throughout his body and he just underwent a heart operation. When I was doing Johrei to him, he began to groan saying, gI feel my body getting hot and the part where I had an operation is twitching." Three days later, he called me on the cell phone and was thankful to me that it looked like there was a thin iron plate around his heart after that, and he felt very well. I was very happy to hear that.

I thank God from the bottom of my heart that I have experienced many great miracles for this purification, and I am grateful for everyonefs thoughtfulness.

<Asthma and atopy>
Been released from asthma suffered for years.My daughter fully recovered from atopy, and mother also did from her dimmed eyes.

Matsusaka branch, Yoshiki SUTA
Reported in the November 2011 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

I, who had not usually had a high fever, ran a high fever over forty degrees early in the New Year holidays of 1993. I was moaning all night, but since I had heard about gharmful effects of medicineh from my wife, who already joined eKyusei Shinkyof faith, I endured it without taking medicine. Although I was undecided to come to believe in Kyusei Shinkyo till then, my doubts cleared and my eyes were opened to the truth when the fever went down and returned to myself the next morning, and I was allowed to join the faith next month.

I was worried about being unable to have children since the birth of my first child (son), but I was blessed with my second child (daughter) soon after joining the faith. Atopy appeared mainly on her face and head of the daughter from around six months old, and she felt very itchy and scratched off day and night. So her face became red and swollen. My parents and those around me said to me, gTake her to the hospital, apply an ointment. We donft care you have religious belief, but I feel sorry for her in such a terrible condition. It could leave a scar on the face.h I started to hesitate to take the daughter out.

While being in difficulties, I received encouragement from the teacher of the church and everyone in the church. In particular I took a great encouragement from the fact that the child of the teacher of the branch had overcome the atopy only by Johrei. My wife and I also believed that my daughter would definitely recovered and be healed cleanly, and we did Johrei to her with our whole heart.

The daughter is a senior in high school now, and there is no scar on her face after atopy, which had been scratched off and swollen. She grew to be a very considerate girl because she was brought up in prayer. If she had been applied an ointment without receiving Johrei, it would never have turned out to be this kind of result.

In addition, about two weeks before my daughter was born in October 1993, I was struck by an attack of asthma. I had difficulty breathing and couldnft even lie down at night. I just fiercely tried to breathe with my whole body. In spite of late at night the teacher of the branch and his wife rushed to my place and gave me Johrei. Although I felt relief at that time, the symptoms of asthma got worse with each passing year.

I had an asthma attack only at changes of the season at first, but now suffered it without regard to season. Just the change of a position made me suffocating and I was not able to lie down when I get an asthma attack. I could only think about assuming a posture that made it easy to breathe even a little. I was unable to think of anything and sleep.

At night, standing and resting my elbows on the frame of the window, I opened the window so as to suck in even a little air, and I bore the suffering. Because of lack of sleep and lack of oxygen, I also saw an illusion as being only half conscious. It was unbearable sufferings that could not be expressed in words.

Once I got an asthma attack, I had to take off from work in units of a week. I understood that this was purification given by Meishu-sama and so I would be sure to be able to overcome, but I lived uneasily that I had to spend my whole life in such a state even when I did not have an asthma attack.

Continuing to do Johrei, the state of the asthma attacks has changed since July or August 2004. A cough and phlegm lasted for several months, but I could move my body and didnft have to take off from work. The next year I didnft suffer an asthma attack. The attack became a daily occurrence by the long purification for more than ten years for me. It was hanging over my head at the beginning, but I have never had an attack since then.

I experienced such a miracle, which moved me greatly, and my Meishu-sama faith became firm and unwavering. I would like to tell my experiences especially to those, who suffer from atopy or asthma, and help as many people as possible.

The other day my mother was allowed to join the faith. My parents put priority on hospitals and medicines, and also said negative things about the faith at the time of purification of my children, so I didnft recommend them to join the faith. Early in May last year, my mother said, gI have dim sight and feel groggy.h When I gave her Johrei, she could see clearly and began to receive Johrei of her own motion.

On May 19th, I led her to the branch and she was given Johrei by the teacher. She was very pleased that she felt refreshed in eyes and body, and was given Mihikari-sama the following month without mishap. She is suffering from insomnia now, but, thanks to the faith, is taking a positive slant on it, saying gher spiritual clouds will be dispelled by Johrei and Meishu-sama will cure my illness someday,h and she is applying herself to doing Johrei to her husband and friends in the neighborhood. I also do Johrei to my mother every day without fail and pray that her insomnia will be relieved soon.

Meishu-sama, thank you so much for your continuing protection. I devote myself to our duty and mission and to help Meishu-sama to construct the Heaven on the Earth.

<Cerebral infarction, Hearing loss>
Diving Light relieved from cerebral infarction and sudden deafness.Johrei made me recover without receiving steroid therapy and left no aftereffects.

Kyotoizunome branch, Hitomi MARUTA
Reported in the October 2011 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

Thanks to my devout mother, my sisters and I all spent our lives without medicine until we reached adulthood. Then I was blessed with three children and have followed the path of Meishu-sama faith with my husband and children till this day while having many of divine aid and protection.

My youngest child had a disorder of Down syndrome and suffered from a congenital heart disease. Although he/she underwent an operation at the age of four, he/she has been getting along very well to the present by the grace of God.

About four years ago, my parents, who would be eighty-eight this year, required daily care. At first I went to their home to care for them three times a day; morning, noon, and evening, but my motherfs lower-back pain made it hard to move her legs about three years ago. I couldnft leave the parents alone at their home, and began to stay at their home with the youngest child since then. The right side of my fatherfs body was paralyzed by a cerebral infarction fifteen years ago, and the mother started showing symptoms of dementia before I knew it.

At the time I was filled with feelings, gI have to protect the three, parents and the youngest child, and the two families.h Even though I thought to myself, gI canft continue living this way,h I decided that nobody would take care of them if I stopped doing, so I have to do it and looked after them every day, above all, out of gratitude for their favors until now. They were soon able to use a lunch and a day care services for the elderly, helpers, and a short stay in a nursing home, and so I managed to cope with it while having a difficult time.

However, when I was going to stand up to see off the school teacher, who came to visit my home on August 18th last year, I felt dizzy like a ceiling was turning around, my hands were numb, and I was not able to be on my feet. As I lay down, I repeated vomiting. My husband, who was there, reported by phone to the teacher of the branch, and I was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

The result of an examination was cerebral infarction. Then I was put on a drip quite a while and vomited again after a week. The treatment restarted and I received it for about two weeks. The place of cerebral infarction was a part of the cerebellum, but after that, by receiving Johrei, I got the feeling back into my hands without a major problem and recovered aftereffects.

However, after a week in the hospital, I then had a big ringing (tinnitus) in my left ear that I had never experienced before. The sense of discomfort continued, so I had my ear tested and was diagnosed with gsudden deafness.h My left ear had little hearing.

And I was told about a treatment plan that I would receive steroid therapy for approximately ten days. Besides, the doctor said, gEven if you receive steroid therapy, there is no guarantee that you will be able to hear. The probability of cure is a few percent, but if you have the treatment, you should do it as soon as possible. It is already nearly two weeks and the time limit is drawing near.h I worried a lot.

The teacher of the church advised me on it, saying gYoufd better absolutely not have steroid therapy. It is divine protection that you are allowed to choose whether to do or not. So give thanks to Meishu-sama cordially and concentrate on receiving Johrei.h I refused the treatment without hesitation.

In spite of the big purification of cerebral infarction, I very much appreciate that I was helped from it without aftereffects by the grace of God. Ifm really thankful to Meishu-sama.

My husband still gives me Johrei regularly. As my eldest son/daughter and older sister are putting effort into worshiping at the headquarters (of Kyusei Shinkyo), the church, and the branch, they pray for me and do eremote Johreif to me. They also serve as mediator between our teachers and me so that I could be given guidance from the teachers.

I am grateful for the joy every day that my family connects through the care of parents and my purification, and receiving the teachings of Meishu-sama and Johrei connects us with Meishu-sama. Thank Meishu-sama so much for the divine protection.

<Guillain-Barre syndrome>
Mother suffering from the Guillain-Barre syndrome and niece afflicted with schizophrenia were saved by the Divine Light. Realized ancestors were also helped by dedicating togObyobu-Kannon-sama.h

Meirin branch, Tadayuki Itoh
Reported in the June 2011 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

One day in 2002, my mother got home from work and went to a nearby hospital that night, saying gI feel groggy and have a fever.h She was diagnosed as having a cold and came home, but could not move the next morning.

She was taken to a medical center by ambulance, and was diagnosed with gthe Guillain-Barre syndrome.h gThe illness progresses rapidly, and she has only a week to live. So please be prepared for it,h the doctor said, but she pulled through somehow.

It is said that only one in 200,000 people fall gthe Guillain-Barre syndrome,h and it is a terrible serious illness that damages motor nerves medically. Since there was no sure treatment, the mother was staying in the hospital only for undergoing rehabilitation every day, receiving dialysis and being put on an intravenous drip. Then she recovered that she could go to the bathroom in a wheelchair somehow in three years. However, she couldnft even crawl because she couldnft put her strength into finger-tips. So it was very inconvenient every day.

Last April, I was led to a round-table talk by Mr. Minamikawa, a former colleague, and talked with the teacher of the branch. The teacher taught me the cause of an illness/disease and the fearfulness of harmful effects of medicine. When she/he gave me Johrei, I felt my lower back grow hot, and strong power. The hope that gif my mother also receives Johrei, she might be able to stand and walkh crossed my mind. I decided to take a chance on Johrei.

Mr. Minamikawa gave her Johrei the next day. Although I had given up that she would never be able to walk again, having met Mr. Minamikawa again made me strongly hope that she could walk somehow. I told her that it was my lifetime request that she had Mihikari-sama for my last filial piety.

When I had a meal with her the following day, she was pleased that she could eat with a rice bowl today. I was really impressed by it, and shared in the joy with her. Then she was allowed to be linked to Meishu-sama and join Kyusei Shinkyo faith.

As I received Johrei from my mother, my lower back pain went away, and I hardly got tired even if I sat straight. And I lost about eight kilograms in weight in half a year when I refrained from taking sweets. I was also allowed to be linked to Meishu-sama and join Kyusei Shinkyo faith in May. I have practiced Johrei mutually with mother every day since then. She got so that she could rise to her feet from the wheelchair herself and do the dishes in the kitchen by the grace of God. The other day she said, gI can walk backward,h and showed it proudly holding onto the handrail.

And mother and I really hoped and prayed that my younger sister and her children would experience this wonderful miracle. Then the sister asked us, gI am worried about my children, so I want you to listen to me.h

I immediately asked Mr. Minamikawa to lead my younger sister and her daughters to the branch. They were taught by and received Johrei from the teacher of the branch. And they were all allowed to join the faith.

The younger niece was absent from her high school temporarily because of schizophrenia until just a few months ago. She was told that she had to repeat a year because of her poor attendance, and so she was in a very difficult situation to take the examination for junior college at that time.

However, we experienced an unprecedented miracle that she got to be able to go to school a week after joining the faith, and her attendance just was enough, and she passed the junior college without recommendation. Moreover, her way of talking was cheerless until the day before the initiation ceremony, but her way of thinking and talking and her behavior now became bright and hopeful. So I am surprised by her changes every day.

In addition, my sisterfs fingers of both hands were bent from the first knuckle, and she was in pain, but the finger shape now returned and the pain also eased.

When the older niece worshiped at the gGoshindenh (the sanctuary) of the sacred ground (the headquarters of Kyusei Shinkyo) or the church on the day of the ceremony, there were several times that tears suddenly welled up out of her eyes and flowed without stop.

My brother-in-law was killed instantly in a traffic accident at the age of twenty. The teacher of the branch told us that our household alter should be dedicated to gObyobu-Kannon-samah and we should hold a memorial service for the repose of our ancestors. We asked for dedication at once. Preparing the Buddhist alter and family memorial tablet, we invited the teacher to my sisterfs home and were allowed to be duly carried out the dedication on February 3rd. Thereafter I was so happy to hear that the Buddhist altar became very bright and all the sisterfs family were pleased.

The next day the older niece was able to worship at the gGoshindenh at the ceremony of the beginning of spring until the end without shedding tears. I realized that our ancestors received the Divine Light.

My mother always really hoped that she can worship at the gGoshindenh of the sacred ground once. On June 15th, the gChijyou-Tengoku-saih (the ceremony of the Heaven on Earth) a year after joining the faith, she was able to walk up the stairs to the gGoshinden,h but slowly, step by step with her own feet, and her wishes were granted. Mother, of course, Mr. Minamikawa and I also were moved greatly together and our hearts were full of gratitude, and it became an important treasure.

I will make an effort for doing Johrei to and guiding as many people as possible, with pride and confidence so that I would be able to become open, cheerful, and a man full of altruism through faith from now on.

<High blood pressure, folliculitis>
Stopped taking medicine for high blood pressure by Johrei.Granddaughter, who refused to attend school, went back to school, and her folliculitis healed, and my motherfs frequent urination got better by the grace of God.

Seishin branch, Shizuyo KUBO
Reported in the May 2011 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

I was allowed to join Kyusei Shinkyo faith through a grandmother of my granddaughterfs friend. That was when I was taken to the sacred ground (the headquarters of Kyusei Shinkyo) for the monthly festival. When I was receiving group Johrei from Kancho teacher (the chief administrator). I was like getting carsick with a feeling of dizziness, and I thought that I fell down here.

A few days later, I was not well and was in bed for several days. I was not able to have much meal, so my family told me to go to the hospital, but I didnft feel like going there for some strange reason. I had a fever of thirty-nine degrees, but I thought it would be all right if took a little rest.

Meanwhile I came down with watery diarrhea and so went to the bathroom many times. Although I was worried, the fever went down the next morning, and I became/felt refreshed that all bad things in my body were out.

I went to the hospital just in case, but I was told, gThere is nothing wrong with you at all.h I thought this was purification. Thanks to Meishu-sama, I stopped taking medicine for high blood pressure, which I had taken for forty-five years, and I am grateful to Meishu-sama.

My granddaughter began to refuse to go to school when she was in the eighth grade. I drove her to school in the morning, but there was day after day when she went just to submit papers without going into the classroom. I began to go to the church with her on our way home and to render services for about half an hour after worshiping so that things would somehow change for the better. In the meantime, she was always waiting for me in the car.

One day, she said, gI work with you,h and we were able to serve together. However, the next day she was waiting in the car again. The teacher of the branch taught me, gIf your granddaughter is reluctant to get inside, how about weeding outside with her? She will receive the Divine Light and her espiritual cloudsf will be eliminated little by little.h

The next day I could not serve inside because of the churchfs circumstances. As she told me that she worked with me, we did the weeding outside together. On our way home, she suddenly said, gIfm going to school this afternoon.h Though I was surprised, I took her to school with pleasure.

Then she gradually began to go to school. Her teachers were kind to her, and she was able to return to school. Thanks to God, she is now attending a high school.

The granddaughter suffered from hay fever, but had no symptoms last spring by the grace of Johrei. However, when summer was approaching, she had a hard thing beside her navel and said, gIt hurts when a skirt belt touches it.h As I touched it lightly, no abnormalities were seen on the surface, but there was a hard lump of the size of the little finger tip.

It was diagnosed as gfolliculitish at the hospital, and medicine was prescribed. It was not malignant, so at least I could feel relieved. After a meal, the medicine placed on the table seemed not to be opened at all. I realized that the granddaughter herself knew gharmful effects of medicineh better than I do.

Without taking any medicine, the folliculities did not fester and she was fully recovered by receiving Johrei every day.

Moreover, the last summer was terribly hot, so it was really hard for my 88-year-old mother. Only just moving a little, she immediately sat down on a chair and seemed to have difficulty in breathing. She lost her appetite. She also had to go to the bathroom frequently, so sometimes couldnft make it to the toilet, and she wet her pants. I felt sorry for her. She had to make frequent journeys to the toilet while sleeping, so that she was not able to sleep well.

She lay in her room, and seemed not to feel like doing anything at first, but while I was doing Johrei to her, she started waiting for Johrei. She has gone to the bathroom less often and been able to sleep well when I kept doing Johrei to her every day. Her spirits picked up, and she got better that she could cook boiled food.

Mother was strict with herself and others, but recently began to often say, gthank you.h She putting her hands together and receiving Johrei is very pretty, and looking at her, I am relieved.Wishing for the happiness of people, I will make an effort for doing Johrei to many people.

<Bone fracture and spinal canal stenosis>
Rib fracture requiring three months to mend healed completely in ten days. Saved from spinal canal stenosis, withdrawal, and cerebral hemorrhage by the grace of God.

Meirin branch, Fumi ICHIDA
Reported in the March 2011 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

I was allowed to join eKyusei Shinkyof in January 2000, but was not devoted to the faith. Then I started to teach /Ms. Ogura, Ms. Minamikawa, and Ms. Takahira the samisen from August 2007. They taught me every lesson that dreadfulness /harmful effects of medicine, and that the power of eMihikari-samaf has increased. A lump in my right groin was removed soon by eJohreif in three days.

I was moved by the grace of God and came to want to tell many people such a strong eMihikari,f so I did Johrei to a neighbor, Suzuki-san, who was suffering Parkinson's disease. I was able to lead her to the branch four days later, and she was allowed to join Kyusei Shinkyo that month. I also fell down on the flower bed and banged up my chest on December 18 that year. The doctor said, gYou cracked a rib, and so need a rest for three months.h I got anxious because I was supposed to play the samisen at the churchfs celebration ceremony of Meishu-sama's Birth two days later. However, I was given Johrei from the teacher of the branch in no time, and I was able to play well without feeling any pain.

After that my chest shook and still hurt when I had a cough with a cold. So I had to cough, holding my chest. On December 30, I kept doing self-Johrei, holding my palm over my forehead, even when I got into bed. Then I had a strange experience that light gathered in the palm and felt so hot like it burned my hand. I woke up next morning and my cough stopped. If I forced a cough, I felt no pain at all in the cracked rib. And I was fully recovered from my cold. I was diagnosed that the fracture would take three months to heal, but I got a miracle that it healed in just ten days.

Moreover, I injured my wrist with kitchen scissors while working, and blood spurted from the wound. The wound was skinned over by Johrei in three days and became itchy on the fourth day. I again felt the very power of Mihikari, the Divine Light.

In May 2010, I heard that my younger sister got spinal canal stenosis, and I did Johrei to her straightaway. I also talked to my other younger sister about the importance of Johrei and my own experiences, and said, gNothing but Johrei can save her.h We were able to be connected to the teacher of the branch, and both of my sisters and our eldest sonfs wife were allowed to join Kyusei Shinkyo in May with the help of Ms. Minamikawa and Ms. Takahira.

After joining the faith, purification of the younger sister was hard. Under the Church teacherfs guidance, I told her to stay at my home for a while and receive Johrei from me every day. However, her eldest daughter was opposed to it. The teacher gave me advice again that I asked the daughter to have Mihikari-sama and give her mother Johrei every day.

When I immediately asked my niece (the daughter) to just listen to the talks, gIf it is for my mother, I will do so,h she said. And I was able to connect and bring her to the teacher of the branch. When she received Johrei from the teacher, she had a change of heart and made a request for joining the Kyusei Shinkyo faith with her child, who came with her. My sister received Johrei from the daughter every day thereafter and became calm. And she stopped taking all the medicine and regained her health that she could go for a walk with the daughter and grandchild every day.

In November, my friendfs couple were also allowed to join the faith. I heard that their son was worried about his human relationships at work and was in withdrawal state from society for a long time, but he went to work for seeking his job on his own initiative on the day they became followers of Kyusei Shinkyo.

Furthermore, my younger brother was taken to the hospital for cerebral hemorrhage in May. I did Johrei to him at once. The doctor said, gThe bleeding stopped. He is now paralyzed in his legs, but there is no need to worry about the other things.h He and his wife were thankful for the miracle that he was saved by the grace of God, so they both joined the faith. The eldest daughter of another younger sister was also allowed to join the faith in December.

At the end of the year, I asked my teachers that I could serve God as a caretaker, eSewanin,f to transmit Mihikari that has more power. I will make an effort for self-improvement every day from now on so that I can do Johrei to many people.

Grandmother, whose life expectancy was about three months because of cancer, made a miraculous recovery.Johrei also cured auntfs knee pain and led relatives to the faith.

Nomura branch, Mayumi MURAKAMI
Reported in the February 2011 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

One day last July my relative in Kamigoto of the Goto Islands in Nagasaki, which was my motherfs parentsf home, suddenly informed us that 90-year-old grandmother had only three months to live due to a cancer. In the Goto Island, 40 percent of the islanders were Catholics, and both my grandmother and relatives were devoted adherents, but I made contact with her family, hoping that she was given eMihikari-samaf* for the last filial piety.*eMihikari-samaf is a kind of amulet that has a piece of paper with gHikarih written by Meishu-sama.

My mother went over to the Goto Island before me. When she finally arrived at the hospital taking twelve hours by bus and two and a half hours by ship, grandmother was sleeping and mother was very surprised at her thin and weak body with a pale face. Mother immediately did Johrei to her. Looking at motherfs face, grandmother was very pleased and said, gI thought Ifd never see you again. Thank you for coming all the way here.h

Shortly afterward, she felt sick and vomited something thick six times. Then she said, gI felt refreshed in the chest and felt better now,h and ate two bars of ice cream up.

As grandmother was allowed to wear Mihikari-sama, she regained color in her face and felt better with that alone. She was deeply moved saying, gThis amulet is amazing,h and has always worn Mihikari-sama with care since then.

When mother got in touch with my aunt five days after she came back to Mie, to our surprise, grandmother left the hospital. Not only that, she went to the dentist or even shopping by bus by herself. The auntfs family also seemed very surprised to see her getting better day by day. Mother did Johrei to the family, too, during her stay in Goto, and kept doing eremote Johreif to them even after returning to Mie.

Then I heard that my cousin was not able to work because of diabetes, but he/she became able to do his/her work about once a week. The wonderfulness of Johrei and divine protection affected me in succession.

In addition, the illness of grandmother gave mother the opportunity to visit my aunt living in Nagashima-cho (Kuwana-city) for the first time in ten years. She was warmly welcomed by the aunt, who said that thanks for coming here, and was able to do Johrei to her.

She looked uneasy saying, gAlthough I have been a Catholic since I was born, I wonder if I can have Mihikari-sama.h However, the pain in her knee was relieved by receiving Johrei only once, and so she determined to join the faith Kyusei Shinkyo. Starting from grandmother, the circle of Johrei spread throughout the relatives one after another.

Later I also visited Kamigoto in November after a lapse of thirty years. I was really surprised that grandmother, who I havenft seen for a long time, had a good appetite and greeted me with being hale and hearty. Her doctor called her family to the hospital and said, gIt is unthinkable that she recovered her health and is living spiritedly although her remaining days, which I expected, passed. Itfs really incredible.h At the same hospital, the doctor, looking at the Mihikari-sama with curiosity, told my diabetic cousin that he/she also wore the same amulet. It is supreme joy that people around me are happy. Meishu-sama, thank you very much.

<Heart failure, myocardial infarction>
Mother, who was critically ill with heart failure, escaped death and even a major operation. Miracles by being connected with God, by praying, and by Johrei.

Meirin branch, Mami FUKANISHI
Reported in the winter 2011 issue of the gKomyo Sekaih magazine

On the morning of August 16th, 2010, I suddenly had a call from my uncle and he told me that my mother was taken to the Suzuka General Hospital by ambulance, and I had better go there at once. When I informed the person in charge of the subbranch that my mother was taken to the hospital by ambulance, she felt for me over the phone that I was upset, and she spoke kindly to and encouraged me, gCalm down. Your mother is going to be all right. I will tell the teacher of the branch about it.h

I felt relieved a little and asked for divine protection at the church, and then drove into the hospital. My mother told me that she had a pain in her heart, got dehydrated, and was not able to move at all.

The X-rays showed the heart turned white. The doctor said, gShe seemed to have heart failure and myocardial infarction. She is in critical condition, so I will do a catheter test on her and start to perform an emergency bypass operation. Please fill in a consent form for the operation.h After talking with my father, we signed the consent form.

In the waiting room, the teacher of the branch gave me a call on my mobile. When I told her about my motherfs condition, she kindly and thoroughly taught me a way of dealing with her condition. gDonft worry. Leave it to Meishu-sama. You should do Johrei and pray with proper specific thought of which part the operation will be performed on. I pray too,h she said. I came to feel at ease much, and was able to pray and perform Johrei calmly.

About an hour and a half later, a nurse told me to prepare for the hospitalization and that it would take a little more time. So I went out for getting things necessary for the moment, and I got a call from my aunt very soon. gCome back to the hospital immediately because your mother doesnft need to have an operation,h she said.

Because that day is just after the Bon holidays, the hospital had a lot of appointments from many outpatients or for an examination. However, the doctor in charge judged that she had to undergo a major surgery, and if it could not be performed here, we would transfer her to other hospital. So he was supposed to leave other patients to other doctors and to give priority to an examination of mother. As the results of the catheter test, the blood was, however, flowing without stagnation, and the blood vessels were not clogged up although she had some narrow veins. He seemed to doubt about the X-rays, gYour mother had certainly heart failure and myocardial infarction, butc.h and looked puzzled for a sudden improvement in her condition.

What a miracle! I was amazed at this wonderful miracle and expressed my gratitude to Meishu-sama. And through the miracle which my mother was granted, I firmly determined to tell the wonderfulness of the Meishu-sama faith to as many people as possible.

In October, I told parents of my acquaintance about the teachings of Meishu-sama and did Johrei to her husband. I led his wife to the branch, and she also received Johrei from the teacher of the branch. Then she was very much pleased that she was able to kneel in the formal seiza* position (with her buttocks on her heels), which she could not do for years because her left leg could not be bent.*Seiza is the formal way of sitting on tatami.

I have been granted many blessings of God since I was allowed to join the Kyusei Shinkyo faith in August, 2001. My father, who had been strongly opposed to the faith, was also recovered from cirrhosis of the liver by Johrei. He is now doing Johrei to his neighbors. I thank God from the bottom of my heart that parents become healthier and that we all apply ourselves to services of God.

Johrei released me from indigestion I had suffered since my childhood. Reforming of my eating habits and removing of harmful and bad things of medicine made me healthy.

Higashimaru branch, Ai MATSUI
Reported in the winter 2011 issue of the gKomyo Sekaih magazine

My elder sisterfs serious disease led my parents to join the Kyusei Shinkyo faith when I was three years old. I was also allowed to have gMihikari-samah in my third year of elementary school. For nearly seventeen years since then my family has spent our lives without medicine.

Before joining the faith, we relied on hospitals and medicines when we got sick. I heard that I caught stomach flu and could not take food or water at all at six months of age. Although I was taken to a childrenfs clinic, I could take no prescription drug and had severe dehydration. So I was hospitalized for about ten days and put on a drip for treatment.

In addition, I was taking a lot of antinausea drug because I used to bring up my food before entering the faith. Since I entered a nursery school, I had often felt sick, but I could not vomit. So I always had an amount of my school lunch reduced. Even if it was relieved once, the same symptom occurred within a few months and continued for several weeks.

Even when I started going to an elementary school, I had an amount of school lunch reduced when my stomach was bothering me. When my stomach was in good condition, on the contrary, I sometimes ate too much and then felt sick later on. Since such a thing repeated, I always did not feel good in spite of my youth because of stomach discomfort and used to go to the infirmary. My parents, who were allowed to join the faith about that time, were doing Johrei to me every day.

In the winter of the seventh grade, I caught stomach flu with a high fever of nearly 40 degrees . And harmful thing of antinausea drugs, which I took at an early age, and a lot of bad things all over my body were removed. Then I was fully recovered from the stomach upset that I had suffered for seven years. I was much affected by a feeling of amazing refreshment. Since then, I became able to get over purification of a cold catching once or twice a year by receiving Johrei without being laid up.

In June last year I had a headache, which lasted for a while, and had purification of a high fever for about two weeks. Swellings appeared, and I had a sore throat, and rough days that I could not sleep even at night and take a meal continued.

Taking two days off from work, I went to the branch to receive Johrei. As the teacher of the branch gave me Johrei, I found that I felt better and the swelling was subsiding. The teacher taught me that my liver and kidney were being purified and the importance of eating habits because I was usually eating out. After that my fever didnft go down for days, but Meishu-sama relieved me from sufferings, so there was nothing to worry about. I received Johrei several times every day, leaving everything to Meishu-sama.

If I was absent from work more days, I would have to submit a medical certificate and it would inconvenience the company. So I went to work dragging my heavy body on that day. Praying to God, I came to work, and strangely my fever went down on the job, and I was able to do an eight-hourfs work somehow.

My temperature began rising right after I got home and lay down. The pain of my throat reached a peak. I could not eat solid food at all, and it was all I could do to take just a mouthful of tea.

When my mother was doing Johrei to me at home at night a few days after I began to go to the branch for Johrei, I suddenly felt something wrong with my throat. Spitting it out with all my might, a lot of blood clots like pus came out, and the pain of the throat eased, I felt my body became much lighter at the same time. I still remember clearly this miraculous impression. I realized that the medicine which I took so far were accumulated in the body and they always went out through my body. My fever also fell from the next day, and I could rest up. So I was quite better through the purification that lasted two weeks. Thank you so much.

My friend had a miraculous event that she was quite recovered from lower-back pain, a stomachache, and inflammation of the ovary, which she suffered for four months, only by having stayed at the Sacred Ground (the headquarters of Kyusei Shinkyo) just for one night for the training session after joining the faith.I have experienced many great miracles. Thank you Meishu-sama very much.

<Breast cancer>
Live with no medication and without a recurrence after an operation of breast cancer, being protected divinely among many in my family who died of cancer

Tsushima branch, Toshiko WAZAKI
Reported in the November 2010 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

I felt a lump about the size of a beer bottle cap in my breast in around 1997. I was worried that it might possibly be cancer, and so underwent an examination. Then I was diagnosed with ethe second stage of malignant mammary gland tumor.f The doctor said, gYou should remove the tumor. God let you know this time.h It was quite a shock to me, and my tears that I had kept back welled up while listening to the doctorfs talk.

I reported it to the teacher of the branch as soon as I got home. When I went to worship at the branch, the church, and the Sacred Ground (the headquarters of Kyusei Shinkyo), I gradually regained my composure. And I accepted the surgery, leaving everything to God.

By the grace of God, the operation succeeded safely. After that, the doctor said unexpected words, gYou should not use an anticancer agent because it cannot be prevention. I leave the taking of a hormone drug to your own judgment.h I answered immediately, gI will not take it.h

I realized early that I had a lump in my breast, and having received explanation properly from a conscientious doctor, I myself could decide not to use an anticancer agent and a hormone drug in the end. I am very grateful to Meishu-sama for the divine protection.

One year later, a kind of pus oozed from the wound, and the skin which changed color spread little by little, and so I felt uneasy. However, as I was taught that it was the process of gpurificationh to remove harmful and bad things of medicine used for the surgery, my anxiety disappeared. Since then, pus oozes out every October for twelve years, but the amount is decreasing year by year and the period is also shortening. Thanks to this purification, my heart is full of gratitude every day that I can live daily life feeling relieved with no relapse of cancer.

Looking back on the past, my grandfather died of stomach cancer when I was ten years old, and grandmother died of cancer of the liver and the pancreas when I was twenty 20 years old. Moreover, my mother, one uncle, and the other uncle died of uterine cancer in 1992, cancer of the stomach and the liver in 1998, and duodenal cancer in 2003 respectively. I think that if I had also cancer of the internal organs like them, I might have lost my life. So I am thankful that I have experienced a great miracle. Thank Meishu-sama very much for your blessings.

In addition, my father was buried alive by a landslide at the work site and was hospitalized for four months for a left tibia fracture, a left clavicle fracture, a right rib fracture, and a lumbar vertebrae compression fracture. However, he was given Godfs great blessing that he got better by receiving Johrei every day.

Cherishing a thankful heart and always trying to take immediate action to help people out of difficulties, I got in touch with friends and acquaintances and told them about Johrei. My neighbors, who received Johrei, were very much pleased that the legfs pain was alleviated and the terribly stiff shoulders got better. I will tell my own experiences and great blessings granted from Meishu-sama to as many people as possible.

Rhuematoid arthritis and aftereffects of a traffic accident ware cured by Johrei, which eliminated espiritual clouds.f My father in the spiritual world was saved by the Divine Light.

Niigata branch, Mitsuko HOSONO
Reported in the October 2010 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

I had felt a pain in my fifth toes and left thumb since about April 2007. In around the middle of June, when I talked to Ms. Motosato, who I got to know during walking my dog, about the pains, she immediately did Johrei to me. Then the pains in my thumb and toes were relieved, and I felt refreshed in mind and body when I came home. And I asked her to give Johrei to my husband with high blood pressure and to the eldest son, who had suffered from pain in his lower back and legs, if they could get better without taking medicine.

@ At the end of June, I was diagnosed with "rheumatoid arthritis" at a hospital. When I told my husband about it, he recommended me receiving Johrei if I would get better by Johrei. I was allowed to join the Kyusei Shinkyo faith in July.

At the beginning, I thought lightly that I would get better just as long as I worshiped at the subbranch and received Johrei on my way home from work. However, my hands became gradually stiff, and I was not able to put my strength into hands because of the severe pain, and so I had to open seasoning jar lids with my teeth. I could not understand that it was the process of gpurification,h which was making our spirit and body healthy. On the contrary, I thought I was getting worse. And I could not be genuinely grateful to God.

My husband lost his job three or four years ago because of the company restructuring. So I began to work till late at night, having part-time jobs in three places, to support the family budget. Although he got a new job after two years, family finances are tight, so I could not quit my jobs. I was getting too busy to cook meals. My dietary habits were disordered, having ready-prepared food or cup noodles from a supermarket. I always felt tired, was often grumbling, and had a lot of sweets and five or six cans of coffee a day. The balance of my familyfs mind was disturbed and we talked less and less. I came to think, gI want to run away from the situation by either living separately from or divorcing my husband.h

@ The teacher taught us the importance of mutual Johrei between husband and wife, and that the Divine Light would be sent more to ancestors if my husband entered the faith. Then he joined Kyusei Shinkyo in October. Since then, he has encouraged me, who grows uneasy, and he has done Johrei to me. Receiving Johrei from him, the pain quickly went away and I felt a lot better. I have been able to be grateful to him.

From the next month, we invited Ms. Ito in charge of the sub-branch to our home every month. He/She gave Johrei to our children and friends. We had my mother living by herself in Sado Island, over our home in December. When she received Johrei, she felt good and was very much pleased.

After that, when mother was led to the subbranch and entered the gGoshinden,h she, who was particularly sensitive to the spirit world, felt very cold and was shivering saying, gI feel as if I have been doused head to foot with cold water.h However, receiving Johrei and reciting the gZengen Sanji,h her trembling stopped suddenly and she looked like nothing had happened. My father, who died by drowning, surely came to her to seek the Divine Light. She was very impressed by the power of the Divine Light for salvation and was allowed to join Kyusei Shinkyo in February of the next year.

After joining the faith, she no longer complained of the cold and I realized that our ancestors received the Divine Light. And I was deeply thankful that I could be linked to Meishu-sama.

I had accidents one after another after that. I had to be away from work for three weeks because of aftereffects, and pain of rheumatoid arthritis of my soles and knees increased. I had to drive with the elbows, and could not hold even chopsticks. I was also no longer able to look after myself such as taking a bath and going to the bathroom without the assistance of my family.

My boss and co-workers at the workplace urged me to think about leaving the company or taking medicine to cure of my illness early. However, I was afraid of harmful effects of medicine and worried about my familyfs economic conditions, so I could not decide to quit the job. I was in anguish and even thought that I wanted to be relieved quickly by taking medicine. The teacher gave me his/her warm words of kindness, gYou should try to go to worship and to do Johrei more than before,h and he/she taught the importance of eating habits.

In February, 2009, I quit the job and went to the subbranch regularly for receiving Johrei. By the grace of God, I felt very relieved and lighter mentally and physically. As I prepared a Buddhist alter at my home and the gGo-shintaih and gObyobu-Kannon-samah were allowed to be dedicated in the Buddhist alter in this February, I could rebuild a good relationship with my sister-in-law, who had been on bad terms with me for fifteen years. In addition, my family became bright and cheerful, and many friends have been visiting us. The room placed Go-Shintai is particularly comfortable, and we do Johrei in front of God there every day.
I am really happy and appreciate that we are connected with Meishu-sama.


<Dermatomyositis, a dissecting aortic aneurysm>
Suffered from anorexia, mistrust of people, and family trouble, but my smile came back.Familyfs fate changed for the better, and my brother-in-law in the spiritual world was saved by the Divine Light.

Higashimaru branch, Yukiko TOMITA
Reported in the July 2009 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@My husband and I were seeing doctors regularly because of the pain in the lowerback, neck, and shoulder, and a ringing in the ears. We tried every kind of treatment, such as an injection, electrotherapy, acupuncture, moxa, a massive dose of medicine, but we did not get better. Then led by Ms.Ito, we were allowed to join the Kyusei Shinkyo faith in April, 1993. We got to love Johrei and started a life without a medicine.

@My husband, who worked in building construction, suddenly could not put his strength into his right hand and had no choice but to quit the job in 2000. However, he got better little by little with Johrei at that time. Although he found a new job after two months, he lost his job a year later. He had a run of bad luck that the company, which he was employed next, went bankrupt. So we were tormented by economic anxiety.

@Since then, I often had to close my eyes due to the glare night and day. When walking or talking with someone, it was painful to open eyes for a long time. Because I frequently bumped around, my glasses always were deformed. An ophthalmologist told me that its cause was unknown.

@Meanwhile, when I was speaking the wonder of Johrei to gthe person,h whom I wanted to help, I noticed one day that I didnft feel glaring at all. It was difficult to read print, but was able to easily read gGo-Shinshoh (Book written by Meishu-sama) amazingly.

@Even after joining the faith, my elder sister could not break the disturbed eating habit substituting sweets for food, could not stop taking sleeping pills and painkillers, which she had taken for 20 years, and then was stricken with a serious disease called gdermatomyositis with collagen diseaseh in 2003. Itchiness spread all over her body, and her muscle atrophied day by day. She could not hold her chopsticks, and even a blanket felt heavy. She became difficult to walk.

@She was hospitalized for emergency treatment and took ten tablets of steroid every day. In hospital, she complained, gI want to die,h in a state of depression. When Ms.Ito in charge of the sub-branch gave her Johrei, and so did my family and I every day, she didnft suffer side effects though she was taking large doses of steroids as the doctor was so surprised at it.

@She has not taken any medicine for three years, and collected fundamentally her eating habits. And now she recovered, so she can care for 88-year-old mother. I appreciate that the faith of my family has deepened and laughter has returned to home.

@One day, my elder brother-in-law fell down at the front door after his return home. He was in the fatal state, called a gdissecting aortic aneurysmh which a blood vessel of the heart ruptured, and then it caused a hemorrhage and a sharp pain. I immediately reported it to teachers, and my sister and I did Johrei for him praying to God to protect him during being taken by ambulance.

@When we arrived at the hospital, believe it or not, the ruptured part was closed and the doctor was also astonished saying, gThis canft be true.h He could leave the hospital in four weeks without having an operation and got better than ever. I realized the wonder of Johrei once again.

@Through various purification I experienced, many things which I learned are regarded as pabulum, I will tell the wonderfulness of the faith to as many people as possible with my friends.


<Anorexia nervosa and Family Problems>
My sisterfs collagen disease and brother-in-lawfs aneurysm were completely cured.My eye trouble and pain of debt disappeared by doing Johrei for other people.

Niigata branch, Michiko KOBAYASHI
Reported in the September 2009 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

When I was a junior high school student, I suffered from anorexia caused by bullying and my weight went down to 30 kilos. I attempted suicide, committed self-harm, and graduated without attending school. I was unconsciously refusing to come in contact with people even when I became a high school student. Then after graduation, I was bullied even at my workplace. And half a year later I got a hyperthyroidism and retired from the company. I was not able to sleep without sitting on a sofa in fear of being pursued by the line of sight. Suffering from anorexia again, my weight also dropped to 29 kilos.

I got better by recuperating at home and began a part-time job at a cake shop from May 2008. Several weeks later, Ms. Isomura, a colleague of mine at work, talked to me, who atopy appeared on my feet (legs) and neck, and asked me, gCan I give you Johrei?h

That night I had my first experience of Johrei, I felt very sleepy and was able to sleep laying myself on the futon for the first time in two years. I felt very refreshed and was happy the next morning. Since then I got some self-confidence, fear of my workmates also faded away, and started to be able to spend smiling every day.

Unfortunate things, such as trouble and strife, happened to my family one after another. My eldest sister came back to her parents' home with her three children because the husband had an affair. My motherfs old angina got worse, and she had eye trouble, which gradually lost her eyesight, and then retired in April. One day she fell down with anxiety about the second elder sister, who was a heavy drinker and had been late getting home. And what was worse, mother missed her footing and broke her collarbone after the rough-and-tumble fight with the sister, who came home. My father took motherfs side and turned the sister out neck and crop.

Isomura listened to and discussed my problems with good grace. I met (Mr. /Ms.) Mori in charge of the sub-branch, and received Johrei from her/him at Isomura's house at the beginning of July. I was able to have a very pleasant time and laughed wholeheartedly for the first time in years.

I decided to turn to Meishu-sama for help and received Johrei as much as possible. As I was allowed to join Kyusei Shinkyo in August, the amount of food I had had was about bowl for the infant till then, but I strangely came to be able to eat about the same as an ordinary person. Furthermore, the problem of the eldest sister was also solved.

One month later, I found the courage to tell mother about my faith in God, and she kindly and readily approved it. I was able to do Johrei to my family, but she refused to receive it saying, gNo, thanks.h

The second elder sister, who had left home, was married after that, but informed us on a February day that her husband died. Although she became pregnant once, she was told that her child would be born with deformity because of her chronic diabetes and she had already had an abortion.

My mother, who was particularly sensitive to the spirit world, was possessed by the man, who was the dead elder brother-in-law, and let us know every day saying, gIfm suffering in the dark world now.h

I was taught that the elder brother would be saved for he received the Divine Light. And I was able to lead mother to the branch. While listening to a talk by the teacher of the branch, she determined to join the faith Kyusei Shinkyo.

When the elder sisterfs move settled, I was able to lead my father and the sister to the branch with motherfs encouragement. I took parents to the branch several times since then, and father was also allowed to join the faith. Parents and I all three together were allowed to attend a cleaning service at the sacred ground (the headquarters of Kyusei Shinkyo) in March. When I led the second elder sister, mother and my niece to the branch the next day, the sister finally asked to join the faith and we applied for gSorei-Saishi,h which worshiped and performed memorial services for our all ancestor's spirits.

Then the brother-in-law came to thank us for holding a memorial service that night. We family was shown the sign. Furthermore, as Obyobu-Kannon-sama* was dedicated in the Buddhist alter, the second elder sister saw the brother-in-law in white clothes in a dream saying, gI am working very hard now.h relating with Meishu-sama and receiving the Divine Light. I am happy that relating with the faith, we are saved by the Meishu-samafs Divine Light, and the rank of the brother-in-law in the spiritual world gradually goes up.

I will follow the path, which Meishu-sama leads, with my family, to help as many people as possible from now on.

<Fabryfs disease>
Johrei removed anxieties of my family suffering from Fabryfs disease

Tomisuhara branch, Yukari MATSUI
Reported in the October 2008 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

In my family, my mother, one of twin sons, and I developed gFabryfs disease.h It is a disease that for women, an internal enzyme called g-galactosidaseh is less than half that of normal amount of female, and as for men, a function of an enzyme is hardly performed. For that reason, a glycolipid is not broken down, impurities adhere to the cells of other organs such as the heart, and a function declines with age. It is an intractable and fatal disease. I heard that men are hard to sweat from their childhoods, heat or a fever persists internally, and they have an attack of a severe pain in hands and feet.

My mother and I werenft worrying about this disease in particular at first. However, I learned that it was a serious disease after I gave a birth to twin boys, and so I felt uneasy very much at the thought of my sonfs future.

Just then, my cousin, Ms. Ito talked about Johrei on the phone. At a later date, she visited my parentsf home in Anjo-City, Aichi Pref., where it took an hour even with the use of an expressway, with Ms. Tsuji, who was in charge of the subbranch. They did Johrei to the whole family.

The first Johrei felt very warm to me and it cured my stiff shoulders. After that, we received Johrei several times. My parents, grandmother, husband and I all five together were allowed to join the faith Kyusei Shinkyo in November 2004 out of an ardent desire to be relieved from suffering this serious illness.

My parents have got well by doing mutual Johrei every day since, but my son started having a high fever every month. Every time I made contact with Ms. Ito, and she connected me to the teacher of the branch. As they prayed for my son and gave eremote Johreif to him, his fever then went down overnight. He did no longer run a high fever half a year later, and I was taught that bad things in his body melted away, which was called epurification.f

One hot day in May, the son, who entered a kindergarten, ran about outdoors, and his face became dark-red. He told me he felt a pain in the fingers and toes. He could not regulate his body temperature well because he was hard to sweat. I did Johrei to him every day, praying to Meishu-sama, and I applied myself to services of God as much as possible. Then he gradually began to sweat, and his clothes sometimes got wet with perspiration. By the grace of God, we were able to come safely through the summer of the year.

ThegGoshin-taih* was allowed to be dedicated in my parents' home in February 2007. After the dedication, looking at the son, who was sleeping peacefully, beads of sweat stood on his head, which had never sweat till then, and even the hair also got wet. I was very surprised and offered my thanks to Meishu-sama for it. (*The calligraphies gDai-Komyoh and gKomyoh drawn by Meishu-sama are used as the gGoshin-taih in our religion. Miroku-Ohmikami-sama appears, through the Goshin-tai, in the human world, and exercises His power. Prayers also reach to God through the Goshin-tai. As a religion, it is important to dedicate the Goshin-tai in every house and to pray constantly in the morning and evening.)

I was given words before by the teacher of the church, gHelp somebody out of a difficulty or suffering by doing Johrei to them in order for your son and you to recover from Fabry's disease.h One day I experienced a miracle that a massive quantity of nosebleeds, which the son was suffering every night from three days before, stopped abruptly when I was informed that the day to invite the teacher of the church was fixed.

His face has not become dark-red from the next day even if he ran about outdoors, and he came to sweat more than before. And he got so well that he could live like his twin brother.

To return a favor, I called to acquaintances, neighbors, and even the bank clerk, who visited me. Eleven people (unbelievers) received Johrei from the teacher of the church on that day. Among them, a woman suffering from depression showed signs of recovery of her appetite and dissipation of insomnia, saying, gShe seems to be wrapped in something and feels very warm and good.h

I thank Meishu-sama that my son and I, afflicted with a serious disease, can live without any uneasiness. I keep at it so that I can make Anjo a strongpoint of Meishu-samafs Divine Light.

Sequestrum due to osteomyelitis was eliminated naturally.I avoided a jawbone operation with healing power of the miracle.
Naniwa branch, Kaoru HASEGAWA
Reported in the September 2008 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

In mid-December, 2007, I suddenly felt a shooting pain in the left molar. The root of my ear and the entire left temporal region were painful, and I had a fever of forty. The next day I could receive Johrei from the teacher of the branch, and my children, elder sister, nephew and niece also gave Johrei to me thoroughly. Then the pain was relieved a little, and my face became swollen like mumps. My fever went down on the fourth day, and I was able to go to work though my face was still swollen.

The swelling of my face subsided, but then the gums began to swell and emit a purulent discharge. The throbbing pain in my left temporal region was also gone in about ten days. The pain of the gums was relieved and I was able to chew normally, so I left it untended.

The molar got chipped early in the new year and my tongue hurt when touched by it, so I went to the dentist. The dentist took an X-ray and said, gThis is terrible. Ifm going to write a letter of referral. You should go to the Red Cross hospital immediately.h I was surprised, but it had no obvious symptoms and I did not think it was a serious matter. I saw an oral surgeon in the Red Cross hospital a week later.

I had another X-ray, and the doctor in charge said, gYou got a disease called osteomyelitis. Bacteria got in bone marrow between the tooth and the jawbone, so the bone marrow decayed and melted. You will have an operation which pulls two or three teeth and takes decaying part and a little extra bone. You will be in the hospital a little less than one week.h Everything went black. No matter how many times I asked, the doctorfs answer was the same that there was no other treatment other than a surgical operation. Just imagining that I would lose two or three teeth and the bone would be resected depending on the state, I got so scared that I couldnft stop the tears.

I was given words by the teacher of the branch, gYou receive Johrei thoroughly. Let's rely entirely on God.h I told the circumstances to my family and elder sister and asked for their support in the case of being hospitalized.When depressed at the situation, ghow could such a thing happen?h I heard from the teacher of the branch that Mr. Yamamoto talked about his own experience of osteomyelitis and that you would get better after letting out all the pus. I decided that I left it all up to Meishu-sama without having an operation. Then I felt good and relieved very much. My father was surprised, but he did Johrei to me every day asking if I was really all right.

As I told the doctor that I would not have an operation, he went so far as to say, gYou will not recover without an operation and be able to keep your present state either. You will get worse but never get better. The decayed part of the bone will spread, and the jawbone will also break at the end.h However, I persisted in saying no to an operation. For the time being I had the doctor understand it on the condition that I undergo a periodic medical examination.

I tried to go and worship in order to receive the Divine Light as much as possible. And I noticed that the swelling of the gums went down on the second day of the training session at the sacred ground (the headquarters of Kyusei Shinkyo) in May. Something like a tooth peeked out from the part where the pus was oozing out about one week before. After the swelling went down, the thing like a tooth appeared little by little, and one morning it came out like plopping down. It was about the size of 1 cm in a distorted shape like a pumice stone. The swelling subsided after it was removed, and the hole in the gums was gradually filled.

On June 17, I went to the Red Cross hospital for a medical examination after a lapse of three months. I told the doctor that a bone came out. He was surprised and said, gIt is the bone, called a sequestrum, which was supposed to remove with surgery. You are like a dog. Awesome healing power!h After taking an X-ray, the doctor said again comparing the last X-ray and this one that the decayed part of the bone was gone as I thought. You kept on refusing an operation and let the sequestrum really detach by yourself, and it was eliminated naturally. It was amazing, but this tooth must be extracted and we must take the remaining pustule, but you might cure it by yourself again. The first doctor in charge was surprised to look at those X-rays with disbelief, gIt is incredible!h

Three months later, looking at the X-rays of mine in the medical examination, the doctor said, gYoufve completely recovered. The black part in the previous photo turned white. Your disease is completely cured if all the part turns white.h When I asked him that he meant the pustule was eliminated, he, who looked unconvinced, told me that your body overcame the disease.I experienced really wonderful miracle and thank Meishu-sama very much.

< Difficulty breathing (Dyspnea) and angina>
Overcame dyspnea without a known cause by Johrei. And learned the fearfulness of harmful effects of medicine by experiencing powerful side effects.
Hashiuchi branch, Akemi WATANABE
Reported in the autumn 2009 issue of the gKomyo Sekaih magazine
In about 2006, it was often getting hard to breathe during work and sleep. No matter how hard I tried, I was not able to breathe in, and I have jumped out of bed at suffocating at midnight. In such a case, when I received remote Johrei from my mother, I was always relieved immediately. From about June, when standing for a long time, I had a backache and breathing became painful. I felt languid and ran out of breath just walking normally. And I was overcome by extraordinary sleepiness I couldnft withstand even during working, and kept sleeping all day long on a holiday.

One month later, the same symptom appeared in the middle of the night. I went out for fresh air while swaying on my feet, but the symptom didnft go and I verged on panic with fear that I might become unable to breathe. So I was taken to the hospital and was told that I had high blood pressure and a slight angina. I received medicine and went home, but didnft recover from the suffocation even in the morning. The cause was unknown at another hospital either, and I decided to take temporary leave from my work.

I felt uneasy about being alone at home and stayed at my parents' home and got help from my family. My mother gave Johrei to me when I had a fit, and then I felt better, but I was gradually losing my appetite and also could just barely walk. However, the examination showed no abnormalities in my heart. The doctor said that my stomach was just inflamed, and that if I had an angina at my age, it was rare enough to be able to present it at an academic conference. Although the doctor also asked if I suffered from stress, I did not mind because I always lived at my own pace.

One day on which it was over a month since I took temporary leave from my work, I felt a shade better and so went back to my home. As I was cleaning my room, I felt ill again. I was not able to drive a car to the parentsf home where it took only about 5 minutes by car, and I had my elder brother come to pick me up. The scruff of my neck was twitched that has never experienced before, I felt heavy in the head with pain, and I became full of fear and anxiety. The doctor was absent, and then we returned to the parents' home for now. For the present

By chance, it was the day Ms. Takafuji, a chief, would come to my home. I waited impatiently for her to come, and received Johrei soon on her arrival, and then told her for the first time that I had been in poor physical condition. She spoke kindly, gPlease call me anytime when you donft feel well,h and so I was relieved and felt reassured very much. Not knowing when the symptom assailed, I was not able to leave my parentsf home till then. I felt a little happier after having told Ms. Takafuji. When I was feeling down with anxiety, she kept listening to and encouraging me at the same time as she gave me Johrei.

Because I still continued to take medicine at that time, I kept feeling lethargic and began to be irritated with small sound gradually. I could never calm down one week later, suppressed myself who almost began to cry, and was screaming within my mind, gHelp me!h crouching down. I thought about dying in such terror as I almost went mad. My mother gave me Johrei, and I calmed down somehow. Then a medicine was too dreadful to take any more from the next day. And I learned the fearfulness of harmful effects of medicine by experiencing powerful side effects, quit taking all medicine, and decided to turn to Meishu-sama and Johrei for help.

Ms. Takafuji said, gThe time surely came to be able to believe in God and let's overcome together this purification.h And I was invited to worship at the sacred ground (the headquarters of Kyusei Shinkyo). I was reluctant to go out, but she said kindly, gThere is no need to worry because you go and worship at the sacred ground.h I worshiped and returned home with peace of mind. Thanks to her devoted support and care, I, who had got to worry about myself, gradually began to feel thankful.

Then Ms. Takafuji took me to the church for worshiping and the teacherfs home of the subbranch for the first time. While being given Johrei by the teacher and listening to her talk, I sincerely hoped I wanted to be relieved from suffering. And I, who had been too scared even to go out alone, came to be able to drive myself to the teacherfs home out of an ardent desire to receive Johrei. I was more than happy to feel a lot better and be able to go home by just receiving Johrei before God (altar) from her and having a talk with her. I realized I was getting better at a very fast pace. I felt once again the importance of praying to God for protection.

The ups and downs in condition has also slowed down. I came to be able to get over as I told myself, gIt is all right. Meishu-sama will watch over and protect you,h even if I felt sick at the place where I went. It was also increasing little by little to be able to do for myself. And I was so pleased and it was encouraging that I was invite to apply myself to services of God and was given care with one thing or another. I received Johrei every day and was supported by many people. By the grace of God and thanks to all of them, I recovered health, so I was able to return to work after four and a half monthsf absence. I am really grateful to Meishu-sama and Ms.Takafuji, who welcomed me warmly.

<Myoma of the uterus and hemorrhoids>
Completely recovered from myoma of the uterus by Johrei and worshippingAnd relieved of the hemorrhoids suffered from for many years
Suzuka branch, Utako TANIZAKI
Reported in the May 2007 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

In around 1992, I developed lumps called a gchalazionh in my eye, and the lumps were taken by ophthalmology several times. My old hemorrhoids got worse and menstruation was prolonged at the same time, so I had a medical examination and was diagnosed as a myoma of the uterus. I checked the medical complete book because I felt sick when I took the prescription medicine. It says gwhile taking the medicine, you have almost no menses, the symptom disappears, and the myoma reduce during treatment. The effect is, however, temporary, and because after the treatment you return to the state before the treatment in several months, it is not a radical cure."

I have always had a distrust of medicine and so decided to receive Johrei at the branch. I was taught exactly what I wanted to know, gMedicine is harmful and you will become healthier by Johrei. Although human effort is also necessary, you receive divine protection and support from ancestors as you have a relation with Meishu-sama. And you have your luck change for the better and can hold a true memorial service for the repose of your ancestors." I felt positive and happier, and joined the faith Kyusei Shinkyo in February, 1993.

The bleeding of myoma of the uterus increased and the period was prolonged after that. However, I was not worried at all and was not in poor physical condition such as anemia because I was taught that it was a function of purification.

For my hemorrhoids, when defecating, I felt uncomfortable that the anus prolapsed like a chrysanthemum opened and it did not return unless it was crammed by hand. So I wanted it to disappear soon. The hemorrhoids, however, were completely cured after worshipping at a grand festival for the memorial service for the repose of ancestors in 1997.

As a matter of fact, I heard from my mother several days earlier that my late grandmother and father had appeared with a smile in her dream. As for this phenomenon, I thought that they had sent a signal that gWe always support you from the spiritual world, so keep up the service for others,h with a present of the complete recovery from the hemorrhoids.

I was taught that purification of hemorrhoids was related to ancestors, and that when we do things which make our ancestors happy, hemorrhoids disappear. It is to accumulate virtues. When I applied myself to Johrei and services of God later on, the myoma of the uterus was also cured. I recovered my health and strength, so I can work hard at nature farming now. I really appreciate it and thank God from the bottom of my heart.

<Cerebral Thrombosis>
I lost consciousness of cerebral thrombosis, but was able to leave hospital in two weeksI escaped being bedridden and make people happy with Johrei
Direct branch of the yokkaichi church, Yasuko FUKAYA
Reported in the April 2010 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@In 1998, I was working as deliverer at that time. I had pains in my shoulders and arms, so I had a daily massage. Ms. Maegawa, my friend of singing, could not just stand by and led me to a church. By the grace of Johrei that I received every day, my shoulderfs pain eased off on the third day. I listened to a talk about God by the last teacher of the church and was allowed to join the faith Kyusei Shinkyo in October.

@However, I was a work-oriented one, and my faith was so selfish at the beginning that I worshiped only if I had a holiday. The teacher of the branch was always smiling, kind and attentive to me, saying, gHow hard your job is! You can make a living without working so hard, canft you?h

@One day, she said to me, gI had a dream you were crying. Donft you have something more important than your job?h Still, I could not understand what she meant, and I, who was overconfident, said, gWhen I donft go to the company, everyone is in trouble.h I let the words of the teacher go in one ear and out the other.

@On one of these days, what the teacher had dreamed actually happened. I caused an accident resulting in bodily injury. Taken away my car, being unable to go to work or to get out of my house, I did nothing but cry. Even though I was taught, gAll the hardship is purification,h and gPurification is a function to certainly get better,h in those days I thought that all these things were other peoplefs concerns and it was none of my business.

@Then one year and a half later, I had the second great purification. At around four ofclock in one evening, I could not move my legs forward, so that I had difficulty in walking. As I thought it was strange, I went out to see a doctor at a nearby hospital but I fell into a coma and was taken to a municipal hospital by ambulance.

@I was diagnosed as cerebral thrombosis, and the doctor said to my family, gShefs going to be bedridden and can never go home for life. However well she becomes, shefll be wheelchair-bound.h My family members immediately gathered together and conferred about the future.

@I was completely unconscious all day long. I heard that when I recovered consciousness, I was unable to move my hands and feet and asked a nurse, gIc, who are you? Where am I?h My family was worried about me, who was completely changed, gWhatfs going to happen next?h I could not recollect even my name or my date of birth, and I had a splitting headache if I was asked various questions by someone.

@Everybody, from the teacher of the branch down, gave Johrei to me every day in rotation. Then, fortunately, I recovered at a terrific speed that changes that I could stand up, walk next and run, were seen each day about a week after I entered the hospital. Believe it or not, a miracle occurred that I left the hospital in two weeks! I was grateful that I was protected and blessed by Meishu-sama. Thank you so much.

@When I had the first purification, I could not understand the meaning that Purification is a function to certainly get better. Besides, in those days I was looking down when I was on a train, and seeing neighbors, I pretended not to notice them and disliked greeting. I could speak about the God only to unknown people from faraway regions.

@However, I am totally different now. Going to neighborhood or anywhere I can go by bicycle, I talk about wonderfulness of Johrei. Probably, by receiving Johrei, my joy was changed from being given it to doing it.

@Tears brim in my eyes just thinking about gwhat would have happened now without Johrei?h Meishu-sama, thank you so much. I will contribute to God brightly with smiles from now on. Always considering what will make people happy, I walk facing forward.

<Mental instability & Diabetes>
Hopes for the future rise with JohreiGot over diabetes, and the running of my business has gone on track
Niigata branch, Takashi KASAI
Reported in the March 2010 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@When Professor Teruo Higafs lecture was held in Niigata in October 1996, Ms. Narumi, who had been my business acquaintance, talked to me running a construction company. The next morning, she visited my company right away. At that time, my wife was in a hospital with terminal cancer of the large intestine caused by scirrhous stomach cancer. Partly for that reason, she recommended Johrei to me with her whole heart.

@With a light heart, gI feel bad if I do not receive Johrei just for once,h I received it for the first time from Ms. Ito, who was in charge of the subbranch. As I was given Johrei even half in doubt, I felt good and relaxed so much I dozed off. However, I was not yet ready to join the faith, Kyusei Shinkyo, at that time.

@Two months later, her life under medical treatment for a year and three months ended, and she died at the young age of forty-five years old. gI want to live for another ten years or at least five,h her words are still recalled clearly. I was fifty years old then. She was in charge of accounting and sales and was the most irreplaceable support of me. I had already lost my parents and had no children, so I was left alone at last.

@I became addicted to drinking. Definitely, it was no good for the health. I damaged my brain more than the liver, could not judge good and evil and was often unable to think properly. My emotional ups and downs were also intense, and the unstable condition continued. I lost all interest in my life.

@One day, Ms. Ito telephoned and asked me, gKasai-san, howfs it going?h I answered, gNot well. Ifm so depressed that I want to commit suicide,h and then she invited me, gIfll give you Johrei, so would you like to come over?h

@I visited her at home straight away. Then, I, who was strangely emotionally-depressed and only thinking negatively like that, was restoring myself while I was receiving Johrei. Even I myself curiously felt very much that Ifm getting better.

@I had felt resistance to religion and could not step into it but was allowed to join Kyusei Shinkyo in August 1997. Still after that, at the beginning I did not grow accustomed to it and could not believe easily, yet I sometimes received Johrei.

@In October 2003, as the bid system was revised significantly and collusion is prohibited, it became difficult to receive a construction order. It was all I could do to receive one order for about thirty million yen in a year. I was worried about whether I would carry on doing my business or try to move to a different one, so that my stress kept on building up.

@Perhaps due to that, in March 2005, my blood sugar level was 242, and the hemoglobin A1c value was 9.3, so that I was diagnosed as having diabetes without doubt. The doctor recommended me to enter the hospital, but I had a job to do and so I obtained consent by visiting the hospital twice a month.

@Medicine was prescribed but I did not take it because I had understood well about harmful effects of medicine by that time. Above all, I went to the subbranch and received Johrei. I paid so much attention to my diet that I counted calories by myself, and went to a swimming pool and took a brisk walk for exercise. As the result, half a year later, my blood sugar level dropped to 124, and the hemoglobin A1c value to 5.6.

@A pharmacist was also so surprised and said to me, gIt is rare that diabetes get better so early like this. Please do speak to our patients as a lecturer.h I had a hard time to decline the offer. I was grateful for wonderfulness of Johrei again.

@Fulfilling worship at the sacred ground twice a month for the first time in 2006, I fortunately achieved an outstanding feat of getting two orders of sewer works in Niigata city to start at the end of January of the following year on the same day, and it was much talked about among the construction industry. gBecause you went and worshiped,h said a salesperson of my company, and I was very glad and profoundly grateful that I was being protected by Meishu-sama. Further, when I was staying to worship at the church for two nights for the first time, I was able to receive a large order.

@My aunt, who was a dancing master, taught it to those of the subbranch for a dedicatory entertainment at a spring grand festival in 2009, and taking this opportunity, I was allowed to do Johrei to her. She was glad that her head and back was warmed and was allowed to join the faith Kyusei Shinkyo in June. I was really happy and grateful for that I led somebody to the faith for the first time.

@I am deeply grateful again it is thanks to protection and grace of Meishu-samafs Divine Light and teachersf encouragement that my company and I have managed to survive in the turbulent times.

Light to myself, who was prepared for death from dermatomyositis.No side effects of high doses of medicine, and a blessing to my daughterfs atopy
Niigata Branch, Tamiko KASAI
Reported in the January 2009 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@My daughter suffered from atopy since around a first-year student in high school, and she saw several doctors but was not cured. I myself also was seeing a doctor every day for mild tenosynovitis of my left wrist just then.

@My younger sister visited me on the day I would go to the hospital and said, gSit down there for a moment.h As she held out her hand toward my body about fifteen minutes, I had miraculous experience that the pain in my hand disappeared. Since the pain which had never cured in spite of undergoing treatment at the hospital so many times went away, I thought that my daughterfs atopy might cure.

@In October 1995, my daughter and I were led to a gathering held in Niigata and received Johrei from the teacher of the church. The teacherfs words then left a strong impression on my heart. I was irresolute because my family had believed in another religion for forty years, but we resolved to join the faith, Kyusei Shinkyo, for my daughter.@ Before joining Kyusei Shinkyo, I suffered from terrible headache and menstrual pain, and I was always taking painkillers. After marriage, I suffered from a slipped disk and had a block injection when I felt a severe pain. About five to six years after I gave birth to my daughter, the lower half of my body felt heavy, and I felt a physical disorder. I was gradually unable to sleep, so I started taking a stabilizer.

@I love sweets and so my staple food was sweets. I was drinking six to seven cups of coffee in a day. After joining Kyusei Shinkyo, I learned the fearfulness of harmful effects of medicine, and the importance of eating habits. Although my daughter immediately switched to brown rice and the like, I did not put it into practice and hardly worshiped.

@Then my hands, face and body began to itch in around 2002. In the beginning, I applied steroid prescribed by a dermatologist, yet it gradually spread. I was so worried about it that I eventually asked for Johrei.

@In September 2003, after participating in a training session, itchiness subsided a little, but I felt weary and lost my physical strength. I could not work and was bedridden every day. Ms. Ito in charge of the sub-branch, my younger sister and other believers visited me for Johrei. However, my muscles weakened day by day, and having difficulty in just turning over in bed I was assailed by an extreme anxiety.

@As the results of a medical examination at the hospital, I was diagnosed as edermatomyositis,f a kind of collagen disease that was designated as an intractable one. The treatment started from ten tablets of steroid, and I had to take no less than twenty-five tablets a day.

gThis medicine has certainly side effects. Also, the muscles youfve lost wonft be restored a hundred percent. Your skin which pigment deposited will also remain,h my doctor said to me. After that, the dosage was reduced little by little, but my face looked grotesque by pigmentation and I could not even do housework. I started thinking there is no other choice but to die.

@I was so frightened of being alone in a hospital room at night and was always crying. So my younger sister and husband visited me to do Johrei every day. As I received Johrei, I felt comfortable. I really appreciated it. Also, every time I underwent a periodic medical examination of the side effects on internal organs or eyes while in the hospital, the doctor told me that you had no side effects. I was grateful that I was protected by Johrei.

@About that time, my daughter completely recovered from atopy, married and was blessed with two children. I thought, gI really want to see my daughter and grandchildren, who will come home for the New Year holiday. If I see them, Ifll have nothing to regret,h and I barely managed to leave the hospital two and a half months later.

@After that, I reformed my eating habits and changed to a diet based on vegetables on the advice of the branch teacher. The dosage was reduced little by little to one tablet of steroid by the grace of God. Around the spring, I also got to be able to drive a car by myself and to worship. Hopes for the future sprang up in my heart, still I was worried the disease would recur and I could not stop taking all the medicine.

@On the day when the teacher of the church came to Niigata in October 2005, I totally forgot to take a medicine with joy of seeing him after a long time. And I took the opportunity to be able to give up taking a medication. Not taking medicines, my discomfort from shoulder area to head gradually disappeared. I was able to sleep soundly without a sleeping pill. Fortunately, I had no side effect and also regained more muscular strength than before. My skin which pigment deposited is peeling off little by little.

@Now, I can take care of my 88-year-old mother. Up until now I could only think about myself but I am able to wish othersf happiness and have changed enough to be able to do Johrei to unbelievers. I thank Meishu-sama from the bottom of my heart.

A broken bone
My friends in the Netherlands where I was studying were blessed one after another.
They recovered from an injury, a stomachache and a hangover.
Seiko branch, Koji NINOMIYA
Reported in the May 2015 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@I studied abroad in Rotterdam, the Netherlands for a year from February 5th, 2014. I was able to do Johrei to several friends in my studying abroad life, so the teacher of my branch would be there in the Netherlands from 13th to 16th of September. While the teacher was staying, I wanted as many friends as possible to receive Johrei from him.

@The teacher came to my dormitory upon arrival at Rotterdam. I was able to introduce eight friends to the teacher on the first day. Six friends including ones who experienced Johrei on the first day received it from the teacher the next day.
When my friend Pepino was given Johrei by the teacher, his shoulder pain was mitigated. I was surprised that Pepino determined immediately to join the faith, Kyusei Shinkyo, so as to be able to do Johrei. A total of 16 friends: Japanese, Dutch, French, Chinese and Brazilian friends received Johrei. And they physically experienced wonderfulness of Johrei power and change in their condition: "a squint became normal", or "inflammation of a tendon sheath was alleviated."

@The teacher of the church would come to the Netherlands later and hold an initiation ceremony on Sep. 24th. I contacted more friends, including ones who couldn't introduce to the teacher of the branch, once again, so as to introduce them to the teacher.
On the first day when the teacher of the church arrived there, I introduced my classmate, Yannick, to him. I had told him before about Johrei and his classmatefs experience that a nausea and headache caused by a hangover were gone by Johrei. So Yannick was interested in Johrei.

@When Yannick received Johrei from the teacher of the church, he said ghis girlfriend was wearing a cast on her left arm and leg injured in a motorbike accident,h and brought her the day after next. Her cast just came off, and her condition was not so good. When she was advised to move her arm after receiving Johrei from the teacher for about 15 minutes, she could move it many times and was surprised at the difference before and after Johrei. Her arm was able to move easier and better when she was given Johrei again several minutes later, and she seemed to have nothing but surprise for this situation. I witnessed it by their side and it was a very good experience for me.

@On the second day, Ye, a good friend, came. When the teacher of the church gave Johrei and a talk to Ye, he strongly hoped saying, "I want to do Johrei to other people too," and would take part in the initiation ceremony the next day.

@On the day of the initiation ceremony, Ye and Pepino received a course of the introduction to the Teachings and a practical training in Johrei. They were very pleased to receive a eMihikari-sama,*f and asked the teacher many questions during the training. I was deeply impressed that they were guys with a good heart and firmly committed to do Johrei for other people.
*eMihikari-samaf is a kind of amulet that has a piece of paper with eHikarif written by Meishusama.

@Ye was allowed to do Johrei to his younger sister the next day and to his aunt two days later. When his younger sister was not able to move from the bed with a stomachache, the stomachache was gone by receiving just one Johrei from Ye, and they fully realized again a great power of Johrei. Pepino also talks about Johrei to his parents and girlfriend.

@In the meantime, I was also blessed financially during studying abroad. I was able to serve my internship at a Dutch company and was well paid. In addition, I was able to go on a business trip to Japan for business activity to Japanese companies for one week from October 14. The company bore all the travel and living expenses during my stay.

@I returned to Japan from studying abroad now, but I will go back to the Netherlands ag ain within the year and make an effort to be allowed to do Johrei to Pepino, Ye's friend and my friends.

@And I will devote myself to daily prayer and to practice Johrei to transmit Divine Light of Meishu-sama more strongly to a recipient, so that a recipient always can feel Johrei power by receiving just one Johrei.

<Loss of sight>
A broken bone
My friends in the Netherlands where I was studying were blessed one after another.
They recovered from an injury, a stomachache and a hangover.
Shiratsuka branch, JOCELINE KANOU

@When I was 25 years old, I came to Japan with my former husband, who I met in the Philippines. After 6 years of marriage, my sight was suddenly beginning to fail and so I had my eyes examined by an eye doctor. Following the doctorfs instructions, I was gradually losing my sight and became blind in a month. The doctor made a wrong diagnosis. A brain surgeon of the municipal hospital diagnosed, gBrain tumor had wound around an optic nerve. If you had come here and had the tumor removed one week earlier, you would have been able to see. But it was too late for it. And if you left tumor as it was, there would be no guarantee of life. So you must have an operation.h Then I underwent major surgery.

@I was still 31 years old then. I had had good sight, but suddenly lost my sight, so that my life changed very much.

@Furthermore, my sickly husband passed away in 2010. I owed him my life and he taught me various things. When I was thinking about how I would carry on living in Japan from now on, I met the teacher of the branch. She told me that my eyes would get better and gave me Johrei. Then I felt very good. So I received Johrei from her for several days.

@But my present husband, who disliked religion, declined, saying that he didnft want the teacher to visit us anymore. Still the teacher came to my place to listen to me many times, and we went out together and gradually became friends. Every time I received Johrei, I felt light on the part, which I had a tumor. Everyone said to me, gThe look in your eyes was gradually changing,h and I became happy.

@When I met the teacher of the church, I decided to have my Mihikarisama and was allowed to join Kyusei Shinkyo. Now I do not take medicine at all and do not go to the hospital as often as before.

@In 2013 I heard about my fatherfs condition from my younger sister on the phone. His limbs were swollen and even going out was bothersome for him. And he couldnft work and lost his spirit. So she worried about him. When I told the branch teacher about my father's condition, she said, gLetfs go to the Philippines together.h Then I returned home with her in May. I hadnft seen my father for a long time, and it was all he could do to lie down and get up. I did Johrei to him every day and he got well as he could go shopping together. We went shopping together to buy papaya because he wanted the branch teacher to eat it before leaving the Philippines. During our stay, I was allowed to do Johrei to more than ten people with the teacher of the branch each day at the places, where we went around the neighbors to say hello.

@My cousin, Layafs headache was relieved when she received Johrei. So she decided to have Mihikarisama, and we agreed on her joining Kyusei Shinkyo and coming back to the Philippines in July.

@Two months later, we went back again to the Philippines with the teacher of the church to hold Layafs initiation ceremony. I suddenly felt a severe pain in my head on the plane like a lightning bolt flashing. My forehead gradually began to bulge. I could not open my eyes with a sore around the eyes and skull seemed to split. The pain has moved from left to right. I clenched her hand of the branch teacher. I was screaming the name of Meishu-sama, breaking into a cold sweat. The teacher of the church also gave Johrei to me and encouraged me by saying, gYoufll be all right.h Strangely the pain stopped abruptly the moment the plane landed at the airport in the Philippines and I stayed well without having a headache there. Moreover, I gradually came to feel dazzlingly sunlight shining to eyes from then and my sight is becoming brighter. I thank Meishu-sama.

@My family and people in the neighborhood were guided to the teacher of the church and received Johrei. Most of them felt the Divine Light and said that I felt better and it is wonderful Light. Four people have joined the faith. My father, who couldnft move around, became healthy having a meal and taking a shower by himself every time he received Johrei. Carmen, who became a believer, was surprised to know bad part of recipientfs when she does Johrei to people. Lerma, who has skin disease, feels well the Light on the part, where she was receiving Johrei and she is glad that she is mitigated and gets better.

@I am going to tell the wonderful Johrei to people not only in the Philippines but also in the world, wishing Johrei spread all over the world.

@Philippines but also in the world, wishing Johrei spread all over the world.

<Cardiac murmur & Basedowfs (Gravesf) disease>

Mastitis and Basedowfs disease completely cured without an operation A lot of blessing and divine protection against an earthquake disaster and a traffic accident were given to my family

Suzuka branch, Masako ICHIOKA

Reported in the February 2010 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@When I was delivered of my first daughter, I nearly had a miscarriage two times but could give birth to her safely. However, she was prematurely born in the ninth month of pregnancy and suffered from terrible jaundice. I was told that her brain might be damaged, and so I was worried every day. I continued daily Johrei and prayers, and she was able to leave the hospital in about one month by the grace of God. Afterward, she grew up in good health and attained womanhood.
On the day following my second daughterfs birthday, I was informed that she might have a hole in her heart, and I was plunged into despair. And then we saw a doctor at a university hospital, there was no hole but heart murmur was heard. So she had to undergo periodic checkups.

@Her four-month check-up was the day when the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake occurred on January 17, 1995. At 5:46:52, my husband was usually to drive a truck and be passing the bridge which half collapsed from the earthquake at that time. However,@he was taking a holiday for her medical examination on that day. Meishu-sama protected him. Besides, I found that the person who had driven in place of my husband was all right, and my heart was full of gratitude.

@Moreover, even though she had been said that check-ups for heart would be necessary until she entered elementary school, we were told at the medical examination on the day that she would not need to undergo the check-ups anymore. We were doubly delighted at it.
When the second daughter was eight months old, my breast was fully swollen, and I ran a high fever of almost forty. I went to a hospital, and I was diagnosed with emastitisf and my breast would have to be cut. The doctor told me that I need to see the doctor for injections for two or three days, and I went home on that day.

@The next day, I did not go to the hospital where I was told I would have an operation, because my baby ran a fever, and I took her to the hospital where I gave birth to her. I consulted the doctor there that I was diagnosed with mastitis by a pediatrician. Then, he/she examined my breast and said, gWith this condition, you will be cured if you give your baby the breast.h When I put her to the breast as I was told, her and my fever went down, and the pain in my breast also disappeared. It was very wonderful indeed.
When the second daughter entered a kindergarten, I decided to work part-time only for a half day. About two months since I started working, I contracted Basedowfs disease. A doctor said, gThis disease never cures completely and you have to live with it for your life,h and I was so depressed.

@I was told that I would have to change medication with age and the condition because it was influenced by hormone balance. At first, I suffered from a badly swollen throat, a throbbing heart and high blood pressure. It is said that some doctors would cut it at once, yet I could avoid it and received treatment with medicine only.

@At the hospital which I went to every other week, my progress of medical examinations was satisfactory and my condition eased by receiving Johrei. Actually, I took medicine only at the beginning, but after that I only received Johrei without taking medicine. The doctor seemed to have thought that there was no abnormality because the medicine worked.
When my attending doctor changed, I told him the truth that actually, I had not taken the medicine for months anymore, and he said to me, gWell, youfre OK now. If your condition gets worse, please come and see me.h However, I have not gone to hospital since the day and have been living in good health now.

@Besides, I gained a lot of protection such as that I was stopped just before running over a child on a bicycle in the blind spot when I put my car into a garage, that my younger brother completely recovered from nephrosis and was only slightly injured in a serious accident of head-on collision, that my husband was protected from a localized torrential downpour in Fukuoka, Kyushu.
I express my deep gratitude to Meishu-sama and would like to convey my emotion to many people also into the future.

Pemphigoid was cured by JohreiMy joy of being freed from suffering passed on to others

Nagoya branch, Tazuko HAMADA
Reported in the January 2010 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@I had suffered from an autoimmune disease called gpemphigoid,h accompanied by blisters and an intense itch, since around 2003 because of constitutional predisposition and stress.

@I kept taking medicine prescribed by a doctor, and yet repeatedly relapsed when I reduced the dosage even if the symptom was relieved once. I was so worried how long my condition like this would last or whether I would really get well, and thus tried diverse remedies as I was recommended. However, it was getting worse and worse and was quite painful.

@Around September 2008, I met Ms. Abe through the introduction of my friend and received Johrei for the first time. Hoping it would cure my disease soon, I joined the faith, Kyusei Shinkyo, with my husband in October of that year.

@My purification was severe because I had taken strong medicine for more than five years. Every time I received Johrei, I ran a fever and also got blisters all over my body. Even my ankles swelled up, and I often cried beyond the limit of my endurance with the extreme severity. Ms. Abe encouraged me each time, gIt is purification! Youfll definitely get better!h

@Then, since about five months after joining Kyusei Shinkyo, a slight fever that I had constantly had come down, and the swelling in my feet also had been subsiding little by little. I also became able to go and worship.

@To convey my joy, first of all, I led Ms. Hasegawa, who was my student of the dance, to a branch. She got a blood clot (thrombus) in her eye and had difficulty in seeing down, but as she received Johrei from the teacher of the branch, he/she seemed to feel much relieved.

@Besides, Ms. Terashima in the neighborhood had had a pain in her knee and had not been able even to ride a bicycle from the beginning of September. She had suffered from colon cancer complicated with liver one before, and so I was worried about her very much. After telling my own experience and did Johrei to her, I led her to the branch. Her way of walking has been much better since she received Johrei, and she is glad of it.

@Ms. Niwa to whom I recently did Johrei, was worried that she was tending to anemia and that her eyesight weakened after cataract surgery. When she received Johrei for the first time, she said, gI feel hot all over my body, especially the liver region.h She strongly felt the Divine Light of Johrei from the teacher of the branch and did her back extraordinarily heated.

@Also, I was concerned for long time about Ms. Murakami, who was pressed with care of her husband required care level 3. Although she had stiff shoulders and neck badly, after receiving Johrei she was glad that she felt refreshed with her head, and went home.

@Accumulating Johrei experiences like these, it has been a year since I joined the Kyusei Shinkyo faith. I was cured of my disease considerably, and I also have been motivated and got well. I am deeply grateful that this is by the grace of Meishu-sama. I will continue to tell my own experiences and to convey the wonderfulness of Meishu-sama to many people.

<Constipation & Food Poisoning>
My long malignant constipation was relievedAlso got over food poisoning by devoting myself to Johrei

Owase branch, Yui IRIGUCHI
Reported in the November 2009 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@I had suffered from constipation since I was a schoolgirl. I occasionally had no bowel movement for two weeks, and medicine did not work. In addition, I was intensely shy of strangers. So I asked for entering Kyusei Shinkyo to improve such condition and weak point with turning to God for help in December 2007.

@In my initiation ceremony, I was taught, gThe medicine is harmful and bad for your health.h Yet I could not bear constipation pain and the fear and I kept taking medicine after joining Kyusei Shinkyo. Eventually, even though I increased the dosage of a suppository, a laxative and tablets, they were not effective against the constipation, and it was getting worse and worse.

@My mind was preoccupied with the distress, and I used abusive language and grumbled against the god and my family and was not wearing Mihikari-sama. One day Ms. Ihara in charge of a sub-branch visited me and gave Johrei to me after work. Then the next day, I smoothly had a bowel movement as if the suffering until last night were not true.

@I thought I must never betray God and Ms. Ihara, who heartily looked after me, and I determined never to take the medicine again. Thanks to God, at present the constipation has been relieved only by Johrei.

@In the next April, I did Johrei in earnest to my mother, who had been suffering from stiff shoulders, dizziness and nausea. With cooperation from the person who was looking after us, she was relieved about a month later. My mother was glad that after joining Kyusei Shinkyo, my personality became more cheerful than before and I tried to positively relate to those whose ways of thinking differed. Then she was allowed to join Kyusei Shinkyo in May of that year.

@A half year later, to make a restart all family members together in the New Year, my mother and I began to do Johrei to my grandmother and uncle. When the teacher of the branch gave Johrei to my grandmother before, our ancestor came to address him, gThe god you believe in is great, so please lead her.h Such a thing happened, and she was also allowed to join the faith Kyusei Shinkyo in December.

@To change the subject, this past April I got food poisoning by eating a box lunch that had been left in a car for half a day. I felt something wrong around my esophagus about three hours after lunch, and thirty minutes later, I felt sick to my stomach.

@Then I left for Mr. Sawahirafs house, and I was relieved a little as soon as I arrived there. I became better as I received Johrei before God for thirty minutes. However, as I got in my car to go home, I gradually felt unwell, and nausea and a headache grew worse when I arrived home.

@I took a bath to go to bed early, but my hands and feet were numbed and cramped. My heart beat was fast, and I had difficulty in breathing so I got out of the bath in a hurry and lay down. My condition was getting worse and worse, and thus I asked Mr. Sawahira to give Johrei again and received remote one.

@The next day, when I woke up with the stomachache, I had watery stools. I frequently went to the bathroom and vomited everything I had eaten. In spite of that, I had necessarily to go to Matsuzaka city on business on that day. As soon as I got on a train, I got a stomachache, felt sick by vibration and went back and forth to the rest room many times for about three hours until it arrived. Somehow, during the business, the symptoms disappeared. Then nausea and a stomachache began again after it ended. As I returned to Kumano, I went directly to Mr. Sawahirafs house and received Johrei. Fortunately, my condition improved, and the symptoms went away.

@The next day, I also had purification of fever. As I saw a doctor just in case, bacteria were found in my stomach, intestines and esophagus, and they were inflamed. So I was prescribed medicine. However, believing in Meishu-samafs teaching, I did not take any medicine. Mr. Sawahira and my mother prayed for me and gave Johrei to me every day. A week later, I got well and I realized the importance of Johrei.

@I have an elder sister in Aichi Prefecture. I was praying for her suffering from her illness. Then one day, I had a wonderful experience that she dropped in on me and I could did Johrei to her.

@I would like to try hard in order that her family will be connected with Meishu-sama as soon as possible.

<Strained Back>
Full recovery from my terrible strained back and my motherfs shoulder painMy stomachache with an unknown cause was a sign from my grandfather in the spiritual world

Higashimaru branch, Asami KAWATO
Reported in the December 2009 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@I damaged my lower back some years ago and strained my back in November 2008. While I was suffering pain when I walked and slept, my friend Kaori Matsui came to my home to give Johrei. I doubted whether it would improve with such a thing, but I received Johrei if it would ease my pain even if only a little.

@While I was given it, there was no change but I had diarrhea that night. As I was anxious and asked Kaori, she taught me, gThat is said a function of purification, and itfs a good function to remove bad substances and impurities in your body, so therefs no need to worry about it.h After the purification, my back pain that had ever been painful almost went away miraculously and I felt relief very much. According to a doctorfs diagnosis, it required more than a week for recovery but I have recovered in about four days. I was so amazed.

@Just around the same time, my mother also suffered from an acute pain in her left shoulder with an unknown cause, and as she received Johrei from the teacher of a branch and Kaorifs mother, her pain eased. Taking this opportunity, my mother and I determined to join Kyusei Shinkyo half in doubt.

@After we received Mihikari-sama (eMihikari-samaf is a kind of amulet with the character of gHikarih written by Meishu-sama.) in February 2009, we began doing mutual Johrei every day. We held a memorial service for ancestors, and then motherfs left shoulder pain eased very much. Thereafter, I have had almost no lower back pain and havenft used medicine, to which I resorted before, at all. I underwent purification of getting a high fever above thirty-nine degree C twice but recovered without taking any medicine but only with Johrei afterwards.

@My grandfather was entering and leaving a hospital frequently for Parkinsonfs disease and pulmonary emphysema and had been under medical treatment for four years. After joining Kyusei Shinkyo, my mother and I visited the hospital to do Johrei to him every day.

@During Johrei, changes occurred. The alarm of the cardiopulmonary and pulse machine which was connected to him suddenly rang, his pulse rate quickened, his closed eyes opened wide, and his right hand that had never moved started moving dynamically. We were so surprised at and deeply moved by the Johrei power.

@My grandfather, who had been almost unconscious and had no response to a call, got better so that he could exchange words in response to our call. He was given a lot of gMihikari,h the Divine Light of Meishu-sama, by receiving Johrei from many people and departed for the spiritual world peacefully with a calm face without feeling the slightest pain afterward.

@After that, I strongly hoped that my father and grandmother, who had been still unbelievers in my family, would be allowed to join Kyusei Shinkyo.

@Around the end of July, I developed a stomachache with unknown cause, and the pain continued even after one week. At a hospital, I was just diagnosed with weariness from the summer heat. Nevertheless, my condition was getting worse and worse after that. As I asked the teacher of the branch, I was taught that your grandfather in the spiritual world was urging you, using your body, to let your father know wonderfulness of the faith in Meishu-sama as early as possible.

@Come to think of it, while in the hospital, my grandfather underwent surgery on just the same part, where I had a stomachache, and was cut a hole in his stomach. My cough with an unknown cause that I had every day since he had passed away, also seemed to overlap with the symptoms of his asthma, and I was convinced of the teacherfs teaching. I deeply reflected upon that I neglected mutual Johrei because my motherfs work had been busy since last July.

@My mother had talked to my father about God, but he had not made a clear answer yet. On that day I also spoke to him, but he still disagreed.

@My stomachache and cough still lasted after that, and I sometimes became so painful that I could not sleep. When I sent an e-mail to Kaori in such a case, she came to my home even late at night. I could barely sleep by receiving Johrei from her.

@One day, I visited the branch together with Kaori and was given Johrei from the teacher of the branch, and then an acute pain that I had never experienced, shot in my abdomen, so that I could scarcely breathe. My mother called my father at once, and he learned that I had been afflicted, and determined to join Kyusei Shinkyo. The moment he said, gIfm going to receive Mihikari-sama,h I was able to breathe easily, and the stomachache that had been so terrible was also relieved. Those who were there and I were so surprised.

@I have done mutual Johrei with my mother every day without fail and have almost never suffered from the stomachache and the cough ever since.

@I am grateful from my heart to Meishu-sama for a number of miracles that I gained. Hereafter, I will practice Johrei for people who are close to me, and actively tell them the miracles that I have been given.

<Family Problems>
My second daughterfs kidney disease was cured, and my husband could find employmentMy eldest daughter was able to come to my family here in Japan from Brazil and live with us, and we got a new house

Higashimaru branch, Claudia YAGUCHI
Reported in the October 2009 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@One year ago, I met Ms. Matsui at an office of the company where I was assigned. One day, as I talked to her about my terrible headache, she said very tender words to me, gMs. Yaguchi, I can do Johrei to you if you want.h

@I was a believer in Messianica (Messianism) in Brazil at the age of seventeen, but returned my pendant when I came to Japan. I met belief in Meishu-sama in Japan by chance after seventeen years.

@Led by Ms. Matsui, I went to a branch and felt very large energy. Then, as I received Johrei from a teacher of the branch, my physical fatigue and mental suffering were relieved.

@I have a family of five, my husband, Teruo Sato, whom I remarried, and three daughters: my oldest daughter, Narumi, is fourteen years old, the second one, Alliare, is nine, and the third one, Luana, is five. My most concern was to have left Narumi behind to my ex-husband in Brazil. Besides, my second daughter was suffering from a kidney disease and cystitis. As she went to the branch to receive Johrei three times in a week, her stomachache was relieved.

@The teacher said to me, gIf you join the faith, Kyusei Shinkyo, you can do Johrei too. Your daughters and the whole family will be protected by God.h In those days, we were in the conditions which my husband had no regular occupation and we had to manage with his part-time job. So I hesitated a little, but Ms. Matsui helped us a lot and I was allowed to join Kyusei Shinkyo in June.

@Then, he found a job before long, and we two were surprised, gGod is great.h As he was also allowed to join Kyusei Shinkyo in August, the amount of his work increased, and we came to be able to live a happy life. My second daughter, Alliarefs pain in the kidneys and suffering from the cystitis also lessened, and she became well.

@My eldest daughter, Narumi, left in Brazil, was physically abused by her father, my ex-husband, and she was mentally and physically hurt. My mother at my parentsf home took in her, but she sent Narumi back to her father, saying gBy no means can I look after her,h because Narumi had been brought up strictly by him since her childhood and had very difficult character.

@Hearing it, I could not hold back my tears. I wanted to take her back no matter what, yet there were many legal problems, so it did not go well.

@I really felt frustrated and bore a grudge against my mother very much. Then I was given words by the teacher of the branch, gAnyway, pray to Meishu-sama and transmit eremote Johreif to Narumi. God will deign to carry everything to the better.h I could not understand it much at that time but thought I would meet those who suffered more than me, do anything I can do for others and leave the rest to God.

@Later, she could miraculously obtain a visa and it became possible to welcome her to Japan. The world was greatly depressed, and our income also decreased, yet in the situation like this I had to prepare her traveling expenses to come to Japan. I discussed it with my husband and he helped me.

@When planning to move into a rented house at a rent of 30,000 yen per month, which was introduced by my acquaintance, because we were living in the 70,000 yen-a-month house at that time, through the good offices of the branch teacher we were introduced to a vacant house at a low rent, which one believer owned.

@At the end of May, we, all my family, could live with Narumi in our new house. Even though it had been said in the public that a voyage had been difficult in a commotion over the new type of influenza, she was able to enter the country without any trouble. That was a true miracle. I expressed my appreciation to God, gThank God for granting my dream,h and tears started to fill my eyes. My heart was full of gratitude also to my husband.

@My oldest daughter and second daughter have also received Mihikari-sama (eMihikari-samaf is a kind of amulet with the character of gHikarih written by Meishu-sama.) and are doing Johrei daily. They go to junior high school and elementary school respectively, made friends and are cheerfully attending schools. One of their friends was allowed to join Kyusei Shinkyo in June.

@From now on, I am going to tell many people the wonderfulness of Meishu-sama and make an effort in order that all of them will be given Mihikari-sama.

<High Fever>
Firsthand experience of a mistake to take antipyretics
Rediscovered horribleness of harmful medicine and blessings of Johrei

Mikumo branch, Kinuko KINOSHITAiMaiden name: KOBAYASHIj
Reported in the autumn 2009 issue of the gKomyo Sekaih magazine

@My parents have had faith in Kyusei Shinkyo, and before I knew it, I received a eMihikari-samaf (eMihikari-samaf is a kind of amulet that has a piece of paper with gHikarih written by Meishu-sama.) when I was a first-grade pupil. My friends took medicine just for a slight cough or a runny nose, whereas even though I was dizzy with a high fever with a cold, I recovered by the grace of Johrei without going to a hospital. I really experienced its wonderfulness at firsthand then that gWithout going to a hospital or taking medicine, my physical condition being very bad has improved and I can cure my illness.h

@A year after I graduated from vocational college and started working at a welfare facility as a care worker, I developed a slight fever of 37.6 every day in the evening. The slight fever repeated falling in the next morning and rising again in the evening. Irregular working hours, meetings on holidays, a labor shortage and overtime work coincided, so that I was so fatigued.

@One day, during a night shift I became sick as the night deepened. When I took my temperature, it was 39. However, since it was already late at night, and owing to the labor shortage, it was difficult situation to find a substitute for me. I did self-Johrei to me and prayed to Meishu-sama that my condition would not worsen during a recess for napping. I managed to finish the night shift of the day.

@Still, my fever of between thirty-nine and forty degrees C did not go down, and I was sick in bed from the next day. In addition to that, my throat swelled up, and I had no appetite and felt so listless even though I lay down.

@I thought lightly at first that I would recover if I slept for a few days and received Johrei. I received Johrei from my family members every day, yet my fever did not go down in a week. I lost five kilograms and my physical strength, and went to the bathroom by crawling on the floor.

@My boss at my workplace told me, gYou must be out of your mind that you havenft seen a doctor though your fever has not gone down yet. Please go to hospital soon to get a drip and take medicine.h

@I thought that I would never recover with medicine, but felt sorry to give my coworkers great deal of trouble. At that time I was twenty years old and could see only the situation at hand. I was cornered a little, gI must get well and go back to my work as early as possible. I cannot cause them trouble anymore.h So I saw a doctor at a nearby hospital.

@At the hospital, I was diagnosed ea decrease in immune strength caused by fatiguef and ea fever caused by throat inflammation.f The doctor prescribed antipyretics and told me that the best way was to stay quiet and rest. Take the antipyretics if you could not sleep at night for the fever. When I said, gIfve never taken antipyretics even for usual fever,h he/she replied, gNo problem. This medicine is not very strong.h

@From the thought that I have to return to work sooner, I swallowed the words of the doctor eItfs not very strong medicinef and took an antipyretic tablet before going to bed. Then, my fever which was 39 degrees C in the middle of the night went down to 35 degrees C.

@The next morning, I woke up with cold that got chilled my body, hands and feet like ice.@However tightly I tucked myself up in bed (futon) and however much I shook my body, it was still cold. When I raised myself with great difficulty in order to wake my parents up to receive Johrei, I felt myself going pale from top to toe, my lips were numbed, and I could not put strength into my body.

@I gave up and started doing self-Johrei. While being afraid and thinking, gHow horrible medicine is. I shouldnft have taken it just as Ifd doubted. I will not believe what a doctor says anymore,h I fell asleep at some time or other.

@I still had a fever the next morning. As I told my parents about the last night and reported to a teacher of a branch, he visited me at once and gave Johrei to me. Then, he told me that after the work to clean your body (purification) was complete, your fever would go down. From the next day, it miraculously came down little by little, the swelling of the throat subsided, and I also had my appetite back. I had been sick in bed for three weeks but was able to return to work immediately afterward.

@gWhy didnft I make contact with the teacher of the branch earlier? I took medicine which I believed I would never take,h I regretted. However, I really realized horribleness of medicine all over again. Not forgetting my gratitude to Meishu-sama that I am always healthy by the grace of Johrei, I will tell the horribleness of harmful medicine based on this experience to people who are close to me first.

Intractable disease which undermines my retina is overcome by Johrei.
I averted a laser phototherapy and was saved from losing my eyesight.

Koto branch, Mine AOYAMA
Reported in the September 2009 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@It was a hot day about the middle of August. While I was weeding a field, sweat or dirt got into my eye and I felt a pain in it and covered it with my hand for a while. After returning home, I still felt I got something in my eye and therefs something wrong with it.
I still felt uncomfortable after a month, so I had an eyesight test at an opticianfs shop on the way to shopping. I was advised to see an ophthalmologist and went to have an examination a week later.

@At the hospital, I was applied something like eyedrops so as to open an eyeball in about thirty minutes. After that, I had an eye examination once again and was diagnosed with gleft eye central retinal vein occlusion.h

@The doctor said to me, gThis is an acute disease, and if you leave it untended, youfll become blind in one eye. As a treatment for it, we irradiate laser phototherapy eight hundred shots for the first time, five hundred for the second and three hundred for the third.h
I said that I didnft do it that day. Then, the doctor reminded me that I should do it as early as possible, otherwise I would lose my eyesight. However, I thought that Ifd never come back again.

@The next day, I went and worshiped at a branch and told my situation to the teacher of the branch. Afterwards, I prayed to Meishu-sama for protection and started receiving Johrei every day. Also, I had it at home every day.

@I could not see my grandchildfs face sitting in front of me at the table with only my left eye. I could not see even my face reflected in a mirror. A television screen looked distorted, and I could not read even large characters, so that I was very shocked.
In the summer, I wore sunglasses whenever I went out, but when I looked only with my left eye without sunglasses, I saw about three balls sparkling or my eye seemed to be covered in cobwebs. Still, because I could see well with my both eyes, I could not believe that my eyes were so bad as to go blind.

@I participated in an overnight training session held at the sacred ground gShinonkyoh in October and prayed to Meishu-sama for protection. Then, during the discussion meeting at gGoshinden,h something like mucus gradually came out of my eye. I was grateful that bad things such as impurities were eliminated.

@One day, as I had a touch of cold and blew my nose, I felt something come out of my eye in large quantities, could not open my eye and it rose before my mind that something like a white thread came out on the back of eyes. As I washed my face and looked in the mirror with my left eye, I came to see my face slightly. Then, I was also able to see vaguely meshes of a tatami mat or the hands on the clock which I had been unable to see. I thanked Meishu-sama that this was given by the grace of daily Johrei.

@Now I can see clearly and have completely recovered. If I received the laser treatment then, I wonder what would happen to my eye now. I thank Meishu-sama once again for giving me a right choice. From now on, I am going to tell the miracle and my gratitude given from Meishu-sama to many people.

<Heart Failure & Ascites>
My mother recovered from heart failure as well as five liters of ascites were eliminated by Johrei that astonished a doctor.

Tomisuhara branch, Yukimi TOKUMARU
Reported in the autumn 2009 issue of the gKoumyousekaih magazine

@My mother was working part-time at an air-conditioned place and also in a freezer. Although she was told by the teacher of her church that work the body got cold was no good, she could not make up her mind to quit her job. Her thyroid gland function was impaired two years ago and she underwent big purification such as diabetes and heart failure.

@I got married, and my husband, my child and I joined Kyusei Shinkyo but we were not so devoted. My younger sister and brother were also indifferent. For the last two years, I did not do Johrei to my mother, no matter how much she was suffering when her blood pressure rose, and even when her feet swelled up like elephantfs. All I did was to say to her, gWhy donft you go to a hospital and get a checkup?h

@Then she had five liters of water in her heart and abdomen and had a fit of heart failure early in May. At a hospital, she was told that she had to be hospitalized immediately, but she firmly refused to do. She managed to avoid hospitalization on conditions that she took a rest at home, saw the doctor once a week and took medicine.

@Learning that she had heart failure, we suggested hospitalization to her; however, she just said, gI will not enter the hospital, nor do I need medicine. Ifll definitely get well by Johrei,h and went to the branch.

@I reported my motherfs condition to the teacher of the branch, and the next day the teacher of the church gave us warm words, gIfll pray for her from today on,h and Johrei to her. She seemed to be so relieved. Then, we prayed to Meishu-sama for protection and started doing Johrei every day till the day of reexamination scheduled a week after.

@The next morning, her urine, which had ever been difficult to pass, came out a lot as if it did not stop, and her abdomen which had been stiff and swelling became flat. That was the very miracle. She was grateful for teachersf prayers and was deeply impressed with wonderfulness of Johrei again. After that she kept visiting the branch to receive Johrei, and at home my father, husband, child(ren) and I kept doing Johrei to her by turns.

@A week later, she went to see the doctor and was asked, gHave you prepared for hospitalization?h When she told him that the water in her abdomen seemed to discharge, X-ray and echocardiographic examinations were started immediately. The X-ray photograph the last time had water accumulated and had come out whitely, but the X-ray this time showed that the water discharged and the white part disappeared as expected.

@Seeing a considerable amount of the water discharged in a week, the doctor was so surprised, gI never expected it discharged so much with the medicine.h My mother thought that she took no medicine, though. She was grateful in the heart, gMeishu-sama, thank you so much.h

@Four days later, I had a phone call from her a little after seven in the morning. She said, gI feel pain and canft breathe.h As I called Ms. Hasegawa of the subbranch, she immediately came to my motherfs home with the teacher of the branch.

@My mother was sitting with her head down and was unable even to move. After a while, she got better but was afflicted by pain again soon. Seeing her doubled over a look of pain on her face, my younger sister and I thought that we couldnft let my mother suffer any more and were going to take her to a medical center on an emergency case once.

@However, hearing words from the teacher of the church, gYoufll be all right without going to the hospital! Receive Johrei to your painful part very hard,h she was relieved. Continuing doing Johrei to her, she was able to lie down on bedding, stretching out her legs.

@We thanked the teacher of the church, and he spoke tender words with a smile to us, gIfm glad your mother get better. I know you were scared. But God protects her and she became better by the grace of God like this. From now on, do Johrei a lot to her, please.h
After that, I went to my parentsf home during lunchtime and did Johrei to her every day. She seemed very happy to receive it, also from my father at night, and from my younger sister and younger brother in the evening.

@Then, when she went to the hospital and had X-ray and echocardiographic examinations again, the water had completely discharged. The doctor said, gFor a while I wondered what was going to happen to you because you said youfre not going to enter the hospital. But with this condition, even if you are in the hospital, I discharge you. You are OK now.h The hospital side seemed to be really astonished at her quick recovery. These days, her glycosuria test also shows that there is no concern for blood sugar.

@I realized that if my family and I had done Johrei to my mother every day from long before, she would not have suffered so much. Also, if we had taken her to a hospital on an emergency case, she would have undergone a series of examinations and had medication, and we may have not seen her of today. I am really thank God that through this purification of my mother, my familyfs hearts to directly face the God became one.

@I would like to tell this experience to as many people as possible, to propagate wonderfulness of the faith in Meishu-sama, and to enjoy doing Johrei.

<Epilepsy & Phobia>
An epileptic girl and a phobic young man were saved My Menierefs disease that I was suddenly stricken with was also relieved

Meirin branch, Masako INOUE
Reported in the July 2009 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@In March 2002, Mr. /Ms. Hioki visited me and gave me Johrei. I was led to a branch and felt something bright which was emitted from the teacher of the branch. The teacher said, gIf you practice Johrei, you will improve in health and it will bring you good luck. So if you donft do it, youfll make a loss.h I asked for joining Kyusei Shinkyo with a light heart to have a try at it for the time being.
My 85-year-old father-in-law got well by joining a faith. As turning my eyes to those around me, I realized that there were many who had trouble and anxiety, such as a rheumatic friend, a diabetic friend, and a mother whose child is a truant. And I did Johrei to them one after another. When miracles happened and moved me greatly, the miracle which happened to a former high school classmate was especially impressive.

@She suffered from toxemia of pregnancy and gave birth prematurely to a baby girl. Her daughter had an epileptic seizure at the age of two and was a little developmentally disabled. She herself also had an epileptic seizure in high school. When she took medicine, she often felt so sleepy that she could not study. Now she is not taking medicine, and she does not want to have her little daughter take medicine.

@In August her daughterfs fit was the severest so far, and my friend contacted me in a panicked voice. When I rushed to her place, her daughter was being stiffened up. As I prayed fervently to Meishu-sama and did Johrei to her, her fit subsided as if her stiffened body came loose little by little. I was touched by that I was blessed with the capacity to cure an illness by simply holding my hand up to the girl. I was convinced of Johreifs wonderfulness again.

@The teacher of the branch advised me, gI understand epilepsy is a disease related to ancestors, so tell her itfs better to relate with Meishu-sama and hold a memorial service for the repose of her ancestors.h She, who had had a strong prejudice against religion, finally accepted it, saying gI hate being scared like that.h She and her daughter were admitted to become a believer together, held a memorial service for their ancestors and began to do Johrei healing. After that, the bad fit was gone suddenly. I learned the preciousness of joining Kyusei Shinkyo and the importance of a memorial service for ancestors. @

@Also, a man, who was allowed to join Kyusei Shinkyo in December last year, has lived alone up to the present of thirty-six years old since he lost his mother to an unnatural death at the age of two and his father to myocardial infarction at age of twenty.
He told me that he had felt weak at the knee when I had led him to a church for the first time. When passing in front of the church, he had felt some kind of spirits. Then, Johrei from the teacher of the branch was painful and hot for his body and fearful. He said, gIfm very flattered, and I want to go to the church, but for some reason Ifm afraid to go inside.h

@On the morning of an initiation ceremony, I went together with him to the church, but he was frightened like a child, gIfm scared to go in.h After all, he was not allowed to join Kyusei Shinkyo in the month, yet I told him the importance of relating with Meishu-sama and receiving the Divine Light. As the result of his effort, he was allowed to become a believer the next month. When he received a Mihikari-sama, I was so moved and experienced that his spiritual clouds were dispelled by continuing to do Johrei.

@And during the second week of the connection with Meishu-sama, he encountered a kindhearted woman, and their happy relationship started. I have to offer thanks to Meishu-sama for the blessing given early like this.

@Moreover, I also received blessing for myself. On the morning of a monthly service in the branch, I felt dizzy on standing up and became sick. A ceiling began to spin even if I lay down. I was afraid of what would happen.

@As I immediately made contact with a person who was looking after, I was cheered up, gFor Meniere's disease, do Johrei to the right temple and kidneys thoroughly. Hang in there!h Considering, gWhy did I become Meniere's disease?h I fretted a little about that I could not do anything.

@Still, I recalled that I had been taught by the teacher of the church, gHuman beings are spiritual beings with the body, so you have to value notions and words.h So I changed my mind to that I would be surely all right, and continued Johrei praying to Meishu-sama.
After a while, I felt better and could somehow move myself by the grace of teachersf prayers. I prayed to visit the branch without any trouble and drove holding a plastic bag and bending forward. I arrived safely at the branch. As Johrei from the teacher of the church began, I felt something like a central core come off my head and got better. Thanks so much.

@I appreciate a lot of protection and blessing received, and I am going to practice Johrei to transmit the Divine Light of Meishu-sama to as many people as possible.

My grandchildfs allergic purpura was cured without medication
Hazu branch, Mayumi MAEGAWA
Reported in the August 2009 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@In July 2006, my first four-year-old grandchildfs purification began. At first, he saw an orthopedist because his left knee became swollen and he felt too painful to walk. He was diagnosed with just a common arthritis.

@By the grace of Johrei, the swelling went down to his left ankle on the next day, so I was a little relieved. However, he complained of a stomachache then and got a swelling like an insect bite. He cried loudly because it was painful with just rubbing of clothes on it. As he received Johrei from the teacher of the branch, a mark like an insect bite turned very quickly into a large swelling and changed to a bruise.

@The next day, I took him to a hospital. He had his blood examined and the doctor said, gIf his blood platelet count is low, hefll need to be hospitalized immediately.h While my daughter had blood taken, I was doing Johrei to him the whole time. The result was that the number of his platelets were more than the average, and he could avoid entering the hospital. However, he was diagnosed with allergic purpura and the cause was unknown. gThere is no medicine to prescribe. If he gets more bruises, Ifll refer him to a major hospital,h the doctor said.

@From the next day, three of him, my daughter and me went to the branch for Johrei every day. Still, his swellings and bruises never stopped increasing and were also accompanied by a high fever. As the entire head on the second day, ears on the third day, and forehead, eyes, nose, mouth, back of hands, entire arms, hips, thighs, calves and insteps each following day, those different parts repeated swelling, bleeding internally and turning into bruises day after day.

@The inside of his nose also swelled and was bleeding every day. The lips swelled as well and cut and bled repeatedly. Albumin appeared in his urine. Sometimes it was pure white and sometimes it was orange mixed with blood. The worst swelling part was testicles, and they swelled up as large as could not do so any longer, and badly festered. He screamed with severe pain just moving his legs, and sleepless days continued.

@Nevertheless, the painful and prolonged purification, that was wondered how long it would last, was cured one and a half months later by worshipping in the branch and daily Johrei from the teacher of the branch.

@A fourth-grade child contracted the same disease as my grandsonfs, entered hospital and was injected steroid every day. I heard that he/she could not have gone to the toilet, could not have taken meals and had been on a drip for a month. I also heard, gTwo months hospitalization is necessary for a five-year-old child,h yet by the grace of Johrei, he had never used any medicine and was cleansed without entering hospital.

@In order to repay the obligation given, I will devote myself to our duty and mission of constructing the Heaven on the Earth.

<Poor Physical Condition>
Saved from my poor physical condition caused by hair dyeing and bad eating habits Joined Johrei activities after inspired by the divine light that could change people

Asahi branch, Ayaka Ogiwara
Reported in the June 2009 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@I was allowed my entry at the first grade in elementally school. However, I did not like to be in the place where many unknown people gathered, like church. Whenever I participated in a student activity in church, I suffered from a stomachache, nausea, and headache caused by the worry and anxiety that also prevented me from sleeping. I always kept my distance from the people at church and brunch.

@In the meantime I left the faith. I dyed my hair brown and then changed the color several times because my friends who would like to be a hairdresser asked me to be a cut model. I was living in a very dangerous life; I ate lots of confectionery and fruits grown with pesticide and ate out with my friends on a daily basis without caring about food additives. I completely ignored my grandmother and motherfs concerns because gI am grownup.h

@I never meant to forget my faith in Meishu-sama, however. When I just started worrying about my lifestyle, I received a purification that lasted for a year. At the beginning of the purification, I felt weary yet just regarded it as a cold or fatigue, so I did not really care. Then, symptoms of a stiff neck and dizziness began. I went to a relaxation shop as my coworker recommended me. Nevertheless, my condition was never better but worsened. I took longer break time to rest while working.

@I took three-day-off, but I still felt the physical heaviness. It was hard for me to keep standing. I suffered from the numbness in both hands from the stiff and choking neck and anemia. All symptoms made me anxious about my bad physical condition that I had never experienced before.

@I begged my mother to do Johrei for me. She told me to take a good rest for a while, so I quit my job. No matter how long I slept, however, I was tired and getting worried about my health condition.

@Daily Johrei healed me mentally but not physically. I entreated the teacher of the branch to do Johrei for me, so once again I started going to branch and church. When the purification became physically and mentally the strongest, the teacher of the church encouraged me. My mental and physical condition was bad enough to be hospitalized anytime, yet I did not take a dose of medicine. Finally I was able to get back to a life in the light.

@Since then, I changed my diet to homemade meal cooked with the nature farming foodstuffs. I quit eating snacks and sweets containing food additives. When I was in pain and going through a difficult moment, I recalled the words given from the teacher of the church: gBe positive with the hope for the future,h and gBe thankful to everything and look for good things.h With the words, I was able to face and get over with the purification.

@When the chief priest visited the church, I underwent the purification of terrible stomachache, nausea, heartburn and more, yet I was in a positive state of mind. I had vomited a dozen times a day for two weeks, but I was very glad and thankful because of the words from the teacher: gThe poison in your head is being taken away. It is good for you.h

@When I worshiped at the headquarters, I was so moved with the strong words of the chief priest: gThere is not a thing to be unchanged by receiving Meishu-samafs Johrei light.h It motivated me to see my childhood friend, for the first time in several years. I was able to talk about the faith and mediate Johrei to her.

@She was deeply moved by the first time Johrei while feeling the heat and pain in her body. Since then, she stopped taking 12 tablets including a steroidal external medicine, which she had regularly utilized for thirteen years, and other five different medicines. I was able to experience and see with my own eyes the wonderfulness of Johrei light that could change the human mind instantaneously.

@My high-school friend was very tired from raising children while working, but she continued Johrei and was allowed entry. After her entry, her family Buddhist altar was set up, and her family problems were solved. Also, her younger sister with a serious illness could leave the hospital, and her mother and she were carried to entry in a row.

@My good understanding friend was also allowed her entry. She has been in the same path of the faith with me and longing for Johrei every day. My grandmother also mediated Johrei to her friend who became sick while traveling. She received a blessing right away and was carried to entering the faith.

@I am grateful to Meishu-sama for lots of protections.

God saved my son from a car accident
Immediate Johrei left him no aftereffect

Mikumo branch, Keiko YAMAGUCHI
Reported in the May 2009 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@It was 11:30 in the morning of January 7th in 2009. I was thinking that it was a little late for my son not to come home yet from his cram school. Suddenly, the door chime shrilly rang. I thought it was my sonfs mischief, but at the door I found his friend standing with a pale face. He said, gNorito has encountered with an accident. Come quick!h I followed him not knowing what had happened.

@The accident scene was about three minutesf walk from my house. My son was lying down and receiving Johrei from Yuto Suzuki, his friend from the same cram school.

@My son was exclaiming, gOuch, ouch! What happened?h I was a little relieved that he was quite conscious. I immediately called the teacher of a branch to report his condition and continued Johrei with Yuto.

@An ambulance did not come right away. A neighbor brought a blanket for my son who started shaking from the cold weather.

@Finally the ambulance arrived and took him on a stretcher. I looked away his vivid bloodstain left on the ground.

@According to the kids who witnessed the accident, my son riding on a bicycle was knocked over into the air after colliding with a car. Nevertheless, the result of a CT scan of his head was somehow enothing wrong.f Probably he had fallen from his jaw, his injury which I could see the bone was sewed up four stitches. He also got a big bump and an abrasion on the back of his head, a bruise on the face caused by a heavy blow, had a cracked bone below the right eye, and chipped a tooth. Nevertheless, I believe that his injury was done lightly by the grace of Johrei directly after the accident. Meishu-sama, I am truly grateful for the great miracle and protection.

@At the night of the accident, the teacher of the branch and his wife came to the hospital and did Johrei for my son. After receiving Johrei, he fell in sleep peacefully. His bad headache woke him up a few times in the midnight, but as I gave Johrei to him each time he woke up, he could sleep. His pain disappeared in four days, which was earlier recovery and surprised his doctor.

@Many people did Johrei for my son while hospitalized, so he was able to leave the hospital on the 5th day and to go to school on the 7th day. I really experienced the wonderfulness of Johrei. He was actually at the crucial stage waiting for the high school examinations in the third year of junior high school. If the injuries were sever, he could not have taken the examination; thus, I was grateful to Meishu-sama for giving us the great blessing.

@I will remember my gratitude every day and tell the great power of miracles to as many people as possible.

<Brain Tumor & Burns>
Deeply moved with the disappearance of my fatherfs brain tumor Getting over hardships of debts and burns, now happy with a new house

Bisei branch, Fumiaki ITOH
Reported in the April 2009 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@When I got married in 1991, I was allowed the entry of the faith by my friendfs guidance. About the same time, my father was taken to the hospital with cerebral infarction. When the doctor said that he had a brain tumor and few months of life, I lost all hope.

@I desperately continued Johrei for him to be healed, no matter what other people would think. Few days later, he discharged a great amount of blood. Later when the reexamination was carried out, the egg-sized brain tumor in the CT image had disappeared. Both the doctor and we were astonished, and I was grateful from bottom of my heart that Meishu-sama had used me to show the miracle.
He recovered little by little and could meet his first grandchild a year later. I was deeply moved and motivated to lead more than 10 people to the faith. I was very grateful to be used by Meishu-sama.

@Few years later, however, the deep emotion faded away, and I ran into debt for my weakness and fell into a crisis of a divorce. The teacher of a branch encouraged my wife, gWhy donft you assume it as your purification and stick with it for your child?h So she held back the divorce. I regretted what I had done. I started working part time job at night for the debt payments as much as possible. There were absolutely hard days, and I believe that my wife had much more difficult days.

@In April 2008, I seriously burned my neck to the head out of my carelessness. Immediately, I poured water on myself from the head to the neck. According to a person at the scene, while I was pouring water on myself, my skin of the neck and face was festering and forming many blisters. He thought that it was not a trifling matter.

@I was rushed into a hospital, and my face, neck, and head were covered up with ice pads. I could not sleep for two days for the awful pain. My hair, face, and neck were hideously burned. It was really serious injury that it was a miracle that I survived. Many people gave me Johrei, so that I could leave the hospital in few days. Two months later, burn scars were completely and cleanly healed. It was an incident which I experienced wonderfulness of Johrei firsthand.

@I had lived in a rented house since the marriage. Lately, we found a property, which both my wife and I were satisfied with the price, location and number of rooms. There were tens of applicants for the property, yet miraculously we got the first priority and acquired our new house. We will leave the 17-years rented house and start a new life.. Without faith, I would not get to where I am now. I am fully grateful to be connected with Meishu-sama and change my life. To repay to the god for many blessings that I have received, I would like to do Johrei and tell my story to as many people as possible.

‹Mental Relief›
Thankful days after getting over with a trial and anxiety
Spreading Johrei by curing kidney disease and lower back pain

Direct branch of the Kyotoizunome center, Takako SAKAI
Reported in the July 2009 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@I had helped my family business and become the shopkeeper. With my grandmother and mother, we had gotten over with any problem in patience and efforts. @

@Our house was built by my great-grandfather in 1926. The whole neighborhood was leased land. As the landowner changed to his grandson, however, his spouse inherited it and suddenly tripled the land rent. It was impossible for us to pay, but she demanded, gIf you donft like it, tear the house down, clear the land and get out here.h We had to fight in court.

@In November 2002, just ten years after the trial had started, I was allowed to enter the faith. The teacher of a church always listened to me, cheered me up and encouraged me. Soon after, as the House Lease Act was amended, the contract of my wooden house was already run out in 50 years. The thirteen-year-trial was finally ended up.

@I lost the case and did not have a place to move. I was almost giving up everything and thinking, gWhatever happens, happens.h Yet, the teacher encouraged me several times and said, gWhy donft you believe in the remaining of one percent on the 99 percent impossibility? Pray hard to Meishu-sama.h

@I set my mind, gNow I can only depend on the god. I will entrust everythingh and lived each day. Then, 15 days before the eviction of the house, I found the one just what I had wanted. I was finally able to settle down.

@Without my own store, however, my living environment was completely changed. Whether affected by a psychological blow or not, I hated talking in front of people and somehow took a step back from them. I retired from the front line of business, and since then I had been feeling of being left out for four years.

@Meanwhile, what supported me like a lifeless shell were Meishu-sama and the encouragements, kindness, and consideration from my friends, acquaintances, and family. When I realized that I was not alone but God let me live surrounded by everyone, I felt that everything was Meishu-samafs discretion. My everyday was changed to the one full of thankfulness.

@In order to repay Meishu-sama for his blessings, I mediated Johrei to my friends. Everyone was very delighted with Johrei, and, before I knew it, I became able to tell anyone about Johrei, one after another.

@One time, I developed an irregular pulse that caused me to be hospitalized with cerebral infarction. In the hospital, I was in the same room with Ms. Matsuo who was suffering from kidney disease. Because of the grace of Johrei, both of us could leave the hospital in a few days.

@Right after leaving the hospital, I visited her and did Johrei. The next day, she called me with joy and said, gI had a pleasant awakening this morning and readily passed urine that I had not been able to do so.h She was allowed her entry and is now much more dedicated to the faith than I am.

@Moreover, after this New Year holiday, my friend Ms. Arata called me and said, gI donft know which religion it is, but Ifve got a brochure written about sickness and toxic elements in medicine.h I went to see her right away and asked about the brochure. As I expected, it was our missionary brochure which a member and a teacher of a branch had distributed few days ago.

@She strongly hoped to join the faith but still had few days to an initiation ceremony. Meanwhile, when she had a strained back, she went bed with the brochure, put it on her back, and prayed all night long, gMeishu-sama, please help me.h The next day, she gave me a joyful call and said, gI could go to work without pain.h

@Ms. Kuramoto, whom I had met twice through my job, felt something fascinating and was leaded to enter the faith together with her friend. She has been spending days to tell her joy and deep emotion about the faith to everyone and to raise her Johrei hand ever since.

@I will do my best to let more people know about this fantastic faith in Meishu-sama.

‹Lower Back Pain›
Johrei cured my lower back pain to participate in a marathon
Injured at work but not worsen and met the delivery deadline

Obata branch, Tsunemitsu MIYATA
Reported in the March 2009 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@I often have lower back pain, and it is sometimes too painful for me to move or even go to the bathroom by myself. However, I am very grateful that the daily Johrei relieves me from the pain in two or three days. @

@I love running and walking. In 2008, I applied for eTokyo Marathonh held in February. It was extremely competitive that only 30,000 out of 156,000 applicants would be chosen by lottery, with a probability of 20 percent. I prayed to Meishu-sama and won the right to participate in the marathon.@

@Right before the marathon, I was training enthusiastically, but then I suddenly experienced such a lower back pain that I had never had before. It was really painful that made me think to give up going to Tokyo. I had never missed daily Johrei since my entry, so I started receiving Johrei several times a day. As I received Johrei very well and never missed praying every day, my physical condition got better two weeks before the marathon, and the pain subsided enough for me to run on the day. As I prayed to Meishu-sama while running, I run just the way I wanted and completed the race in anticipated time. I am thankful for the great blessing.

@To repay the blessing, I missionize with brochures by my bicycle. On August 31st, I went to Shiga Prefecture to participate in eLake Biwa Marathonf and also to see my former teacher. He looked thinner and unwell after a long time. I asked him with worry, and he said that he had symptoms of angina pectoris. He got tired unless he took time to lay down in a day. Hearing that he always took medicine, I could not stop mediating Johrei to him even just for a few minutes.

@In June 2008 when I was working for a fusuma mounter, I had a two-centimeters cut on the back of my left hand with a saw. The wound split open wide, so I immediately did Johrei by myself. If my blood stained the materials, I would miss the delivery date and trouble the customers. Nevertheless, by the grace of Johrei, I did not bleed at all, so I could continue working without pain. I thanked Meishu-sama for the blessing of not to cause trouble for customers.

Johrei perfectly cured alopecia Friends were also saved from worries and poor health

Owase Branch, Yohko INOUE
Reported in the February 2009 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter
@When I turned to 15 years old, my hair started falling out. I had medical examinations at several hospitals, but the cause of hair loss was unknown. I had to wear a wig all the time, almost giving up to be cured. However, in June 1998 I was allowed my entry and got much better with daily Johrei.

@In 2002, when I had a medical examination before marriage, my doctor said, gThe cause of alopecia is an autoimmune abnormality caused by positive antinuclear antibodies.h I heard that immunity, which was primarily protective response against foreign bodies, attacked its own normal hair roots and caused hair loss. The doctor told me, gComplete recovery is difficult.h
I confessed to my fiance that I had been involved in the faith. Before I asked him to become a member of the faith with me, he said gI donft care about what you believe in, but promise me not to suggest it to me.h I was unable to receive Johrei after marriage and had to wear a wig all the time.

@In 2004, when Mihikari-sama (means august light) was renewed to the sun shape, I received many blessings. The alopecia partially remained and kept moving around on my head, yet I did not need the wig any more.
I dared to ask my husband to believe in the faith, but he took no notice of me. Then I talked to him with patience and persistence, gPlease receive Johrei, at leasth. Finally he consented.

@I had desperately prayed for his entry every day for a few months since I started to mediate Johrei to him. Once again, I seriously begged him, gI want you to have the faith.h He, who had been stubborn, was finally allowed his entry. I could receive Johrei from him, and the last alopecia disappeared. I was released from a longtime worry of my hair loss. I really appreciate god for his blessings.

@Since I had come to Nagoya after marriage, I wished to move where a church or a branch of the faith was nearby. I was asserted that a transfer was absolutely impossible. Then, one day, he said, gI will be transferred to Tsu.h After we moved to Tsu, I met some believers. As I talked with them, their situations were dramatically changed. Ms. Horiuchi, one of the believers, was diagnosed with high blood pressure, so she tried to persuade her husband to become a member of the faith. Soon after, he was allowed his entry in April 2008, and they were able to do daily mutual Johrei, which improved Ms. Horiuchifs health.

@Ms. Okukawa, another member, had been worried about her hyperventilation and heart purification as well as about the troubles with her child. However, with teachersf encouragement and daily Johrei, her condition got better. After she started Johrei to her colleagues at work, her aunt who suffered from a lower back pain and a leg pain got better.

@It was the first time that the members of my group could help others. I was deeply moved and impressed.

‹Glaucoma & Truancy›
Johrei salvation to our glaucoma Four months truant daughter brightly changed

Seiko branch, Chiemi YOSHIDA
Reported in the New Year 2009 issue of the gKomyosekaih magazine
@I was allowed to join the faith 12 years ago when I was suffering from severe atopy and glaucoma.
After the entry, my atopy was cured, but my eyesight got narrower. My doctor said, gIn the worst case, you might become blind.h

@Whenever I was with others, my eyes got tired that made me almost unable to see. Everyone was really concerned about me while going out.
One day, the branch teacher gave me a word of advice, gLet your husband do Johrei for youh. With the encouragement from our two daughters, he was allowed his entry.
My family has been living and managing an apartment house built nearly 60 years ago.
When I begged my husband that Ifd like to receive a Goshintai (a divine object to pray), he generously offered me one room on the top floor.

@Consequently, we could receive a scroll Goshintai.
After the Goshintai was formally enshrined, the shrine room was warmed up and became brighter without repainting the wall.
When some unoccupied rooms stood out in the apartment, we welcomed Daikokuten (the god of wealth).
The next year, all the rooms were rented one after another, and there was no vacancy.
As I received Johrei and read Goshinsyo (the teaching of Meishu-sama) in front of the god in the shrine room, I became positive rapidly.

@My wish to tell this joy to others grew stronger.
As I did missionary work every day, apartment residents and my niecefs family were allowed their entries one after another.
Then I noticed that the inconvenience of my eyes did not bother me so much.
My activity range expanded as wide as I could not imagine before.
Moreover, my eyesight got better and much clear enough to even ride a bicycle late night.
In 2004, my first daughter entered high school, but she had troubles in her class.
In the middle of May, she became truant for about four months. She was even told,
gWith one more absence, she will not go up into the next grade.h
Meanwhile, she was invited to worship and to attend student events in church.
She was bathed in the divine light there, and then she started to go to school once again and became lit up.
Her teacher said, gItfs a miracle. Ifve never seen any case like this.h
After the incident, with the branch teacherfs encouragement, she enjoyed her student life and graduated from the school.
In 2007, when she took a periodic medical examination, the ophthalmologist said that she had suspected glaucoma, and suggested to take a close examination.

@I have glaucoma and know its symptoms and dreadfulness.
It was very shocking to me. Besides receiving Johrei,
I went to worship in the church and mediated Johrei to my friends as the Johrei master suggested me. Later when she took the examination, her doctor did not say anything about glaucoma. She could not believe the result.
Now my daughter has fellows to talk about the faith together.
We, as mother and daughters, will do our best with the heart of great compassion and mercy to be used by Meishu-sama.

Nervosa & Phobia Johrei brightened up my coworker with anthropophobia Insomnia and anorexia healed, motivated into salvation

Higashimaru branch, Satomi ISOMURA
Reported in the February 2009 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@In May 2007, I started to work with Ms. Tomita. She was unenergetic, always concerned with others while talking, and had shifty eyes. She had a vacant look that made me wonder gWhatfs the matter with her?h

@One day at work, I found her neck bleeding. She told me that she had atopic dermatitis. As we started talking, she confided to me that she had been bullied at junior high school; she had had a hard time at her previous workplace and spent two years at home; she could not sleep in relief nor take meals properly yet, and so on. I could not stand to listen to her without tears, knowing that she was only twenty two years old and had been living such a hard life.

@While giving her Johrei, I felt warmth on my kidneys. Ms. Tomita also felt very warm and comfortable during Johrei. On the next day, she said happily, gI had been able to sleep only by sitting up, but last night I could sleep on my back.h
Since then, as if our shifts had been scheduled, we were always together at work. I was grateful to Meishu-sama for his discretion.
On July 6th, Ms. Mori, in charge of a sub-branch, was visiting my house, so I introduced Ms. Tomita to Ms. Mori there. She felt strong holy light and said, gWow! Something is different.h She received Johrei, and we had a great time with talking about various topics.
Since then, every time I worked with her, I gave her Johrei. I had been worried about her because she always vomited after eating. I wanted to save her as soon as possible, so I invited her to the branch and said gLetfs go and receive Johrei from the teacher of a branchh.

@On the day we had promised, I called Ms. Tomita who was absent from work. She answered, gI canft go with you. I have been vomiting since this morning.h I felt pity on her and said, gI know itfs hard, but letfs go! You will feel better for sure.h When we arrived at the branch, she seemed really exhausted; however, after receiving Johrei from the branch teacher, she recovered so much better.

@After the incident, she said, gI canft go on like this. I want to be connected to Meishu-sama and change my life.h
Right after her request of entry, she contacted Ms. Mori and went to worship to the branch by herself without relying on me. I was greatly surprised by her positive change after she received Meishu-samafs light.

@In the beginning of August, as if a big cleaning of her body had started, she just kept vomiting every day. When she finally stopped vomiting, diarrhea began. She was encouraged by the branch teacher, gLet it all get out from your body, and youfll be able to eat the same as ordinary people. This is a preparation in order to be good and healthy, so do not be afraid. Do Johrei steadily.h

@Just like the teacherfs words, after her initiation ceremony, she could eat just like ordinary people. When we first met, she could only eat a half of a babyfs rice bowl, but now she has become really well. After the ceremony, she has told her mother about the god and given Johrei to her sister, nephew and niece. She seems really happy every day.

@The other day, Ms. Tomita and I mediated Johrei and healed our coworker who was suffering from headache. She was surprised to see the change of Ms. Tomita who had been very energetic since the entry.

@I was glad to mediate Johrei with Ms. Tomita. With remembering the gratitude, Ms. Tomita and I would like to let many people know about Johrei.

‹Prostatic Hypertrophy›
My brother recovered from prostatic hypertrophy with Johrei.I was saved from a collision with a two-ton truck

Naniwa branch, Setsuko MORIMOTO
Reported in the New Year 2009 issue of the gKomyosekaih magazine

@On the 21st of October in 2007, my brother and I visited our sister. We had not seen each other for a while, so we were happy and started drinking beer. Soon after, my brother started going to the bathroom frequently and said, gUrine flow got slower.h I was concerned about him, yet I left there for another appointment.

@In the beginning of November, I called my brother. He said that on the way back from sisterfs house, he went to the restroom at the station, but urine did come out. The next morning, he went to see a doctor and was diagnosed as prostatic hypertrophy that actually stopped urine. According to him, a tube with a lid was inserted on the way out of urine, and he had to go to the restroom moderately and passed the accumulated urine by taking the lid off.

@Furthermore, his doctor said gYou will need an operation if not cured in a monthh, and he took a sick leave from work. My brother had been a member but not practiced any religious activity. When I said to him, gYou can cure yourself with Johreih, he laughed at me and said, gJohrei will not cure me.h I told him, gWhether you believe or not, just do Johrei, especially on your medulla oblongata, parotid glands, kidneys and bladderh and hung up the phone.

@When I visited my brother on November 10th, I was glad to know that he had been practicing self-Johrei. We also decided to do distant Johrei from the day and promised the time. A month later, surprisingly his condition got better that made the doctor wonder. I have no words to express my gratitude for that he became well without going through the operation. I am grateful to Meishu-sama.

@Just before my brother's miraculous protection, I had a narrow escape from death by a collision with a two-ton truck. On the morning of June 10th, in the same year, I was on my way back from sending my daughter school. When I entered a 5-way intersection, a 2-ton truck abruptly came rushing out of the right side. Then, in no time at all, it crashed into my car from the driver side. The next moment, together with violent collision sounds, cracks ran in the windshield, and I was unable to look ahead and lost where I was facing to.

@When I realized, the door sunk inside of the car and did not open. A crack of the window frame was sticking inside of the car. I was injured, probably by the tip of the crack, and bleeding from the right wrist and elbow. My whole body was covered with fine glass powder.

@I was rushed to a nearby hospital by ambulance. I was put five stitches in my wrist even though some glass powder was left inside the cut. My right armpit, right side, and legs were only bruised, so I wanted to go home. However, I had to stay the hospital because of the unknown sequela of such a serious accident.

@The next day, I got subcutaneous bleeding, but I could leave the hospital and go back to work on the same day. Everyone who saw my wrecked car said, gHow could you survive with only such small injuries?h I again felt gratitude to Meishu-sama.

@I am fully grateful for being protected daily by Meishu-sama with his great light.

Rheumatism in a severe pain was brightly refreshed without relying on medicineTransmitting Johrei to help people with the same problem

Direct branch of the Kyotoizunome center, Tomiko MORISHITA
Reported in the October 2008 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@When I was in high school, I was enthusiastic in religious activities. After getting married at the age of 18 and leaving my hometown to move to Inuyama City, Aichi Prefecture, I gradually moved away from the faith.

@At the age of 38, I was rushed into a hospital by ambulance after suffering from kidney stones with intense pains. Since I had grown up in a religious family without medication, it was the first time in my life to get a pain-killing injection in my left arm. It immediately released the pain but left numbness in my arm.

@Few months later, when I lifted my child onto a bicycle, a severe pain shot through my left arm up to joints in the whole body. The doctor diagnosed me with rheumatism.

@It was painful and distressing days for me to be hospitalized and have operations, but I tried not to take medicine as much as possible. I always prayed for Meishu-sama to protect me, so I was able to bear the pain.

@In 2002, because of my husbandfs inheritance, we left our familiar friends and home after 24 years of our marriage, and returned to Maizuru City in Kyoto Prefecture.

@One day, I had an opportunity to talk with my friend who got rheumatism 10 years ago. She told me that whenever she had pain, she immediately took medicine. Since I had tried to put up with medication, she said, gYou donft need to endure medicine.h

@Later on when I saw her again, she was complaining of convulsions, stomach disorders and so on. Her husband profoundly said, gThe side effects of medication are much worse than rheumatism. Ms. Morishitafs way might work better.h I am grateful for this wonderful faith that taught me the truth, gmedicine is poisonh, and gave me the power of Johrei to remove sufferings.

@Not on my own judgment but a consultation with a medical specialist, I reduced the medicines little by little, decreased the dosage, and replaced with weaker ones. When my toe festered, I disposed all antibiotics prescribed. It took me a longer time to heal, but my toe were completely recovered.

@When I was in Aichi Prefecture, it took me only two hours to get the sacred ground for worships, but now it takes longer from Maizuru City. However, since my belief has revived, I was brightened and was refreshed every day by attending monthly worship, meeting a teacher of a branch and receiving Johrei every day. I am fully grateful.

@Also, I learned that taking oxygen into the body was good for rheumatism, so I gathered my old high school classmates and organized a chorus group eYurikagof in August 2004. I can live joyfully and positively because Meishu-sama always watches over me.

@Now I go to rehabilitation every other week by driving my car. With ingenuity, I can go anywhere with a welfare car with a grip and power steering. I have artificial joints in both knees and the right elbow, yet I can walk and, above all, was blessed with three children. With my experiences, I have started a rheumatic society eFunwarif three years ago. I have been working to help those who have the same trouble.

@I am grateful for happiness to be protected by Meishu-sama and will devote myself to convey my pleasure to others.

‹Mental Relief›
Smiles have revived to my friend who has a disabled child Moved by the believers praying for and healing others with the divine light

Hashiuchi Branch, Midori HAMADA
Reported in the December 2008 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@Ms. Ozaki has been my coworker for over ten years and often told me about this faith. It was always interesting and very beneficial to me to learn about the religious teachings. Yet, she had never advised me to enter the faith, and I had never thought of doing so.

@As I got older, however, my friends came with more serious problems to ask my advice. Every time I listened to their problems, I felt myself helpless and got depressed by their sufferings that remained in me even the next day. Furthermore, my uncle was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and I felt myself more helpless about not knowing what to do for him.

@One day, I wondered why Ms. Ozaki could be working normally while her father had been going through a major purification. Now I know that she has put her faith in Meishu-sama, and gotten a strong family bond and many supportive friends.

@Ms. Ozaki had always cared about me. When I was losing my confidence, she rubbed my back and comforted both my mind and body. Probably I was relieved with Meishu-samafs light. She, then, invited me to a branch for the first time.

@As I visited the branch several times, I realized that everyone there was very kind and make time for me. Moreover, they always heartily prayed for others.

@I used to believe that prayer was only for onefs own sake, not for others. I was deeply moved with the wonderful faith that you could pray for and heal others with the divine light. By learning the Meishu-sama faith, I became able to face my uncle with terminal cancer and was at his deathbed holding his hand.

@I was allowed my entry on January 27th, 2008. My friend whom I had concerned the most was the first person to tell about the faith. She gave a birth to a child with a congenital derangement.

@The child was born with a weak eyesight and might lose hearing ability. Due to the incomplete development, it was unclear if the child would be able to walk and speak in the future. Around the time when I told her about the faith, the child was almost died of an epileptic seizure.

@When she knew about her childfs disability, she thought there was neither God nor Buddha in this world. That is why she extremely opposed to me to get involved in the faith. Still, I wanted her to smile again and told her,

@gI was not going to tell you this, but I have entered the faith because I want your childfs condition to get better and you to be happy. I can heal both physical and mental sickness by just raising my hand.h

@Then, she, who had never showed tears even to her parents, started crying in tears and said, gPlease heal my child as you do for others.h I gave Johrei to her child on the day.

@I got a piece of advice from a teacher of the branch: gIf a mother is happy, her child is happy too, so give Johrei to your friend, the mother.h Now every time I see my friend, I give Johrei to her.

@Her three years old child at the time shifted to baby foods from milk, became able to cruise from to crawl, and stand up without help. Real smiles have revived in my friend recently. I am truly grateful for doing Johrei to support my friend.

@A half year later from my entry, I was able to be thankful for my parents who had raised me up. Because I had never thought about them in that way, I am happy.

@I am truly grateful that I could meet the faith in Meishu-sama and everyone. I would like to tell such fantastic Johrei and my pleasant feelings to people around me.


Johrei cured my irregular menstruation, anemia, and eczema on my face
My anxiety about uterine cancer disappeared through daily worship

Direct branch of the Kishu center, Kaori YAMAMOTO
Reported in the November 2008 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@As the second generation of this faith, I grew up without medication nor serious purification since childhood.
One day in 2007, I found a small boil on the side of my left eye, but I was not really concerned about it, thinking gJohrei will cure it.h Nevertheless, it grew bigger and repeated drying and festering.

@In a hospital, my doctor said, gIt seems eczemah, and prescribed internal medicine and ointment which I would not take.
The eczema appeared on the left side of my jaw and then expanded to the neck and finally to all the left side of my face.
I went to another hospital to examine, yet the result was the same.

@My mother prayed and did distant Johrei to me. My husband gave me Johrei every day, and I did all my best. The eczema, however, even expanded to my entire face, neck and all the visible parts of my body.

@Gradually I became anxious and took a medical examination at a major hospital. Again, I was diagnosed as eczema with allergi1es to house dust and Japanese cedar. There was no abnormality in my internal organs. My doctor suggested me to use steroid, but I refused it for its toxic elements.

@I was relieved, knowing that there was no internal disease. Yet, all my face was covered with scabs, looking like a ghost. I was staying indoors, mentally distressed, and unable to go to work or to my childrenfs school.

@I awaited my childrenfs summer vacation and went back to my parentsf home in Wakayama prefecture. There, I went to a branch and received Johrei from the branch teacher and his wife several times.

@As I also went to the Johrei center to receive Johrei from the master, my eczema went away. In two weeks, almost all the scabs on my face and neck came off.

@When my eczema was cured, my menstrual bleeding became irregular and did not stop. In the beginning, I believed that lots of toxic elements in my body were excreted, so there was nothing to worry about. However, when I was back to work in Osaka, I bled more and often suffered from cramps. I was worried if I got cancer.

@With my husbandfs advice I took a medical test, but there was no abnormality neither in my uterus nor ovaries. Though, anemia was terrible, and my blood pressure value was sometimes half the normal value. The doctor said, gIf your bleeding continues, what we can do is the following four options: to remove your uterus, to stop bleeding by burning your uterine endometrium, to induce a menopausal disorder by stopping menstruation with medicine, or to use pills.h I had to choose one from the four options.

@While receiving Johrei and observing my condition for two weeks, I received protections from the god; bleeding stopped and anemic value increased a day before the examination day. Few days later, I stopped daily injections of iron. As I continued prayers and Johrei tightly, the bleeding completely stopped. I used to bleed once a week, but now menstruation comes regularly with a usual cycle.

@I could get over the purification with many peoplefs support. My condition has been better than ever. I would like to tell this fantastic faith to as many people as possible.

‹Skin Disease›
My daughterfs skin disease with itch and pus was fully healed
Improved her diet, and continuous Johrei left no scar on her skin

Higashimaru branch, Sachiko MATSUI
Reported in the February 2008 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@When my fourth daughter was six years old in September 2008, she suddenly complained of an intense itch on her arms and legs. Gradually her fever rose, and the itch did not cease no matter how much she scratched on her skin that showed no sign of abnormality. I mediated Johrei with one hand and consecutively scratched her legs and arms with the other. After two hours of Johrei, the itchiness suddenly ceased, the fever abated, and she fell asleep as if nothing had happened.

@However, the itch on her arms and legs frequently occurred. It seemed to come from not the surface but the depths on her skin. I continued Johrei for her. We went to worship at a branch, received Johrei from a teacher, and paid attention to overeating sweets under the guidance of the teacher.

@Ten days later, countless eczema appeared on her left buttock with peculiar blisters which I had never seen. At this time, she seemed to feel neither the pain nor itch; however, few days later all the eczema was squashed, her skin swelled up, and then it quickly spread all over her buttocks and made the skin all red, just like the ones of monkeys. She could not sleep for the intense itch, and fluids like honey flowed and dripped as she scratched herself.

@In October, the eczema expanded to her back of the joints of the arms and legs, and her skins peeled off. The lymph glands in both her legs and thighs swelled, and the eczema expanded more to her back, stomach, and crotch that made a round of her body. It even reached to the back of her ears and head, but it was not too conspicuous by her hair, and that it did not appear on her face was a great protection.

@Yet, her body was keloidal like scars from a burn. She applied gauze, bandages and towels on her hips while in bed, but a large quantity of pus oozed out that made her bandages solid like plaster in the morning. Besides, she woke up every night for the itch and consecutively scratched herself more than two hours in the middle of night.

@Taking a bath was very tough. Solid gauzes and bandages could not be removed unless they were soaked in hot water, but soaking too long in hot water made her body warm and itchy. The bathtub was stained with her blood. Even though in this condition, the itchiness ceased during the daytime, so she was able to go to school.

@Shortly, much more pus started oozing out, and I let her take a week absence from school and went to worship with her to the sacred ground, church and the branch. I was exhausted from her prolonged purification. I asked the teacher of the branch, gWhen will it be healed?h She, then, smiled and said, gYou asked me the same question when your first daughter was in her purification. Only God knows. Do your absolute best to do what you can.h

@What led me to this belief was my first daughter. When she was eight years old in 1994, she suffered from an intractable disease of unknown origin that there were only five cases in the world. However, she got well in three weeks after becoming believers, and we have received a lot of protections since then. I realized that I must dedicate myself to the god as much as I could.

@My fourth daughter was rolled up in bandages, unable to bend her legs for the pain, and walked in a crippled way like a robot. On October 6th, she and I went to worship at church and dedicated to wipe tatami floor of the shrine. When we went back home, lots of green pus oozed out from her legs, and then she was able to bend her legs freely.

@Furthermore, she was able to participate in an event for elementary schoolchildren and spend a whole day in church. The next day, all the skin on her buttocks was dried and rubbed off, and the pus was considerably reduced. Her condition got better and better since then, and the new skin gradually covered her buttocks. She had less bandages and did not wake up for an itch at night.

@In November, she removed all the bandages. All the skin on her body was renewed and recovered without scar. Also, she improved her diet after the purification and did not want sweets any more. I really thank God. I would like to tell my deep emotion to people and serve for the construction of heaven on earth.

‹Poor Health›
My family was lit up and released from consecutive misfortune and poor health Arranging the memorial service for ancestors to send the divine light to my brother in the spiritual world

Suzuka branch, Mineko NAKAGAWA
Reported in the February 2008 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@When I was born, my family was unhappy although believing in another religion.

@My father started gardening business and growing flowers such as cyclamens in greenhouses, which used heavy oil as its fuel. When my older brother took over the business, my father wanted to help him and brought over large amounts of scrap tires at his own discretion, saying gIfm going to make a kiln to burn scrap tires instead of heavy oil.h

@Our rice fields and greenhouses were filled with pile of tires. Of course, a kiln was not made so easily, and soon after, how to dispose the tires became a problem. Complaints aroused from our neighbors and residentfs association, but it would cost huge sums of money to dispose all of them, which left us completely at a loss.

@My father and the rest of family always argued at home. My brother, his wife, and their children were living together with us, so I was worried that their marital relationship would break up by his selfish attitude.

@One day in January 2000, my brother fell down in the greenhouse and passed away at his early age of thirty six. He had been overworking while having a bad cold. Since then, we had only hardships one after another; his wife took her children and left us, and a land trouble, which my father made without any consultation with us, was revealed.

@I was helpless at the age of twenty six, so my sister and her husband helped m. However, my sister also lost her good health since working and taking care of her own family besides our family problem. gI cannot lose her just like my brother.h I decided to help her with whatever I could do while living and working together, yet she did not recover easily.

@Even in that situation, her husband did not abandon us but supported us. I wanted to repay him for his generosity, but then I lost my health. I could not live without taking medicine for stomachache and terrible nasal inflammation. I had taken the medicine every day for five years, but in the end I quit helping my sister and her husbandfs business.

@After I left the company, Miss. Okura was employed. She told me about Johrei, and I received Johrei from Miss. Ito.

@My most concern was about my brother if he was able to rest in peace after his sudden death. In order to fulfill my wish of changing Nakagawa family better, I determined to believe in this faith and received a Mihikari-sama in April 2006.

@A teacher of a branch and Ms. Ito were really kind to me. The first thing for me to do was to cut off adherence to my brotherfs sudden death. They said, gWe canft see him, but his soul is still alive. Leave your sad feelings behind, be grateful to him, and wish his good rest; otherwise, he cannot go to the spiritual world where he should be.h Since I did not want to accept his death, I had left his ashes on the family Buddhist altar. As soon as I placed his ashes into the grave, my father recovered from his deadly bad condition. Later, the teacher told me, gYour brother is properly resting in peace,h that lifted my spirit.

@I told my sister that I wanted her completely to get well by this faith. Then, her and her younger childfs entries were allowed, and she has gotten much better.

@Following her, my parents who detested different religion were also allowed their entries. At the end of the same month, we arranged Buddhist mortuary tablets in order to receive the Obyobu-Kannon-sama. My mother, who had been depressed after her son and grandsonsf leaving, also brightened up and was very happy. A half year later, my brother-in-low and his older child was connected with Meishu-sama, and all the family membersf entries were allowed.

@For now, I am praying for my nephewsf good health, believing that I will see them grown one day.

‹Visual Impairment›
The salvation light to my children with hives, high fevers, and an eye defect

Meirin branch, Ryoko TAKAHIRA
Reported in the New Year 2008 issue of the gKomyosekaih magazine

@My first son was allergic. About eight months after his birth, I fed him egg as weaning food, regarding it as OK if a little, but then he had hives all over the body, cried for the itching, and was in a state of respiratory arrest.

@I immediately informed my mother-in-law and was advised by a teacher of a branch over the phone. When my mother-in-law gave him Johrei, gradually the hives being all over his body disappeared and he could breathe. He fell asleep, breathing quietly as if nothing had happened.

@Taking advantage of this opportunity, I began to do Johrei to my mother in her house, and her entry was allowed. Since then, I strived to mediate Johrei to others.

@I was blessed with my second son in 2001 and my first daughter in 2002. One day when my second son was a year and eight months old, he had been feverish and not energetic from the morning, so I let him sleep in a bed. After I finished housework and went to see his condition, he was stiffening his arms and legs and looking upward. His lips were dark violet, and his face was deadly pale.

@I panicked, called his name several times, and slapped him strongly, but he did not show any response, and some foam came out from his mouth. I lifted him and rubbed his back, but his body strength loosened, and his hands fell down. When I saw his face, he was not breathing. Immediately I called my mother-in-law, then notified the teacher of the branch, and mediated Johrei to his whole body and the center of his head while desperately praying to Meishu-sama.

@Soon after, a large quantity of sweat and fumes like white steam came out from his head, and he moaned in a small voice and cried. It was just two or three minutes until he recovered, but the moments were awfully long for me.

@The next day, I went church to offer my appreciations. I told the incident to a teacher of the church, and he taught me that the fumes like steam were toxins in his head.

@Shortly afterwards, he got high fevers above forty degrees and emitted the white steam many times. In order for him not to go into convulsion, I strongly prayed and practiced Johrei to him without sleeping at night. Exactly a week after receiving his purification, we experienced unbelievable miracles that he, who could not walk at his age of two with growth retardation, was suddenly able to walk and understand what adults said.

@Also, my first daughter, four years old now, congenitally had a small left eyeball, and it was cross-eyed. We went for an ophthalmological test once a half year, but her left eye got neither bigger nor good vision, so we were said that it might become worse as she would grow. Since her right and left vision differed, she dreaded bumps, could not walk down steps without holding hands, and often bumped into things in the dark.

@The doctor told us to undergo surgery on her eye when she reached a year old and to put on glasses at the age of two. Nevertheless, as I told the doctor clearly not to intend to do so, the story was over.

@Around the time when I strived to practice Johrei and was allowed to lead a neighbor, my daughterfs left eye became as big as the size of her right eye. The eyeball also settled in the middle.

@Moreover, her eyesight that had not recovered was normalized as both of the eyes were twenty-twenty at the test in last May. Since her vision would never improve medically, the doctor wondered and reexamined, but both of them were normal likewise. Even the congenital defect was very quickly cured like this. I was greatly moved by the Johrei power.

@I had not had a happy home life since I was single, and my three children had disorders. However, I hold memorial services for ancestors, tried to give Johrei to others, and received the great grace.

@Miraculous experiences by teachings of Meishu-samafs truth and Johrei have been my major energy to the faith.

My autistic daughter and her conversation were normalized by worship and Johrei

Bisei Branch, Miho YAMAJI
Reported in the 1st December 2007 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@I had taken over the faith from my parents and had been living without serious illness. I married my husband in 1993 and was delivered of three daughters, but the third daughter was incapable of speech even after three years old. Recommended from a nurse of nursery school, I got her taking a developmental test at a hospital, the result was a diagnosis, gShe is autistic. Her intelligence does not reach a year oldsf, and she wonft be able even to speak if nothing is done.h

@Hearing the term eautismf for the first time, I could not understand what was happening but could understand how we were in big trouble and came back from the hospital in tears. I was taught from a teacher of a branch, gDo Johrei for an hour a day particularly to the head.h I had continued it every day since then.

@I heard that autistic disorders differ respectively in those characters and are difficult to relate with. I realized that I could not bring up her in the same way as the older daughtersf, and therefore she began to go to speech therapy and the cure and education at a medical center. I used pictorial or photographical cards in my house, but yet she could not understand dangerous things although I taught those many times. Only I could do with the days that I had to look all over for my daughter each time she disappeared while I was taking my eyes off her only for three seconds, was to protect her life.

@We could not worship until the end of feasts that I could have normally attended before because she was more excited in a quiet place and ran around aloud. Still, when we went and worshiped in the branch on an ordinary day, even though she ran around and made noise in the room, both the teacher and his wife smiled and spoke to us. That they listened to my story, encouraged me and were very glad of her small growth, was my emotional support to continue it.

@After about four and a half years old, she gradually uttered words and made conversation when five years old. Autism is said that even if they utter speech, there is a lot of parroting, and it is only talking to themself. A doctor and nurses at the nursery school were so surprised, gNo kid grows like this much.h I was grateful for daily Johrei for a long time, my husband and motherfs dedication, and two older daughtersf cooperation. Also, we could attend worship in the branch until the end.

@In 2007, in second year of elementary school, she had no delay in intelligence at a developmental test and could even make conversations quite fluently. I could direct my eyes around me gradually so called to acquaintances whose children were the same autistic, and one of them was interested in.

@She had many troubles but seemed quite calm with Johrei. Spoken from a teacher of a church, she could continue it and experience a number of miracles. By seeing her condition, I also felt myself receiving protection to my children and environment again.

@Her entry was allowed safely, and on the day of her initiation ceremony our children could spend the day together in the church from the morning. She was glad of the great miracle, and I heard that in the evening, she told various things taught from the teacher to her husband.

@Fortunately, my third daughter is showing the emotional growth said not to grow easily. Besides, my rough dry skin had not healed for many years, and the tips of the fingers had been cut and sore both in the summer and winter, but they suddenly all healed after I led my friend.

@Meishu-sama, thank you so much.

My sonfs asthma and atopy were cured.Released from the pain of illness.

Hazu branch, Tomoko HACHITORI
Reported in the autumn 2007 issue of the gKomyosekaih magazine

@It was about 2003 when our next door, Mr. Michigami, did Johrei to my mother-in-law who had been suffering from a hipbone crush and chronically rheumatic knees.

@One day in 2007, my husband and I also received Johrei from his son. I was surprised to feel warmth on my body and being pulled back.
After having received Johrei from Mr. Michigami for a week, my husband, my son, and I received Mihikarisama. My son had been suffering from terrible atopic dermatitis and asthma since two months old, so we hoped his condition would improve.

@A few days later, my son had an asthma attack. I did not know whether to go to hospital or to do Johrei. For I was still not sure about Johrei, I called Mr. Michigami. He soon came to our house and gave Johrei to my son although it was already late at night. As the attack was relieved, my son fell asleep, so Mr. Michigami went back home.

@However, my son had another asthma attack again at around four ofclock in the morning. In panic, I called Mrs. Usami at a sub branch and was toldgIfll have Mr. Michigami go to your house, so you do Johrei until he arrives.hWhen I was doing Johrei to my son in anxiety,
Mr. Michigami came to our house without any sour face in spite of an early morning. My son had not been able to sleep with the pain, but soon after he received Johrei from Mr. Mchigami, he calmly fell asleep again. My husband and I were both surprised.

@It was the day of Tsukinamisai (a monthly feast) at church. Recommended by Mr. Michigami, three of us went to church and worshipped. My son had been worn out in the morning but got well enough to run around when we were leaving for our house; I thought that it was a great miracle.

@However, as we were away from worship, my son had asthma attacks again. The teacher of a branch asked megHow often has he gotten asthma attacks compared to last year?h,and then I realized that he was not completely recovered, yet the state of both asthma and atopy was surely better than the one last year. The teacher taught me to be sincerely thankful for the fact. My husband and I had started to go to worship at the sub branch once a week since then.

@In the end of May 2007, Mrs. Usami in the sub branch asked me, gDo you change the water in the flower vase on the Buddhist altar every day?h Previously she had told me the same thing, but I was not doing it. gTry to change the water regularly, then there will definitely be a changeh. From the next day I began to change the water as soon as getting up at five ofclock in the morning. As I continued changing the water for several days, I found out that my son got an asthma attack when the flower on the Buddhist altar had been left dried up.

@My son had a fit of coughing by the attack and vomited a few times but became well by Johrei from the teacher of the branch, Mrs. Usami and others. At the end of his purification, my son vomited extraordinarily beautiful pinkish substances. It was as same color as the medicine he took before. Through my sonfs purification, I was able to experience the teachings at an initiation ceremony that unnecessary substances for the body are excreted. When my son vomited, I was frightened but then very glad about that his body was cleansed.

@I found that my son did not show asthma symptoms even when he ran a marathon in cold winter or caught a cold. His atopy on his trunk part was cured, and then his miserable hands, cracking and bleeding without wearing mittens even in the summer, were completely recovered. It is painful for parents not to be able to do anything when their children are suffering. I am heartily grateful to Meishu-sama for relieving and releasing us from the pain.

@My life has been very much changed since I entered the faith. I learned many things that no one had taught me before, and my family was saved from the pain of the sickness. I would like to tell as many people as possible how fantastic the Johrei and this religion are.

My truant daughter and I myself with depression were both curedI separated myself from medication and brightened up by Johrei

Hashiuchi branch, Keiko HARADA
Reported in the October 2007 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@My grandmother on my motherfs side had brought up and watched me instead of my mother since I had lost her at a young age. She also died when I was forty five years old. About that time, whether it overlapped with menopause, I fell sick and was diagnosed as gdepression.h

@I had never imagined myself to be mentally sick until then, thus had no idea which my part was ill and saw an internist, a gynecologist, an otolaryngologist, an ophthalmologist, and a neurologist in a row. It was exactly doctor-shopping. Then, I finally got to the department of psychosomatic medicine and was diagnosed so.

@It was such hard days that I even wanted to die. Recalling it now, I was so gloomy as if considered how I could cry every day like that, and always thought all things into negative. I doubted why it did not improve even though I took medicine regularly and was in hard days holding anxious feelings. In like that situation, I heard about this curse from Ms. Uchida.

@Up to that time, I had assumed that gdisease is cured in hospital and with medicineh. I was given a lot of medication and was taking them in relieve. In contrast, I was anxious and dubious about not to be well however a lot of medicine I had taken. This belief was very shocking for me in like this situation. @

@I became well day by day by Johrei as if to be peeled off thin paper and broke off long dependence on medication. There were a lot of other graces that I received in the period.

@She was bullied in her high school and was truant. When she was at home, I mediated Johrei through the door as many times as I could because she disliked my entering her room. When she could go to school, I sent and met her there and did Johrei to her walking into the school from behind. Also, she tried hard and could graduate the high school.

@Further, I had an accident, but it could be done with a scratch on my leg even though my car was wrecked. I was told from a police officer, gItfs very unusual to be lucky like this.h I was also given the great grace that latter handling of the accident progressed smoothly.

@Before I met the belief, I had nothing but complaints or dissatisfaction, gWhy only I c,h against things not to go the way that I wanted. However, these days, in accordance with teaching, gHuman beings depend on the notionh, I have been no longer worried nor darkly thought as before.

@I would like to raise my hand of prayer and Johrei, entrust it to the god and send the light to as many people as I can.

‹ Cerebral infarction & Mental Disorder›
My father hemiplegic from cerebral infarction averted an operation and was surprisingly restored Light also to my friend with a mental disorder

Shinshu Azusa branch, Hitomi TERASHIMA
Reported in the December 2007 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter
@In October 2006, my father came down with cerebral infarction. In the morning, he was incapable of getting up suddenly, and his left side of the body was completely unmovable. On the day, my mother had been out from the morning. Hearing my fatherfs faint voice on the phone, I came back from work in a rush and was in a panic from anxiety and fear by seeing his condition.

@I unexpectedly mediated Johrei but was gradually worried seeing my father in pain. After all, he was transported to a near hospital by ambulance late in the night.

@He was diagnosed, gFrom cerebral infarction, his paralysis on the left side will ensue hereafter as well,h and I was said from the doctor, gEven though he broke down in the morning, why didnft you come on earlier? We could give him proper treatment if itfs within three hours.h I experienced a terrible feeling at that time.

@My father underwent treatment in ICU for several days, and my mother visited him every day to nurse and mediated Johrei. Then, he could take a meal, moved to a general room a week later, and was capable of living with a wheelchair while underwent rehabilitation. I visited him as many times as possible, did Johrei, and daily prayed in front of the god at a branch or my house. By the grace of everyonefs encouragement, my father recovered every day as well as a therapist and nurses were surprised. Two months later, he could raise his arms to above his head and walk slowly with a stick. His blood pressure that had been above two hundreds when he had entered the hospital, was normal, and he became able to take care of himself almost everything such as reading, writing, taking a meal and so on. In the third month, he could walk and was permitted to leave the hospital.

@Also, he made a comeback to work that everyone had given up. He drove the same as before he came down, and safely went back and forth between Nagano and Mie lifting family members and persons from the branch for a Tsukinamisai (means monthly feast) at a church in last October. I am grateful for the amazing recovery as this is the very miracle.

@However, doctorfs words on the day when he had been down remained in my mind, and I was concerned, gHis paralysisfs remained because of late treatment.h

@One day, I found a newspaper report about cerebral infarction and was surprised at it. It said that strong medicine t-PA to dissolve clogging thrombi was used for cerebral infarction operations, and there was a risk of worsening the state such as disturbance of consciousness and a lot of fatal cases. I thought that my father was truly being protected. Told that his paralysis would ensue, I was worried very much, gMaybe there is no chance,h but my anxiety has turned into gratitude now.

@The other day, my friend suddenly visited my workplace and started talking in cry about that she had been mentally sick from the relationship at her workplace and so on. She had not slept for auditory hallucinations and was emaciated very much. Whether by side effects of tranquilizers which she had weekly saw a psychiatrist and had been taking a few times in a day, she had caused car accidents one after another and had been recognized as mentally disordered.

@At first, I only listened to her but gathered my courage and did Johrei for several minutes. She suddenly brightened up and said, gMy feeling was lightened.h I immediately guided her to the branch, and receiving Johrei from a teacher of the branch, she started shedding tears but was pleased in a refreshed face after it finished.

@Afterward, she absolutely stopped the medicine daily taken and frequently visited the branch for Johrei. When she could not do so, she continued it by that I visited her house.

@She brightened up, gIn my brain was like an overcast sky, but Ifm glad with my refreshed feeling like a clear blue sky.h Her auditory hallucinations disappeared, and she asked me by herself, gI want you to do Johrei.h

@I am very glad that she has been quite calm since her entry in last August, and that her diseased physical condition and auditory hallucinations disappeared.

@I will raise my Johrei hand in order that more people will recognize its power that made my father and friend better up to here.

‹Depression ›
Broke with the days of overprescription of antidepressantsBeing able to wish others’ fortune within a half year

Direct branch of the Seiko center, Yuji SAKAI
Reported in the October 2007 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter
@In January 2006, I caused a traffic accident. Since then, I became depressed and felt nausea and dizzy while driving. My hands and feet shook, so I had to pull over my car and take a rest very often.

@I was diagnosed as ‘depression’ and started taking 12 tablets of medicine per day. When I took them, I was temporally stable, but as their effect wore off, I was too anxious or nervous to talk with people. As my condition got worse, the medicine increased to 30 tablets, and the doctor warned me not to drive

@Gradually, I developed anorexia, lost my appetite, and vomited soon after I ate. Vomiting did not stop while working, so I was often absent from work. I could not sleep enough for days. I was depressed everyday. I did not have any hope and purpose to live, yet I did not even try to pull myself out of the situation.

@In early August, I received Johrei from Ms. Abe. That night, I was able to sleep without medicine. As I received Johrei several times, I started to think of quitting the medicine.

@However, if I did not take it, my heart beat violently; I suffered from a state of being excited all the time; I could not sleep. I wanted to take the medicine, but then I could think “leave it to God”.

@In September I received a Mihikari-sama. Then, my mental attitude was gradually changed to positive one, and I felt like driving and returning to work. I was given warm and encouraging words from a teacher of a church, “You are man. You must try hard.”

@I quit dying my hair because of its dangerous effects on the body. I decided to drive to church by myself. The symptoms of the depression easily came out in bad weather, but on the day of driving, the first time in a half year, I could drive to the church without any anxiety under the blue sky. I gained a little confidence with a very happy heart. Whenever I headed to church, I received protections that stopped raining only while driving.

@From November, I was able to go back to work. Little by little, I thought about helping others, so I conveyed this faith to my family, friends, and acquaintances. When I conducted Johrei to an owner of a clothing store, the pain in my back was relived. Moreover, my younger brother was allowed his entry.

@When I realized, my physical condition was completely improved that I even did not feel the symptoms of depression.

@Since I am a salesman, I have chances to visit individual families and conduct Johrei to many customers these days. Some people are glad of Johrei in tears, which make my days very enjoyable and fulfilling.

@I am very grateful that the orbit of my life has been changed into the bright direction in a half year.

qAccident r
Knocked over together with my bicycle, I suffered no injuries

Idzunome branch, Toyomi OTSUKI
Reported in the October 2007 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter
@It has been thirty years since I was in relation with Meishu-sama. I usually go to work by bicycle, but it was in May this year. On the day, the wind as a typhoon was blowing, and therefore my coworker at the work place was concerned about me to go home by bicycle and said to me, gWhy donft you go home on foot.h Nevertheless, I left there riding my bicycle out of my single-mindedness to go back earlier.

@When I was about to cross at a pedestrian crossing, I saw a car come from the right front of me, but I thought, gProbably I can cross over it,h and started doing it. My judgment was wrong. Its speed was faster than I expected, and the moment I thought, gAh!h I was being knocked over together with my bicycle.

@gOh my god! I made a big mistake,h I thought, and the next moment I was floated and was slowly like slow motion whirling round in the air. Then, I landed on my knees first and slowly hands next, four limbs just like a horsefs figure.

@The road was very soft just like futon (Japanese style bedding) then. Normally, one would be struck onto the ground, but I had no pain in both my knees and hands at all and did not suffer even a scratch. I recovered my consciousness, intuited, gMeishu-sama has deigned to protect me in the instant of the collision,h and repeated expressing my gratitude over and over again on the spot, gThanks so much!!h

@In the moment of the accident, I was composedly seeing the car running over my bicycle. It was so badly damaged that the front basket was crushed, and the handle was badly broken and bent.

The driver must be quite startled. He immediately got out of his/her car and came to me but was twice surprised seeing me not injured at all.

@Fortunately, because where I encountered the accident was in front of my company, there were witnesses, and my director and many coworkers rushed to the scene. The driver was an employee of a company in the same district. Because it was one of my companyfs customers, it was settled with each otherfs superiors so thereafter was really reassuring for me. I am profoundly grateful that this was also by the grace of Meishu-sama and my ancestors.

@At this opportunity, I would like to remember what state of mind I was in at first and to convey this miracle and wonderfulness of the faith in Meishu-sama to many people.

qChildbirth r
Averted an operation, and a long-awaited childbirth by natural delivery

Suzuka branch, Kayo FURUKAWA
Reported in the November 2007 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter
@@I knew this religion on my friendfs introduction in July 1992 and married my husband whom I met through the faith in 2000. Expected ea baby at the early stagef from those around, when my pregnancy was found at the end of June in the next year, I was filled with deep emotion. Nevertheless, it was a short while until I had a miscarriage two months later. I heard, gThe miscarriage is cleaning of the body,h but could not sort out my feelings and mentally and physically underwent purification.

@In 2004, I dreamed that a woman wearing a hat and standing at the opposite bank of a river imparted, gDonft worry. Youfll be blessed with a boy baby soon.h In 2006, I dreamed that my husband was holding a newborn boy baby, and that my parents in the spiritual world were glad of an inheritor of the Furukawa family. Then, a few days later, my pregnancy was found.

@Meanwhile, I suffered no morning sickness, did not miss any daily Johrei and reached the last month safely in that both my baby and I are satisfactory.

@As being so, one day, told that because of high blood pressure, absolute bed rest was necessary, I entered hospital. As a result of a medical test, the value of liver functions was too high, and there was a great possibility to contract eclampsia or HELLP syndrome. I was told, gIf you donft go through a Caesarean operation, there is no life guarantee to both of you.h At this point, the childbirth at midwife center that I had wished became desperate. I stubbornly refused it, rejected doctorfs restraint, wrote a line and forcibly left the hospital.

@gIfve come up to here safely, and my lifetime is Meishu-sama deigns to decide, so I wonft regret it,h I prepared myself for the worst, entrusted all to him, visited a branch every day and received Johrei from a teacher.

@In the morning of 5th December, gIf I miss today, I canft go to the sacred ground for a long while, so I wanna go and worship no matter what,h I was suddenly urged and did so with my husband. After we arrived home, I caught a chill and a fever of 39 degrees C. I regarded it as a cold and fell asleep being given Johrei from him.

@Around two ofclock in the night, I woke up with a stomachache, the chill and nausea. Conceiving, gHave I caught food poisoning or stomach flu?h I frequented the bathroom for about an hour but had nothing to excrete, broke the waters a little around half past three and was finally aware that it was labor pain. I had prepared to be delivered of my baby alone in my house, but it was so terrible that I could not even move.

@Though it was in the middle of the night, I was advised by the teacher on the phone and telephoned a midwife center and the obstetrics and gynecology department nearby. Nevertheless, I was refused to be taken in so consulted her again, and called an ambulance at six ofclock in the early morning.

@In the ambulance, gIf the details so far are known, itfll be forcibly a Caesarean operation,h I was concerned, but could calmly considered, somehow, gIfll keep my medical test results up to now secret.h Also, I remembered that my patient registration card was in my maternity record book so prayed, gMay my husband forget it.h Fortunately, when he was about to go out of the front door, holding goods for my stay in the hospital, an idea occurred to him, gThis bag is unnecessary,h and he went back just to leave it in which it was, and left for the hospital.

@I was directly laid down on a delivery bed from the ambulance and was asked various things from a doctor. Even during the transportation, if I was asked inconvenient things, the nausea always worsened, and I could neither speak nor be measured blood pressure.

@Asked to present my record book, he first realized that he had left it. In the meantime, gThere is nothing we can do but move on now. Her baby is about to be born,h I heard doctorfs voice. I expressed my gratitude to Meishu-sama for a lot of protection in my heart.

@In prayer of the teacher, being given Johrei from him, I safely gave birth to my healthy 3010-gram first boy baby by natural delivery. I was blessed with a longed-awaited baby and was filled with deep emotion.

@I am very grateful for a series of the miracles that after all, in the labor, I had my blood pressure only up to the hundred twenties, just used a drip, did not need other medications, oxygen inhalation or a blood transfusion, and was safely delivered in such a short time as three and a half hours after I arrived at the hospital.

@Afterward, everything was known to the doctor, but my hospital stay was not lengthened, and not taking medicine for daily Johrei and making satisfactory progress, I left there. My husband dreamed his parents in the spiritual world, and I was taught, gYour ancestors are also glad of it.h

@Through this childbirth, I learned again that Meishu-sama let me live, and that he and our ancestors always deign to protect us by our side. I am going to devote myself to repay the given obligations early at the same time I am grateful for a lot of the grace.

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qCollagen Disease r
My serious collagen disease given up treatment improvedMy brightness recovered from a life only to sleep

Wako branch, Hide HATA
Reported in the October 2007 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter
@My hands and feet had swelled up since November 2005. I was worried if it was a collagen disease and therefore saw a doctor but was said, gIfve never seen a collagen disease like this,h and was once relieved. Nevertheless, while I was waiting for the detailed result of a blood test, my insteps and soles swelled up.

@The result was the worst. The value suspected of it with forty or above antinuclear antibodies was three hundred twenty, and thus I was imposed a further detailed test. I was said at my regular hospital, gYour disease is bred in the born. Itfs too late to make a fuss over it. Accept it seriously,h and was prescribed stabilizer for a month. I was very sad that could not hold back my tears.

@As being so, I received a telephone call from Ms. Kishizaki. I went to a branch at once, had Johrei continuously for three days and received a Mihikari-sama (means august light) in my initiation ceremony on the next day. Previously, I could not have slept without the stabilizer and had been taking out my anger on my husband, gWe are unrelated, arenft we?h but could sleep soundly after the entry.

@The result of the retest was that the value regarded as a collagen disease with six or above anti-donor antibodies was one hundred forty, and I was told, gYoufre in a condition to knock on the door of intractable disease esystemic lupus erythematosus.fh

@Antibiotics are not effective against it, and the only way for the treatment is to administer steroid. It is specific disease exempted from medical expenses if acknowledged, but since it possessed high demerits, I refused to take it.

@The doctor told me, gUnfortunately the value doesnft decline. Not to be tired, not to catch a cold, and not to suffer stress, live as if others think you are lazy.h

@Just as I reached the age limit, retired and was being excited, gMy new life from now!h everything before me appeared completely dark. I told my husband and son about the disease in tears. Then, my son cheered me up, gYou are still at the point to knock the door, arenft you? Youfve entered Kyusei shinkyo so will be helped.h

@Still after that, a lot of parts of my body swelled up. As I received Johrei, they subsided before they full swelled up. However, I did not go even shopping due to mental instability and was only sleeping every day.

@I remembered teaching taught from a teacher of a church, gPractice mutual Johrei with husband and wife whose spiritual connection is strongh and talked to my husband about it. He did nothing for me at first but also resolved to enter the faith half in doubt, whether he was sorry for seeing my extremely up and down and self-uncontrollable condition or me doing self-Johrei.

@When he gave me it for the first time, he uttered loudly, gAh!h He said that his hand strongly felt, ebzzt.f He has daily given me it ever since.

@In April last year, we went and worshiped at the sacred ground for the first time. Around three ofclock in the night of the day, I felt sick and thus went to the bathroom. I felt like vomiting but could not do so, had nothing to come out of the lower either, broke into a cold sweat, was faint and desperately called my husband.

@He had been fortunately awaked ten minutes ago, rushed in immediately and gave Johrei holding me to almost fall down. Just when I felt sick more, I excreted such a large amount of feces as to be surprised and only fluid in the end. He was giving me Johrei all the time. Meanwhile, somehow, there was no odor at all. I wondered, gThis is the purification!h

@Ms. Kishizaki taught me, gIf medicine and bad substances are all emptied, youfll be relieved.h Thereafter, I am still fatigued after I vomit or have diarrhea, but somehow, my body is lighter when I wake up the next morning. The swelling and subsiding is repeating, but it is said, gYour disease activitiesfve stopped, and also there is no abnormality in your internal organs.h I am grateful that this is also by the grace of the Johrei.

@When it swells, I am anxious, but it improves by Johrei. By seeing me having restored my brightness as before after the entry, my friend Mr./Ms. Sugawa, his/her younger brother and mother- in-law entered the faith.

@I am inexperienced but believe in Meishu-sama and would like to get along with this purification and raise my hand to those who are in trouble or suffer from illness.

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qMental Relief r
Mental Relief with Godfs Blessing Almighty Johrei When in Trouble

Nomura branch, Yoko YOKOTA
Reported in the November 2007 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter
@I grew up without suffering from any serious illness and had been healthy since childhood. However, I was diagnosed as breast cancer two and a half years ago and also developed uterine cancer a year ago, so that I had to be off from work.
After the treatment, my physical condition became stabilized, so I went back to work on the middle of August last year. When I returned to work, I was reassigned to a new department where Ms.Koike was my new superior who later told me about Johrei and Mihikari-sama.

@I tend to believe in unseen things, so I listened to her stories light heartedly. On September 20th, she took me to a Johrei centre, and I received Johrei from the branch master for the first time. Although I still half-doubted it, I decided to receive a Mihikari-sama in that month.

@Miracles began on the very next day. I had been spending anxious days with an ache in my lower abdomen for about a month since my reinstatement. One late afternoon, however, while talking with Ms.Koike, I was surprised to notice that I did not have any pain all day. My pain was completely cured.

@Whenever I was in trouble, no matter how trivial it was, I practiced Johrei ever since I received Mihikari-sama. I do Johrei right away when my throat or stomach aches, and when my physical condition gets worse.
About the middle of February, I caught a cold and also ran a fever in the beginning. I kept on coughing while thinking that I would be fine with it; however, it didnft go away.

@Twenty days later, I suddenly experienced such a pain in my rib that it was too painful to move even slightly. After receiving Johrei from Mrs. Furukawa, I did not cough too much on the next day and did not feel too much pain in my rib either. I was filled with surprise and gratitude to become well like this in a day.

@On a complete medical examination day, I did Johrei to my eyes before an eyesight test. My eyesight is normally about 0.5, but I was surprised to hear the result, 1.5/0.9.

@My daughter went to take her eyesight test again after receiving Johrei from the branch master. The eye doctor said in a suspicious frown, gItfs OK for this time, so see me in spring again.h I was grateful that it all went fine.
Furthermore, there was a lottery in a New Year ceremony in my company, and I was doing Johrei to my ticket. To my great surprise, I won the lottery. I was grateful for God who gave me a New Year gift.

@If I see rain or snow on weather forecast and do Johrei on it, the weather has been changed in several occasions. When Ifve lost something, I walk around doing Johrei and, strange to say, am lead to the place to find it.
In early last spring, my daughter who was going to be a first year pupil said, gIfm going to take a look at the morning meeting place beforehand,h and left home. I said, gCome back home soon,h but she did not come back after even ten minutes. I searched all around our house but could not find her.

@My mother and I looked for her, went to school and told the teachers what had happened. Then it turned to be a big fuss. Everyone joined in searching my daughter, yet she wasnft found. I was desperate to find her because it was nearly the time to go to my training session at work.

@I parted from my mother and then thought that even a lost child could be found by Johrei. Relying on faith, I told the branch master and kept on looking for her while praying.

@Soon after, an assistant principal of the elementary school urged me to call the police. Just when I was about to do so, my mother contacted me and said, gWefve found her!h We couldnft find her for an hour, but she was found a few minutes after I contacted the branch master. I was very surprised. It was just four minutes before the time to meet with my colleague, so I made contact with her quickly and was able to get to the training session in time.

@As I have explained, I do Johrei whenever I am in trouble. People around me say, gDo you even do Johrei to such a thing?h However, when various wishes come true and troubles are solved, I feel more confident to say, gMihikari-sama is great!h

@My biggest wish is to live healthily everyday without worrying about sickness anymore. I am grateful that we can do Johrei to overcome all sorts of difficulties in our daily life. I sincerely think that itfs fantastic if all the people in the world can practice Johrei.
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Avoided an Ovariectomy to Have a Baby Grateful for the Blessing Days with Miracles by Johrei
Nomura branch, Rumi KATOH
Reported in the July 2008 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@I was diagnosed as an ovarian crystoma and took a leave of absence from work to be hospitalized on December 20th, 2007.

@Normally, if a tumor is about 5 cm in diameter, it needs to be removed surgically. Mine turned out to be about 12 cm in diameter and so swollen that it was pressing other organs. My doctor said, gThere is no other way but take your ovary out.h
I often fainted with anemia and suffered from excruciating pains during my period. I found out that bleeding in my ovary was the cause of these symptoms.

@I thought of accepting the surgery once, but I was still single and wanted to have children in the future. I tried to be cheerful in front of people, but I felt very discouraged inside and used to cry when I was alone.

@Then, I received a phone call from my senior associate Mrs, Yokota. I hadnft mentioned anything about my disease and surgery to her, so she was very concerned about my leave of absence. She said to me, gI have something Ifd really like to tell you.h The Next day, I visited her house.

@She began explaining about the power of Johrei. When she said, gDaily Johrei healed a person with an end-stage cancerh, I felt that a miracle could happen to me too. Before she finished telling me the whole story, I said g I wanted to receive a Mihikari-sama to practice Johreih.

@I received a Mihikari-sama and did Johrei to myself everyday. I could feel some sensation in my hands and enjoy doing Johrei

@When I was hospitalized on the 20th of December, Mrs. Yokota came to see me and did Johrei. While she was doing Johrei, her hand didnft move from the place where I had the tumor, so I told her, gHow do you know? Thatfs where my left ovary ish. Her reply was, gI could feel very strong sensation in here.h I was very surprised to hear that.

@Mrs. Yokota did Johrei for me on the day of the surgery. Although it was my first surgery, I could face it with very calm and relaxed state of mind.

@The next day of the successful surgery, my doctor explained to me an outcome of the surgery, and I was stunned by it. He said, gWe could save your ovary. Both of your ovaries are functioning fine, so please relax.h It was indeed a miracle. Every time I had consulted him prior to the surgery, his response had been gRemove the ovary.h I was very impressed by the miracle and truly felt how wonderful Johrei was.
My progress after the operation was fine, so that I could leave the hospital four days earlier than expected. I am now problem free and leading a very healthy life.

@Since I received my Mihikari-sama, Mrs. Yokota and I have been contacting each other almost every day to exchange the miracles and blessings we have received. I have never imagined my life filled with such delightful and happy days. I feel so happy to be able to share the graciousness of Johrei among my friends, and I will pursue my faith more than ever.

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qOthers r
Quick Recovery from Fatal Pneumonia and My Husbandfs Injury
Ureshino Hikari branch, Mika SATO
Reported in the May 2008 issue of the "Shinkyo" newsletter

@On my sisterfs advice, I became a member in May 1997.
Two years later, in 1999, my son who was then in the first grade of elementary school bumped into a car while riding his bicycle.
He flew up in the air and landed about two meters away, but he was blessed and unhurt.
This incident inspired me to pursue Meishu-samafs teachings and lead my children to become members in 2000.
One day in summer 2001, despite a high fever, I was carrying on doing my delivery job for long hours.
On the way back to the office after completing my job, my body began to feel paralyzed, and I felt anxious about driving.
gPlease let me go home safely,h I prayed to Meishu-sama while driving, and I managed to go home safely.
I thought I would be fine if I lied down for a while; however, the paralysis became severe, and I began to loose my consciousness.
My family was not at home, so I phoned my friend asking for help, but I seemed to have lost my voice.
My friend felt that something was terribly wrong, and she came over.
I was taken to a hospital by an ambulance and diagnosed as an overbreathing attack.
My children did Johrei to me then, so my condition got better, and the symptom subsided for a while.

@The end of the following year 2002, I experienced coughing and having a mild fever at the same time for many days, so I started feeling dizzy.
gIs it overbreathing again?h, I thought, but forced myself to keep on working.
Coughing didnft stop even after two months, and a mild fever didnft go away.
I ended up being unable to go to work after all.
I was diagnosed as emycoplasma pneumoniaf at the hospital.
Mycoplasma pneumonia is an infection of the lungs caused by the Mycoplasma bacteria.
In my case, the rate of the bacteria propagation was extremely high, and it could have been fatal unless I continued to have drips twice a day to control it.
gWhatfs going to happen to my children if I die?h I became pessimistic and depressed since then.
In the end, I became so depressed that I couldnft even swallow my food.
gDonft worry, you wonft die.h
My elder sister said with concern, but I was too desperate to hear her.
At that time, Kaicho sensei (a Johrei master), whom I met through my elder sister, gave me an advice, gIf you feel tired after the drip, why donft you stop taking it? Johrei will make you feel better than the drips.h
From that day on, I stopped taking the drips and began receiving Johrei.
Even my husband became a member to do Johrei for me.
As I followed Kaicho-senseifs advice, I became more relaxed and noticed that my mild fever and cough had disappeared completely.

@In June 2006, my husband got involved in a serious accident.
While riding his motorcycle, a car in front of him slammed on a brake.
He quickly veered to the left, but the car suddenly turned to the left and bumped into him.
He was thrown away on to a sidewalk and hit his head.
The skin on his arms was torn.
Especially the impact on his lower back was too severe to even get up, so he was taken in an ambulance.
He had three bone fractures in lumbar processes, neck sprain caused by a blow to the head, bruise in the lower back, abrasion on both arms, and haemorrhage in kidneys.
He was diagnosed as an injury that would take one month to heal completely.
My husband didnft need to use any pain killers for his severe pain because Johrei helped him sleep deeply.
Next day, a person in charge of our Johrei group and my sister came to do Johrei, then after that day, many others followed to offer Johrei.

@He recovered very quickly and was able to leave the hospital in ten days.
A few days later, a nurse told us, gHe could have been half paralyzed if where he hit had been a few millimeters different.h
I became more aware of how serious his accident had been, and felt very grateful for how minimal his injury ended up with.
My husband was able to go back to work in one month with daily Johrei and prayer, so we went to the Johrei centre to pray our gratitude.At that time, although it had been less than 3 months since I was re-employed, I was granted for my winter bonus, which could cover the deficit while my husband was unable to work.
I was deeply moved by the grace of blessing.

@Being grateful for daily blessings, I will do my best to take part in creating the Heaven on Earth and a heaven in family.

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