We set goals of constructing the Heaven on Earth of the truth, virtue and beauty and the health, affluence and harmony by means of Johrei, nature farming and art as pillars of salvation.

Meishu-sama founded Sekai Messiah Kyo on February 4th, 1950, in order to eradicate the disease, poverty, and conflict from this world and to create Heaven on Earth filled with the truth, virtue, and beauty. Making it our mission to purely walk Meishu-sama’s right path, on March 3rd, 1970, MC Kyusei Shinkyo was established by Kokugen Goto under the resurrection of Meishu-sama’s divine spirit.

Here are plain explanations of Meishu-sama’s teachings and the outline of our activities in Kyusei Shinkyo. Also, we present the originals (portions) of his teachings.

Here are some experiences of miracles by Johrei. Please feel the existence of the divine spirit and empirical experiences of toxic elements in medicine and depuration.

We introduce Komyodai, the center of the sacred ground, facilities at Shinonkyo, wild birds, flowers and so on are presented in this page. (The photograph on the front page is Komyodai shining in the morning sun.)


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